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Doctors, Drug Companies and Insurance Companies...

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 08:57 AM
I need to speak to a wide audience..

My son who is 18 months old was admitted to a local hospital here in Colorado for chronic diarrhea. After doing all they could, and they did try hard, they transferred my son to Children's Hospital in Denver. At childrens we were assigned to Dr. J. O'connor and Dr. Keng. The two of them did lots of work/tests and by last Saturday morning my son was eating Solids, starting to have normal BM's and was playing with my wife, myself and our other son who is 4. On Friday night Dr. O'Connor and Dr. Keng went out of rotation and we were assigned Dr. R. Sokol. Saturday morning Dr. R. Sokol had told me my son was making great progress and that we would be transferred back to the small hospital where he would be watched and cared for, probably going home this Friday. Dr. Sokol repeated this same speach to both my wife and I on Sunday. Monday morning I had to go back to work, my wife took over the duties of caring for my 18 month old son. That afternoon Dr. Sokol changed plans, told us that our son wouldn't be transferred back to the smaller hospital until Wed or Thurs of this week. Then that changed again to be maybe not until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Then he and others switched my son's formula, the amount of formula, doubled it, changed all of the plans and needless to say my son got worse. After seeing my son's decline under this idiot we quickly made Children's Hospital transfer my son out before they could cause more damage.

Today I sit in my office as my son has severe gas, still hasn't recovered from the change in formula and routine thanks to the idiot Dr. Sokol at Childrens and am hoping/praying that some day my son will come home. In our opinion it's more than obvious to us via paper work, conversations, and statements from Dr. Sokol and crew that they intended to harm my son so they could keep him in the hospital as we have insurance and are paying customers. Today I see why people think our medical facilities and practices are third world and I only hope none of you have to live through this. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and I only hope that someday I can repay the favor to Dr. Sokol and his money greedy friends.
I am not a rich man, just a working class guy with a family, I don't have the money to hire a big city attorney, what can a little guy like myself do? What would you do? How do you hold a Hospital and a Doctor accountable? Is taking money via the legal system enough? Should doctors who cause intentional pain be tried as criminals? Put in jail? Given the death penality?

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 10:13 PM
My deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to you.

I am just a regular working class guy myself that loves and cares for his family very much as well.

It wasn't my son rather my mother. She came down with pancreatic cancer 5 months ago. It is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to me and the rest of our family.

The doctors told my mom she had 6 months to live and there was no hope or cure for her. She believed that if God intended her to stay He would have provided her with a miracle. Well, that miracle turned out to be the day she went to be with the Lord, because the last 2 months of her life were a living hell for us all. Now she is just a memory instead of my mother my friend.

Ok you get the idea. NOw lets get back to " there is no cure for her" . I started researching pancreatic cancer and I found out that it's the least funded and most deadly of all the cancers. There is a 1% survival rate once the canceras cells leave the pancreas and enter the blood stream.

How can it be that with all of the technology we know we have and don't know we have we don't have a cure ? Why is it the most deadly and least funded ?

The answer is once again ( *ucking Greed ! ) If there is a 1% survival rate and most patients don't live past 6 months there is no profibility ? It's not worth putting the research into something that will not pay off so to speak.
The pharmecudical companies are sure NOT going to give any moneyy towards this.

So once again we are left with our government contributions ( which is next to nothing $$ wise ) because once again there is no pay back.

When will decent humanity be more important than the almighty $$ ?

Well once again my deepest sympathy and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time. Thank God he is still alive and we will be praying for a miracle for your son and his future.


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