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Disclosure Ramifications (Can we handle the truth?)

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posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 05:22 AM
I know its completely off thread but has anyone seen the Mosh (post election) - Eminem video.

Now what exactly is stopping you from doing what he says??? You know just take back control of the government you own. Its shows he is using no force what so ever! Apart from walking into the congress building and taking back what every american owns. What exactly do you pay taxes for, surly you can see the government is corrupt to the Bones.

Obviously i'm not saying that eminem should run America (far from it) why do people see it as such a big thing to take back there country.

As an answer to your question, If taught about these alien races where they're from and how they have come about. In all honesty I would say people just need to be given a reality check! Then shown a real live alien! I think this would send a right chill through their bones but who could produce such evidence and be 100% sure of its authenticity but with all the big news agencies all being run by a few at the top, how could you get a big secret like this out??? One simple answer: THE PEOPLE.
(First we need to establish WITH firm proof that aliens exist???)

Have you ever seen the NASA: The smoking gun, Martyn stubbs??? 2.500 hours of flight footage and LOADS of UFO footage.

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 09:27 PM

Originally posted by Facefirst

Originally posted by one_small_step
We are an adaptive animal.

Which leads me to believe we (most of us) will deal with it.

But how should the powers that be disseminate the information?

The implications of another species that can think on our level or above is staggering.

I also think we will most likely deal with it, but should we just jump into the deep end?

Yep. Deep end, Our curiosity would kill us if it were slow. Once we know something - we want to know it all, now.

Slow or fast, personally would suit me.

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