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Worst Popes In History: Next One?

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 02:48 AM
I was doing some research on some of the worst Popes in history and would have to say that there were some really bad Popes. Not including the inquisition, just off general judgement calls, I sure hope the next Pope doesn't in anyway remind us of some of the worst Popes. If that's even possible in our current time.

John Paul II, regardless if you like him or not, didn't have you worrying at night.

Here are some interesting comments on some of the worst Popes in history.

"Gregory VII was a master forger, surpassing even the great fraud known as the ‘Donation of Constantine,’ the document that created the Papal States. Gregory had an entire school of forgers turning out document after document bearing the papal seal of approval."

"Another interesting figure was Alexander VI (formerly Rodrigo Borgia). He reigned from 1492-1503. Alexander committed his first murder at the age of 12. Upon assuming the Papal miter he cried, “I am Pope, Vicar of Christ!”

"Under Leo X (1513-21)—who cursed and excommunicated Martin Luther—specific prices were enumerated by the Roman Chancery for every imaginable crime. For instance, a deacon accused of murder could be absolved for 20 crowns. Once pardoned, he could not be prosecuted by civil authorities. Two hundred years earlier, John XXII had done much the same thing, setting prices for crimes ranging from incest to sodomy."

"Pope Sixtus IV charged Roman brothels a Church tax. According to historian Will Durant, in 1490 there were 6800 registered prostitutes in Rome. Pius II declared that Rome was the only city run by bastards (the sons of Popes and Cardinals)."

"In 964 Pope Benedict V raped a young girl and absconded to Constantinople with the papal treasury only to reappear when the money ran out. Church historian Gerbert called Benedict ‘the most iniquitous of all the monsters of ungodliness.’ The pontiff was eventually slain by a jealous husband. His corpse, bearing a hundred dagger wounds, was dragged through the streets before being tossed into a cesspit."

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 04:16 AM
Next pope? After careful consideration, i beleive ive found the perfect candidate!!!

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 08:23 AM

Originally posted by Lord Altmis
I sure hope the next Pope doesn't in anyway remind us of ...
You can look at some of the 'front runners' here. This tells you a
bit about them. My preferences ...
#1 - Cardinal Arinze
#2 - Cardinal Ratzinger
#3 - Conservative from South or Central America.

Riuni wants it. He wants it BADLY. He has been campaigning all his
life for it. However, when it is obvious that someone wants to be
pope, that usually means he won't get it.

I just hope it isn't an Italian or any other European. I'll forgive the
fact that Ratzinger is from Germany, but that's the only European
I'll entertain.


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