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10 lost tribes of israel

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 04:49 PM
Hey Groupies:

Looks like it's high time for a little "history lesson" to judge from the inane coments on this thread :

There are two flavours of persons who call themselves "Jews" in the world today:

90% (about 12 million persons) are non Semitic "Khazarian" 8th century AD converts to Judaeism (Turko Ukrainian bloodlines) from the area around Kiev in the Ukraine (they had their own empire of sorts called Khazaria from ad 780 to around AD 1020 when they were over run by Muscovites and scattered mainly westward into Luthiania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Hungary and Germany).

These persons are called Ashkenazim---but are only "Jews" by religion, and NOT by race (most Ashkenazim have lighter skin than "Semites" (i.e. arabs) at any rate and are are Turko-Slavic genetically, in two colours, the lighter brown and red headed Khazarian and the darker swarthier black haired Khazarian).

The other 10% of persons in the world (about 1 million persons) who call themselves "Jews" are the very mixed-race Sefardim (from the Heb: Sefard = Spain).

In comparatively modern times, these "sephardim" were dispersed into the larger "gentile" Roman Empire after AD 70 where they married into the local populations (the Revolt against Rome failed, with 900,000 casualties) and again in AD 137 under the Emperor Aelius Hadrianus who removed all Sephardic Jews from palestine and created a Roman colony (Aeolia Capitolina). This mixing in with gentiles explains why French Safardi look like the French and Spanish Sefardi look like the Spanish !

Most of the survivors of these revolts against Rome were sold into slavery in places like Italy, Gaul and transalpina etc. and several thousand seemed to have ended up in Egypt or Baghdad where there were already mixed blood Jewish communities in existence outside of Palestine.

Don't forget: the so called Torah of the "old testament" was not written in its present form (it mostly uses late Hebrew except for a few poems) until after BC 420, i.e. during the so-called Persian Period when exiled priests sat around re-writing their history to conform to their present political situation--looking back on the past with very rosy coloured glasses.

Assyria conquered the northern 10 tribelets ((whoever they were) around 701 BC (NOT c. 300BC !!) and deported/replaced the local mixed Canaanite popuiations (who worshipped Yahweh alongside his wife Ashera and a host of other gods like Baal and Chemosh) with Assyrian farmers who were more loyal subjects to the New Order :

The reffugee-survivors of these LOST 10 TRIBELETS went into places like present day Iraq, Iran, Egypt and the area which is now Afghanistan. So modern day Kurds have a trace of some Israelitish-Canaanitish blood in them (even though they have converted to Islam !)

Between BC 721 and BC 701, the population of Jerusalem went up by 500% in 20 years which suggests most of the non priestly/non educated refugees fled south, rather than being exiled out of the country. In other words, What Happened to the 10 LOST tribes? They mixed into Judah and Benjamin in lil old Jerusalem (which suddenly became an important cult center, with the old northern shrines like Bethel and Shiloah in ruins)

This Southern Flight accounts for the archaelology we find today, and also the 2 main "literary" families of texts buried inside the text of the Torah (i.e. the southern accent J and P writers with their love of Aaron---versus the northern accented and northern prejudiced E and D writers with their hatred of Aaron and their predeliction for Moses and Bethel and Shiloah in the north).

READ: Who Wrote the Bible? By Richard Eliot Friedman for a layman's approach to the ddiffferent groups who produced the torah all placed into the mouth of Moses. Most new comers to this material will have to read the book twice, but it will be a good exercise.

150 years later "Babylon" (present day Iraq) conquered the southern Judaean tribal refugees (commonly called Judah and Benjamin) around 587 BC and deported most of the priests (4% of the population) who could read and write (good for scribal jobs in Babylon) and another 3% who were metal workers (and could foster a counter revolution by the making of metal weapons etc.). The rest ("the poor of the land" ran wherever they could.

Of the 24 priestly families that were deported into Babylon, only 4 came back about 75 years later. So they had to fill in the number by bringing in natanim or gentile priestly converts into service.

So much for the pure blood of Aaron!

Originally Yehudah/Judah (from "yahad" = tribal-confederation) is not one tribe but at least 7 tribelets according to the book of Judges. Note also the ancient list of the 12 tribes of "Yisroel" have different names in the Song of Deborah in Judges chapter 5 (a weird tribe called Othniel is mentioned as one of the 12 but "Judah" is not even mentioned in this list etc.)

