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Leaders stage face-to-face battle

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 10:15 AM

The economy and tax have proved a flashpoint as the main party leaders took part in their only face-to-face clash of the general election campaign.

At Commons questions, Tony Blair said Labour was the party of economic competence and accused the Tories of "running away" from debating the issue.

But Tory Michael Howard said Labour had broken its last poll pledges, and asked why people should believe Mr Blair now.

Lib Dem Charles Kennedy said Labour had been unfair to students and pensioners.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 11:59 AM
Howard and Co. seem deranged enough to think they can win the election just by claiming for the next 4wks that TB is 'untrustworthy'.

Obviously they flatter themselves that the public 'trust' some politicians (ie them) and choose their politicians on that basis.

IMO they are deluding themselves.

I suppose given the adversarial nature of UK politics this is kind of inevitable but IMO all that kind of constant chanting does is simply diminsh all politicians in the long run (and it's not like they are starting with politicians high in the public's esteem to begin with, right?).

It also seems to have escaped them that all that character assination stuff was done to death by their predecessors in 1997 and 2001......the 'demon eyes' and 'phony Tony' stuff didn't exactly play well outside their own 'base' did it?

Despite being a Labour supporter I'd say Blair's assessment today was the right one.

If the UK public are to be offered what seem to be the 2 themes on offer today (ie tory idea of a 'referendum on Labour' or a choice between Labour and tory record), IMO they'll decide on the basis of the track record every time.

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