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Not another Nibiru thread -- origin of human is even more far away

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posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 08:14 PM
All this talk of Nibiru is confusing me. I don't think that we could really have been a genetically modified species or what ever because it is really farfetched. Instead i think that it is more likely that ... and i just forgot the term for it... prosperated [idk sorry it flew out of my mind right as i was typing it] ... its the theory that a meteor containing some type of organism [microscopic and on a very very small scale] crashed into the planet [earth or any planet for that matter] and created a huge explosion in growth and such which evolved into us because in earth's geological history there is little or no activity up to a point when the activity exploaded and eventually evolved to where we are today. This doesnt explain the babylonian or Mayan drawings but i would not be supprised if it was some type of "planet of the gods" or some huge meteor or asteroid or something that isnt a homebase for us and more likely just an odd disturbance out there.

posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 10:38 PM
Just to add this link:
My short story Nibiru wars

Everything is a little more clear written here in the short story, this in the story are not real characters and any similarity to real events and characters is purely coincidental. However some of the names and planets mentioned are real, and especialy some of the characteristics of the civilizations and their behavior is related to some realy existing in the future and in the past, too. I think it can be read as half possible and give you some idea to think about for further research.

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by MankoW

Now what is the link that connects all of this together and which is more important is why should someone live on the planet which goes to the Sun only in 3000 or 7000 years, it is connected with Nibiru, yes.

Nibiru is not another planet:
a - It is artificialy made or positioned planet in bigger network of planets in bigger innergalactica transportation system
b - It has far eccentric eliptic orbit in which distant aphel it goes far away from solar system and in its perihelion it goes near planet Earth, which is interesting because there we are!
c - IN far spot of an orbit it meets another far orbit planet from another solar system, there the exchange or trade is done.

Let's see, Niburu is a transport device utilizing an eccentric orbit to transport goods from our solar system to another one. Niburu, according to you, returns after 7,000 years to make another "harvest." Presumably at the far end of this orbit, it is close enough to interact with another planet that is part of another solar system.

Assuming Niburu doesn't travel at a significant fraction of the speed of light, how do you account for the fact that the nearest star to our sun is Centauri Alpha, at what, something like 4.5 light years away?

If we assume a reasonable speed for Niburu's orbit, this other planet must trade with Niburu about every 3 millionth orbit. Three million times 3,000 to 7,000 years is an awful long time to wait to make one trade.

Ok, let's assume that the other "solar system" is some kind of brown dwarf system. We would easily be able to detect such a system (we have seen these systems at 5 or 6 time the distance to the Centauri system) but lets assume that all astronomers are idiots. Given all these assumptions, why is it that the other "far orbit" planet's position just happens to coincide with the arrival of Niburu to their solar system. Why is it that this other planet isn't somewhere else in it's orbit, like clear on the other side?

When Niburu, which according to you is in some wildly eccentric orbit, passes around our sun and so near to all the planets here why is it not perturbed by our solar system? It obviously is not perturbed in the least because if it were, it would result in Niburu ending up somewhere other than this "other solar system" at the far end of it's orbit.

There are absolutely no grounds for your theory. Mere orbital mechanics rules it out.
Not to mention the Oort cloud.


posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 04:33 PM
Hi there, i know this is my first post, and i may be off a bit. But iam very interested in this subject. first off, i have no knowledge of us comming from nibiru.. it does seem probable.. i just havent read up on it at all. I have read about it affecting the polarity of the earth, causeing massive flooding, earthquakes and volcanos.. And i do beleive the Sumerian predictions... ( how could they predict that uranus was green) Seems to me like they did know alot more than us about the universe. Which leads me to believe the previous comments of us comming from another planet. Now my question is about how it affects the polarity of the earth.. and if this could have anything to do with previous plate movement which make the contenents what they are today. And also if this had anything to do with the disasters of Dec 26 04? and please tell me if iam way off with these questions. I know there are alot smarter people in the world than iam.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 07:10 PM
Let's make some more assumption, if we assume that outer stellar object made these earthquakes then only logical explanation is the same object will make more earthquakes at or around 27 december 2005.
It is very possible because Earth will be in near similar orbit angle like one year before. Also if we assume angles of 60 degree to be important then also 27 feb 2005 and 27 october this year too may be sensitive. Also one is point around 27 june this year, I connect it with Lagrange points.
If we can prove more geotectonic activity in these dates that may be proof of Nibiru coming from the sagitarius constelation toward Terra (Earth), more precisely 4 longitude in Sagitarius, or RA 274 plus or minus Moon relative position.

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 02:21 PM
it seems as if the repsonses to the planet Nibiru and the connecting of the dots are missing a key element in their final anaylisis; the state of evolution took its hold producing what now has beem discovered by barbra Leeky as different species of Hominiods co-existing together; not one species at a time. to accuratle put the connection in context you must grasp the genetic mutation spoken of in the Sumerian myth's to get the clear picture these gods took what nature started added their genetic imprint on them producing Homo-sapiens how else can we attest to rapid advance and domination of modern man anyone with a better analaysis feel free to put forth Creationists and Evolutionist are both right thats wht we haven't come to a logicalv explanation yet

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