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TERRORISM: Tourists Targeted in Cairo Explosion

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 03:26 PM
Two tourists, one French, the other's identity unknown were killed in an explosion at a busy and popular Cairo marketplace. Over a dozen other tourists and bystanders were seriously injured in the attack, which allegedly came from a man on a motorcycle. At least one of the injured is said to be an American, however officials are unable to confirm that at this time. This is the first attack on tourists in Egypt since last year's attacks on hotels in the Sinai Peninsula.
Two witnesses reported that a man on a motorcycle set off a bomb. Police said they were investigating a motorcyle found near the scene with nails scattered on the ground around it, but they would not confirm if the blast was from a bomb.

The U.S. Embassy issued a warning to Americans to stay away from the bazaar area where the explosion occurred and to exercise caution throughout the city.

The blast went off near an organized tour group in the al-Moski bazaar, a maze of narrow alleys with shops selling jewelry, souvenirs and clothes near the main tourist bazaar of Khan al-Khalili.

Police said the death toll may rise by at least one more, with body parts strewn around the site of the blast, not far from Cairo's famed al-Azhar mosque.

The dead French woman was a tourist, said French Embassy spokeswoman Bernadette Abou Bechara. An official at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo said he could not confirm that the casualties included Americans.

Rabab Rifaat, an Egyptian woman who was shopping in a store near the blast, said she heard "a boom, a horrible sound, very loud. Everyone started running." She then saw a decapitated head flying through the air.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

At this time, no one or group has claimed responsibility for this attack. Egypt had spent the last few years cracking down on extremist movements in the country so this attack does come as surprise, however it should be noted that the US Embassy had warned American tourists not to visit the marketplace.

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bombing in egypt??

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 05:00 PM

A bomb has exploded in a Cairo tourist bazaar, killing four people, among them a US citizen and a French national, and wounding 18 others, Greater Cairo's security director said.

An earlier Egyptian Interior Ministry statement said the wounded - four French, three Americans, an Italian, a Turk and nine Egyptians - were taken to hospital where the French woman died.


Question: Who is behind the attack?

It is very unclear, since there are really no serious Al-Qaeda threats in Egypt. Maybe new Extreme Islamic groups are on the rise in Egypt.

"Therefore, the first possible suspect will be al-Qaida dormant or inactive cells, but they are very weak in Egypt".

"The second possible suspect could be a new generation of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, who are unknown to the security forces or to the political analysts," he said.

My friend is going on holidays to Egypt in two weeks - I hope this kind of news wont change his mind, and the minds of many other tourists, that visit Egypt.

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 05:56 PM
Muslims murderoring for allah again. These people shouldn't even set foot in this uncivlisvised culture, religion and barbaric nations such as eygpt. I my self refuse to land in a islamic nation or even visit it. The religion is so vile, that prompts killing of non muslim's.

People around the world should boycott an islamic nations and it's exports. ..

UN food for oil

Arabia CHRISTIAN BLOOD for oil.

posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 05:05 AM
Attacks in Eqypt are nothing new - look at the article below.

I remember tht last one where 50 tourists were gunned down in Luxor. Hadn't realised it was so long ago.

Anyone visiting the pyramids mow is taken from the port in an armed convoy.

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