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A new Medical/Police State!

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posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 10:02 AM
Clinical Trials info

Long-Term Effects of HIV Exposure and Infection in Children

As new drugs and vaccines are developed to prevent HIV disease progression and prolong survival of HIV infected patients, the short-term safety and effectiveness of these treatments are evaluated in research studies. However, the long-term effects, whether they are benefits or side effects, need to be studied as well. These long-term effects may have a greater impact on infants and children who are still growing and developing. The purpose of this study is to follow HIV-exposed and HIV infected infants, children, and adolescents who are seen at Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group (PACTG) study sites. These patients will be observed for long-term benefits or any late harmful effects of medications or vaccines.

This study is currently recruiting patients.

I am speechlees. What is the world coming too. Also, if you thought nobody would apply to be their "guinea pigs" you were very much mistaken. The US government takes children with parents on drugs, behind bars etc into their custody and ships them of to children's homes such as Incarnation in NY.

More info here.

When I first heard the story of the "guinea pig kids", I instinctively refused to believe that it could be happening in any civilised country, particularly the United States, where the propensity for legal action normally ensures a high level of protection.

But that, as I was to discover, was central to the choice of location and subjects, because to be free in New York City, you need money.

Some of these kids come from "crack" mothers and have been infected with the HIV virus. For over a decade, this became the target group for experimentation involving cocktails of toxic drugs.

Central to this story is the city's child welfare department, the Administration for Children's Services (ACS).

The ACS, as it is known, was granted far-reaching powers in the 1990s by then-Republican Mayor Rudi Giuliani, after a particularly horrific child killing.

Within the shortest of periods, literally thousands of children were being rounded up and placed in foster care.

Having taken children into care, the ACS was now, effectively, their parent and could do just about anything it wished with them.

One of the homes to which HIV positive children were taken was the Incarnation Children's Center, a large, expensively refurbished red-bricked building set back from the sidewalk in a busy Harlem street.

We already knew that highly controversial and secretive drug experiments had been conducted on orphans and foster children as young as three months old.

Guinea Pig Kids was broadcast on Tuesday, 30 November, 2004, at 1930 GMT on BBC Two (UK).

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 08:27 AM
What do you think of this? Is it a conspiracy? Is it important

posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 01:55 PM
New "illnesses" are being invented every day just so the Pharma Corps can push new drugs on you. Bush is in the pocket of the Pharma Corps. Why do you think health care is so expensive? The American public is just plain raped by drug companies. Its just a matter of time before the drug companies start to collapse. Soon they will be charging so much for drugs the middle class will no longer be able to afford them. The drug companies are worse than crack dealers. Remember, the money is in the treatments not the cures. It is perfectly reasonable to think that the drug companies invent new diseases and purposely infect in order to make more money.


I love my country but there is a hell of a lot wrong with it. Now Bush is enacting laws that will force Americans to buy all their drugs domestically instead of ordering the exact same drug, say Prozac, from foreign suppliers. This is the biggest scam Ive ever seen. Its downright criminal. American drugs are not the best. The FDA is bought and sold on a daily basis by the drug companies. Think not? How about the recent Vioxx and Celebrex scandals? These drugs never should have made it to the shelves. The drug companies could care less if you live or die as long as they make their money. Heres another example. A drug company will take an old drug thats been on the market for decades rename it and package it differently and charge you ten times more for the exact same drug they have been selling all along. Its evil. Pure evil.


Heres another example. It costs American auto maufacturers roughly 1500 dollars a year per employee for health care adding 1500 dollars to nearly each car produced. This is whats wrecking the economy. Health care costs add about 50-150 dollars to Japanese cars etc..This is the strongest case for socialized medicine ever. Now the big three domestic car companies are building plants in Canada to cut out the criminal health care costs.

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