Most of the "genetic" descendants of the ancient Israelites can be found in Iraq, Yemen and amongst the Kurds of Afghanistan: these blood types are close to many of the Sefardi Jews in other parts of the Arab world (and even in Spain today!) as well as remarklably close to the Palestinian blood groups, even though they have interbered with the local gentiles (e.g. the Falashas in Ethiopia) around the worldd for centuries.

But the ASHKENAZI (most of the world's Jews) are NOT related to the Ashkenazi who are CONVERTS to Judaeism as late as 900 AD, and are essentially WHITE PEOPLE (i.e. Turko Ukranian slavic peoples).

In other words, most of the physical blood-descendants of the ancient Israelite tribelets are virtually extinct today (any straggler-survivors are NOT pure but are of heavilly mixed blood today---the lines have become dispersed beyhond recognition genetically for the most part).

Think about all the military invasions into "eretz-Yisrael" which further corrupted-eroded their racial blood lines: Assyria (721 to 701 BC, Babylon, 587 to 531 BC, Persia 531 to 331 BC, Greece 331 BC to 63BC, and Rome 63 BC through AD 136).

READ: The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler (an Ashkenazi historian) which outlines the fact that most of today's Jews are mediaeval gentile converts to Rabbinic (non sacrificial) Judaesm.

Only now are the facts coming out about this (post Holocaust sympathy kept most scholars quiet about the true history of the bloodlines currently running the regime in modern day Israel).

Comments anyone?

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 05:52 PM
what do we know of the ``Jews`` today, well for one they keep their religion to a T and are still waiting for the promised Messiah more than 2,000 years after the fact he has come died, raised again. there are certtain conspiracies surrounding this mysterious group of people who are wealthy, influential, among other things.... tHERE ARE MANY IN THE EVANGELICAL CHhristian community who believes that the Jews are still the chosen people.. I no longer hold tenet to that falsified fact. iF ONE IS TO RESEARCH THE FACTS IN THE BIBLE ABOUT gOD;S PROMISES, THEY WILL SEE THAT FOR REJECTING gOD'S SON, THAT YOU HAVE LOST THAT PRIVELAGE.. that's how i see it..!

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 06:31 PM
yes, according to the bible for rejecting God's son, the jews covenant has been transfered to christians who hold the new covenant with God. This is according to the new testament. The ten tribes are probably lost. intermixed with many peoples. You may be surprised as to how many people have an Israelite ancestor.

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 03:51 AM
Dearest NEOAMADEUS and other subscribers to the Khazarian myth.
I am a Jew of Persian, north African, Bukarian and Turkoman decent NOT Ashkenazi so I am not trying to defend myself here. The Khazarian mytj is around and provides feeding to Arabs and anti-jewish populations who wish to paint modern day Jews fake. They claim that a vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi and Ashkenazi Jews are actually of Khazarian decent. This has been proven false by scientific genetic studies that compared genetic data of various Jews (Ashkenazi, Yemeni, sephardic, Mizrahi) to other populations. It was concluded that Jews have a strong genetic link to one another regardless of their background (Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardic, Yemeni etc) in addition it was concluded that the closest 'relatives' of the Jews are Palestinian and Syrian Arabs as well as Armenians and Kurds. See my previous posts for these links or loos it up in google.

Therefore the Khazarian myth has been wholeheartedly debunked!

In addition Ashkenazi jews comprise of 70% of the population NOT 90% (in my view this 70% is exaggerated as well) while in Israel Ashkenasi Jews comprise of less than 50%:

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 07:44 AM
You do realize the 13th Tribe was written by a Jew right?

Anyway, you can't always simply disprove something by looking at someone's DNA. Though, I do believe some heavy research needs to be done to look into the Tribes of Israel. And I'm not talking about just European and Middle Eastern Jews either. Because Africans have been practicing the religion for thousands of years too. You can't simply rule them out of the equation either. There is an Ancient Timbuktu manuscript somewhere that describes how the people tread across Africa from the East and settled in present day Mali. It claims they were just a few of the descendents of the Tribe of Israel. If it wasn't for Arab conquest, Timbuktu would probably still be a Christian/Judaic society instead of muslim. Plus...the Ethiopian Jews who actually hold some ancient relics from some period long ago. Most of the people who go on the search for the Ark of the Covenant come to the conclusion that it's in Ethiopia. So obviously they are very connected to the story.

