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Joining The NWO

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posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 10:22 PM
Alright, I completely 100% do not believe, based upon the evidence I have seen that there is such a thing as the New World Order.

However, I really do like the idea of a liberal Democratic Socialist world government, which seems to be something that a great many of you fear for some reason, and claim the NWO is trying to bring about. It's also ranted about quite a bit by Libertarians and Neo-Cons as well.

So, I would like to know if anyone knows, or thinks they know, where I could join up and help the supposed comming global libralism? I for one would welcome something like rule by the EU or somesuch.

Blessed Be All!

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 03:16 AM
i have no idea to be honest,
member join a political party of some sort or get involved in some sort of activism or something. Sorry i cant be that helpful.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 12:46 AM
I do all of that already. I also research religious movements and secret societies as my major. These things are really what actually have brought me to the conclusion that there is no NWO! At least not in the way that the Neo-Cons and anti-Liberals are yelling about. If there was I'd already be a part of it.

P.S. The closest thing I have ever seen to a global left-wing conspiracy are the building unity confrences that liberal groups seem to love to have so that everyone can work together on everyones' causes. Trust me, as much as we love to have them, nothing (with the exception of a lot of parties, drinking and sex) ever happens there, and we never get anything done (except agree that we don't like conservatives.)


posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 01:07 AM
Well, um, seeing as I am the polar opposite of you politically, the reason I fear a liberal socialist world government is this:

In general, socialists liberals:

a) protest EVERYTHING
b) care way to much about EVERYTHING
c) and are afraid to stand up and fight for their beliefs.

I have seen proof of this, and honestly, it disgusts me.

Sure, pacifism is great, just not in politics.....


posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 01:39 AM
How is someone who protests everything afraid to stand up for what they believe in?

Also wouldn't caring about everything bring about more compassionate and thoughtful world leaders?

Third, not all Liberals are pacificists. I'm far from it acutally. I fully believe that there is a just and moral time to use deadly and overwhelming force (World War II and the war in Afghanistan are prime examples.)

I go to one of America's most liberal universites and our organizations are constantly prodded by other liberal schools for being to agressive in our thinking. In general we are the liberal punks and bikers, not the hippies.

There used to be a saying in Chicago when I was growing up: "It takes a Republican to get ready for war but it takes a Democrat to start a really good one."

I just wish we only did fight when it was just, and no when it suits us.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 01:58 AM

Also wouldn't caring about everything bring about more compassionate and thoughtful world leaders?

YES - it would, but far too many world leaders care for only themselves and their wealth. That is the problem. How can you seriously believe the NWO doesn't exist? PLEASE look around at what is happening in the world today. PLEASE look.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 02:10 AM
not sure about the NWO ?

then try looking at my post here [WARNING ! lots to read, sorry ]'

[ what they don't want you to know about the NWO , ats ]

oops, how does one link to ATS pages ? it wouldn't c&p !

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 01:07 PM
But most everything that is said about the NWO is conjecture or theory. Theories need to be proven or disproven not just accepted. The athourity with which people in this forum post is rather disturbing, people need to understand the difference between oppinion and proven fact.

Lady Of The Lake, I completely agree that the majority of current world leaders are too consumed by things like greed to be truly caring and it helps to prove my point. I also agree that there are things going on in the world today that are quite disturbing. However I do not believe that it is based upon a right-wing idealized NWO plot for the main reason that the world powers lack unity. The United States is against the European Union and United Nations in her attempt to dominate the world. While I do believe there is a conspiracy of somesort for world domination (in fact if you know who to listen to it's almost an open secret,) the point of this thread is to show that there in no real proof for the Right-Wing idea of a global liberal NWO.

That is not to say that people like Bush & Company do not have ambitions of power beyond the USA, I belive they do, and their agenda is proven daily in the words of the Neo-Con movement's authors and so-called journalists. Just read World Net Daily and the Christian Underground if you would like to see what I am saying.

May Peace Travel With You

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by The Astral City
So, I would like to know if anyone knows, or thinks they know, where I could join up and help the supposed comming global libralism? I for one would welcome something like rule by the EU or somesuch.

I dis-agree entirely, an internationalist-socialist global government would be a disaster. The Soviet Union was part of the attempt to create it, by expanding its borders. Communism, ala marx, is also the 'core' of the movement, witness Guera and Castro agitating all across the globe.

"Founded in 1884 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells as a group promoting non-Marxist evolutionary socialism."
They're more active in the UK, from what I understand.
Communist Party, USA. Should be illegal in my opinion tho.

You're in the US, so you'd probably prefer the CPUSA.

Things like are probably too ineffectual.

Basically, any actual communist group (more or less) is working for the global revolt of the proletariat and the establishment of a dictatorship of the people.

I think that technically communism is a transition stage leading into socialism (tho I may have it reversed) in marx's usage. He advocates it because, he's a futurist, and sees socialism as completely inevitable, just like moveing from the pre-agricultural society to the agricultural one was, and just like moving from pre-industrial to industrial was inevitable. So in that way any real communist group is technically working to revolution, murder, destruction, and totalitarianism. Thats why they were outlawed and prosecuted in the US during the Red Scare, and thats why Anarchism and Socialism are so tightly associated.

Most people, i suspect, are less interested in that, and more interested in Sensible government even on a global nad local scale, so you might be more interested in European Greens (not quite teh same as nader's group) or any Third Wayist/Communitarian movements ( I think Blair in the UK is part of the Third Way

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 03:53 PM
I totally agree that every single Communist state has failed completely in their efforts to bring about the teachings of Marx. I also agree that Communism is a fundamentally flawed system and will never be viable on a stage larger than personal belief. Thankfully after the last century, I believe most nations have decided the Communist expeirment failed and that type of government is on the way out.

