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A few hundred million good men...

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 02:45 PM
What do you do when the luxurious addictive lifestyle you enjoy is given to you by a tyrannical murderous regime engaged throughout the globe on various 'peacekeeping' missions?

What do you do when your lifestyle is, and always has been, founded upon the oppression of the intellectually and technologically challenged ?

Never more have the final ringing words of Jack Nicholson in the movie 'A Few Good men' seemed so clear to me as they do today.

'The truth - you can't handle the truth'.

Yet, the conundrum is clearly felt by millions who read such stories of everyday mayhem and madness.

How do you live or even 'work to get by' in a world where your leaders rule by authority ethic is to have no honor, is to lie, cheat and deceive and above all to kill ?.

but 'what can I do - I'm just one man (or woman).?' I hear you cry

Even more difficult is when it's all apparently justified in the name of freedom.

The truth, however, is far simpler.

Is it not in the name of luxury and lifestyle that we allow our young men and women to engage in military service, using incredible and extremely expensive technology to suppress the 'heathen hordes'. To bring back the 'oil' and the 'lucrative mineral contracts'. Is it not to stop their rise that we plunder first, that we prune back the budding third world nations before they flower ?

Is it not for the Jacuzzi, the 4 or more automobiles sat in the driveway, the three annual holidays, the computers, hi-fi's and plasma TV's, the 'fashionable' consumer clothing and the endless amounts of 'casual plastic heaven' we indulge ourselves in every waking moment of our lives?.

And so, It is with a small amount of reluctance then that I inform each and everyone of you who are unwilling, or you say unable, to change your lives that you are directly responsible for those men in power and our inaction is a vote for bloodshed.

How so, you ask indignantly ? (perhaps you even momentarily angered at the suggestion that you are part of the problem).

Recently in America just over 60 Million put into power a leader knowing full well that a vote for him was a vote for his 'ways'. Britain will do a similar thing very soon.

That's 60 from 290 million - that's around 20% - that'll be the 'financially comfortable or religiously empowered 20%' - hardly democracy and yet the other 230 million will stay engaged in democratic process by voicing their discontent to their loved ones or their neighbors. Rather easier to control the results when you only need to win over 'around 20%' of the people.

And so it is that intellectual dissent has never been more welcomed since it replaces direct action or actaulised resistance. Talk it over brothers, get it out of your systems they cry. It's safe, harmless - it's 'your freedom' at work!.

To ram the point home with the butt of my pen, I'd like to point out that some day, when the oil or the food runs out perhaps, those same young men and women will be forced to shoot and kill protesters in your home town.

Someday many of you who sit now reading this, as unlikely as it may appear today, may be engaged into military service and you may just have to countersign an order to 'exterminate' a 'batch of undesirables'.

And just like the officials in the nazi party who unquestioningly rounded up the jews under the innocent claims of 'not knowing why' or 'just following orders' - people you may know will sign their death warrants and go about your day knowing that somehow you've bought yourself, (and 'others' of course being truly enlightened and altruistic as we all are), a 'better life' and that 'it was the evil leader at the top who is to blame for all this murderous bloodshed'.

So next time your watching the history channel remember this - Hitler did it all - he drove every tank, fired every bullet and designed, built and manufactured every single last warhead. Everyone else was 'powerless' to stop him.

And the Truth - the single truth we can't handle -

The entire bloodshed of the 20th century, and all the current and future bloodshed was and forever will be spilt for the want of a few hundred million good men who will simply say 'NO MORE' and actually change their lives.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 08:55 PM

First, Hemmingway blew, in my uhhh... not so humble opinion.

Next, you do not blow nearly as hard as Hemmingway. Keep up the good work.

Lastly, while I disagree fundamentally with what you are saying about the military in general, I might ask just one question: Who is in charge of the military? Answer that question accurately, then lay blame. I implore you.



posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 07:12 AM
However, doesn't alter the fact that they need 'ordinary joes' to both aim and pull the trigger on other human beings in order to enforce their 'will, might and plans'

The military - who is in control - well, of course a trillion dollar defence (orwell:attack) network, corporate power elite does not manage to maintain itself by inheritance or family connections alone - it needs a more cohesive glue. I would suggest you look one step BEHIND the governments of England and Europe and you will find out exactly WHO owns and runs the military of this entire planet, ( including the USA). They have done so in one form or another since adam - indeed they claim direct desecent from adam - if that s true or myth I don't know but it is their claim.

Presidents don't get 'knighted' just for any old reason do they - As PRESIDENT would you be 'knighted' by a SUBORDINATE?

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 07:20 AM
Of what consequence is another's life? Of what consequense is your own life? Death is not something to be feared, but rather something to be accepted wholeheartedly whenever, and whyever.

There is nothing to fear. For anyone.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 07:28 AM
It's all a game. Choose your character. Choose your destiny.

[edit on 4-10-2005 by ShadowHasNoSource]

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 08:59 AM
You both sound perilously close to advocating that life, at least that of an individual as such, has no actual value ?

Please tell me this is not HOW you think or what you seriously believe ?

If it is, what you genuinely believe, are you able to substantiate your belief systems with anything other than with information you have acquirred since you came to earth ?

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