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John-Paul II: The Crisis In Roman Catholisism And The Last Pope....

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 07:14 AM
Here im quoting from a web site//////

The media frenzy around the declining health and death of the late Pope John-Paul II seems very curious to Orthodox Christians.
Popes (whether of Rome or of Alexandria), Patriarchs, Metropolitans and all other bishops come and go.
Their coming and going make little difference to Orthodox, for the Church, being the Body of Christ, does not depend on any human personalities, even if they are saints.
The Church, Whose Head is the Risen Christ, depends on the Holy Spirit, of Whom all saints and all bishops, like the rest of us, are mere agents. This is a basic premise of Orthodox ecclesiology.

The Roman Catholic understanding that the Pope of Rome is the Head of the Church, the Vicar of Christ, seems very strange to Christian Orthodoxy. Not only does all this imply that Christ is not the Head of the Church, but also that at the present time there is no Head of the Roman Catholic Church..........more below....

Im not having a go at Roman Catholisism but merely putting this forward from an Orthodox point of view...

Sorry for those that thought that I was Screaming out in my heading(Subject) on this Post........
Hope this helps.........
Glory be to God....

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