Personally, I am a so-called "Third Way" thinker. When I refer to Democratic Socialism I am refering to the liberalized "government-as-servant" ideology that is dominant in Canada and Western Europe. While I personally question the policies of Blair's Labour party in the UK, the Liberal party in Canada as well as many of the other Democratic Socialist parties have shown great reward for their people, and I believe would make an acceptable loosely knit global government. (Think world wide version of the European Union)


posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 06:21 PM

I totally agree that every single Communist state has failed completely in their efforts to bring about the teachings of Marx. I also agree that Communism is a fundamentally flawed system and will never be viable on a stage larger than personal belief. Thankfully after the last century, I believe most nations have decided the Communist expeirment failed and that type of government is on the way out.

(sighs) The Soviet Union, the Maoist republic, the Cuban government and the Viet-Minh government were all SOCIALIST states, and none were based directly on the teachings of Marx. The direct "theoricians" behind each of these popular revolutions were Lenin, Mao Tsedung, Fidel Castro/Ernesto Guevara and Ho Chi Minh, You should look more into the true definition of "communism" instead of relying to what you have learned in school and on TV.

And the ones opposing the idea of the New World Order are not just the neocons and the livertarians, but also all those progressive people (usually called "liberals") who protested in the last few years in Europe and North America agaisnt the WTO, the FTAA and the World Economic Forum. There is a new world order being created on the global scalem, and it's being developped since the birth of the UN and the Bretton Woods treaty at the end of WW 2!

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 08:27 PM
The states in question had defined themselves as Communist I did not. Real Marxist Communism has never been fully realized and in my oppinion never will, it is contrary to human nature.

What you call the NWO is popularly called the Globalization of the Economy, and at this point it is inevitable. Stopping it now would cause the colapse of the economies of every industrialized nation in the world, bringing about a depression the depth of which would make the 1930s seem like a correction. Most of the liberals I have known support responsible globalization, as it could theoretically lift up 3rd world nations without causing the kind of destruction that efforts like Mao's Great Leap Forward caused.

However, I have heard that the NWO is a full effort to change the lives of every human on earth, creating what would truly be an "EU of Earth" This would require quite a bit more than just a shift in the economic scale.


posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 08:22 PM
I don't think the problem lies within people's antagonism towards potential democratic socialism but more in what would realistically be an enforced media driven populist quasi democracy under the guise of socialism with total corporate control
maybe I'm alone here but thats not something I would have thought any right minded person would aspire to be part of

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 09:32 PM
Sun Tzu,
You're right. The globalization of the economy is creating the situation you describe. Already it is becoming brilliantly clear just how much strength and control, large corporate entities exert on the governments of the world.
I'm not sure about the diabolical NWO that I here so much about. But a seemingly benevolent dictactorship under the guise you speak of is probably one of the next few steps on the ladder we seem to be currently climbing.
I say, a seemingly benevolent dictatorship, because power corrupts the human animal so quickly and horribly that the benevolence would quickly degrade into greed and tyranny.
I do believe we are on that course. But I feel it is more, economically evolutionary, than a seriously contrived plot. I think there are some people, that control major national corporate entities, that have realized how much power they really have. And being good business men, they know that the path to survival is alliance.

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 12:02 AM
feddieb, couldn't agree more. I believe the world is headed towards a Corp-ocracy (sometimes refered to as a "Technocracy" by anti-WTO liberals) and I do agree that it is a dangerous thing.

Democratic Socialism, Representitive Republics, Democracies, Constitutional Monarchies, Single-Party Representitives and Totalitariansim (the governmental systems I believe to be domniant in today's world) all have some form of mechanism to deal with the problem of corporate power. However the problem becomes that which is seen currently in the United States where the corporations actually hold more influence than the people.

The dealings by the Bush Administration with Enron regarding their early energy policy (which Bush pushed once more today [April, 14th 2005] actually during his morning address) show that industry is so imbeded within America's government that they now make policy themselves.

I believe this is fundamentally dangerous as multinationals do not have public interest, but their own profit motive as their primary motivator. While I seriously doubt that anyone is currently planning ot "enslave humanity" there could come a time, at some point down the road of time where some large multinational actually gains full control of a nation. Imagine it, "India! a Mircosoft-Dell subsidiary" I truly feel sorry for the people of that country.


posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 12:05 AM
BTW, if you'd like to see the original type of "NWO" conspiracy theroy that I started this thread to question check out and make sure to look at their articles regarding the EU and general liberalism.


posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Let's hope for your sake, you are not one of the several billion people they plan to exterminate.
It's not your choice to live or die.
To join them or fight against them is not your choice either.

Do you have millions to billions of dollars?

If not I suggest you do what the rest of us are doing...

1. Stock up in weapons, food, shelter, and supplies.
2. Get ready for the time when you have to use them all and prey that you never do.

Or maybe im wrong?
Maybe there will be a recruiting station for the NWO.
They need their pawns until it's time to sacrifice them

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 02:09 PM
Woo now that was paranoid.

Couple questions:

First, who are you going to be fighting against? Why would anyone want to fight? I believe that if the Corporations took over they'd probably be able to convince you non-physically with their advertising and propagana. I'd be a great way to get all of the survivalists out of thier holes.

Seccond, I'm asuming from the part about "millions to billions of dollars" that you believe that the NWO will be ruled by today's upper class. My question then is, how is that any different from today? The majority of people, in America at least, serve large companies run by the rich, who also make up the vast majority of our elected officals. Looks to me like they already control the country. What more od they have to impose opon you?


posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 02:49 PM
I don't really believe theres a depopulation program simply because that equals less consumers & less potential profit, it's all money
there's still gonna be wars & manufactured threats because the model is so well implemented but wiping out 3 billion people is slightly unrealistic to me

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