The problem is...there are too many people trying to lay claim to the Tribes of Israel. Something's got to give...I've read a lot of different views (that aren't biased or racist) and I have my own opinion. But again...some serious research needs to be conducted if we are to ever have a faint idea of what happened to them after the Bible.

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 08:21 AM
Regardless, the genetic analysis shows that the Ashkenazi Jews are closer related to other Jews of Sephardic, Mizrahi and Yememi origin therefore putting to rest the Khazar myth. The 13th tribe was a theory put forth - It probably has an element of truth but I do not think that ALL Ashkenazi Jews were Khazars or even close to majority of them and according to you previous post that 90% of the Jews are Ashkenazi therefore nearly all Jews are Khazars is a VERY bold statement to make.

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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by IAF101
Jews in india ??
I think these jewish tribes were Caucasian and the jews who are in india are mainly people converted to Judism not the true jews of Isreal. IMHo I think these tribes are distributed over Europe and the middle east. Some of these tribes could have died out or converted into islam during the muslim occupations of Isreal.
I've heard of Jews from Iran though maybe they are true Isrealites!! . Also many could have secretly changed faith and practising judism so that they are not persecuted.

Looking for the Lost tribes

[edit on 8-4-2005 by IAF101]

There were no Jews in the lost tribes of Israel. The bloodline stems from Shem. In the language that was spoken in the original Yisraelites, the letter J did not exist. The true children of Israel left Israel when the Romans invaded before the savior. Moses went to Egypt to bring the lost children to the promise land. because the Judism, people assumed there were Jews in the tribes of Israel. This is not true... the truth of the lost tribes are with the Yisraelites.

In those days it was always about tribes. The forefathers of mankind is Japeth, Shem, and Ham and from Shem came the Tribes of Israel. The Jewish people in Israel today are Jewish, but they were not the chosen people. Israel was given to them in the 1940's, Hams seed (Palestine) will always fight them over Shems land. This is a pretty good topic...

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 11:38 AM
Do you guys think there could still be druids.

I found info on them

Do you guys think they could have powers like in the games

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 11:40 AM
because they had sorcerers in Eygpt and could they be druids.

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 10:30 AM
Hams seed (Palestine) will always fight them over Shems land. This is a pretty good topic...

I didn't know Ham fathered Palestine.

For those who don't know, supposedly Noah had three children. Ham -Cham; which in Ancient Hebrew means burnt or dark...people just equate them with black people. Shem...Noah's other son means dusky, and Japheth means fair. Now the three sons had children of their own and their children founded tribes that grew over time. Ham fathered places like Cush..or Ethiopia, Egypt, Canaan, and Libya. It is also noteworthy that some of them, like the Ethiopians and the Canaanites, spoke Semitic, and not Hamitic languages.

Shem fathered Mesopotamia, Arabia, Assyria, and Syria. Japheth fathered...
1. Javan (Greece, Romans, Romance -- French, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese)
2. Magog (Scythians, Slavs, Russians, Bulgarians, Bohemians, Poles, Slovaks, Croatians)
3. Madai (Indians & Iranic: Medes, Persians, Afghans, Kurds)
4. Tubal (South of Black Sea)
5. Tiras (Thracians, Teutons, Germans, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, Jutes)
6. Meshech (Russia)
7. Gomer (Celtic)

Now, if you are to assume that the people of Shem made up the Tribes of Israel then you would say that modern-day Middle-Easterners is what they looked like. Though, the problem with that assumption is a lot of people living in the "Middle East" nowadays were not there thousands of years ago. This is the argument people make when saying the original Ancient Egyptians were black...that AE was built on a foundation created by black Africans....and there is a lot of evidence to support that. But that's another topic for another thread. People moved around a lot in the past...whole communities shifted. There were conquests and takeovers. Not to mention the Middle East is a very hard place to classify when it comes to race because so many people are mixed....because the area is a crossroads of sorts.

Then the simple argument you could make is since technically there is no such thing as race...then you can't use the names of Noah's children to try to figure out what their whole family looked like ages down the road. Becuase by the time of the Exodus, centuries...if not thousands of years had already passed. Though, the only problem with this theory is that back in the day, people didn't travel and get around like people least not the average farmer. Citizens usually stayed within the realm of the Tribe and friendly, neighboring lands. So it is very possible that a groups of people that was black or white could have stayed that way after 2,000+ years.

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