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New Japan history textbook. Watch out!!!

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 08:56 PM
New Japan history textbook will be used from June this year.
Look at what content will show up in it:

It says Japanese army did "Inproper killing and abuse crime" to asian countries during WWII. It didn't use "Invade" to describe Japanese army occupied Asian countries in the first half of 20th century. When refering to 1937 NanJing massacre the textbook use these words to describe:"An accident", "leads to death of many Chinese civilian" and blenched the victim number(more than 300,000).

"all the countries in the world have the history of slaughter unarmed civilians." It also says like this.

It also criticize Chinese History textbook didn't tell the WWII history as what it was really like and this may infulence young Chinese people's opinion towards Japan but didn't mention its prime minister go to Yasukuni Shrine(Where many first class war criminal's soul were getting oblation every year. Japan also refused to move those people's position out.)

Compare with German government, Japan's deed is worrying people especially Asian countries today.

Watch out!

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 10:43 PM
Umm.... where to start?
Screw it I'll just dive right in!!
Trying to stir up hate because you dislike a country by making an issue out of a revisionist history book is asinine to say the least. First of all all countries' history books are selective in their telling of past events. Second of all when you list a country as an example that killed millions of it's own citizens a few years later in a "cultural revolution" the people refuse to remember or speak about. You Lose ALL CREDIBILITY!

Keep the hate off ATS

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 10:53 PM
I did not read anything hateful or inflammatory in the first post at all.

The trend in Japan to speak truth on what happened in its own conduct of atrocities in WW2 has been going on in its education system for at least five years.

I think the alarmist "Watch out!" is simply to accentuate the impact that this will have on a nation's self-view.

In a few years time (or maybe months), Americans will be dealing with exactly the same phenomenon, over unwanted foreign incursions, greed and war profiteering, atrocities at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.

Obverse: It is interesting being a tall European male walking through the Peace Museum in Hiroshima during a school excursion, where inevitably some of the young folks who are indoctrinated into xenophobia over gaijen will point and want to make you feel you were responsible for the atomic bomb drop. Atrocities seem to be muti-faceted. It is the war machine that is wrong.

You don't hate anyone, taobo33, do you?

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 11:08 PM

I had fairly specific reasons for citing the example I did in my post, as it is fairly obvious what country the poster is from. And Yes I did find the post inflammatory, and in my opinion I think it was put up specifically to try and generate sympathy for the chinese and villianize the japanese. I stand by my original statement but I will clarify why I feel that way.
I completelly agree revisionist history is very bad and can be dangerous to a society. I also acknowledge that as an American my country is as guilty or more guilty of it than other countries. However I do not think that this history book has any sinister reasons for being vague and wording these things misleadingly. Rather I think it is a cultural blind spot and no small measure of guilt that inspired the vague description.

But for the most part what I was railing against is the continued insistence of people wanting to justify future actions or villify whole nations based on past actions.

The real problem with the world right now is people's refusals to let go of past grievances and past greatness. Instead of acknowledging each other as human beings we classify each other as black, white, french, vietnamese, etc.
And sadly enough there are sick people out there that are willing to take advantage of this and fan the flame of hatred and beat the drums of war all in the name of a corporate bottom line

That in my opinion is what has to stop!!

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 11:27 PM
Just a note to remind everyone to attack the post not the poster.

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 01:01 AM
Sugarlump: I believe that taobo33's post sheds light on a valid concern in the Eastern world. Call it a "cultural blind spot" or whatever you like, the fact remains that there are some indications that Japan isn't all that sorry about the Second Sino-Japanese war or any of their other campaigns from 1931-1945.
Although in more recent years the Japanese have had to give more sincere apologies, statements like this are still memorable:

08/24/1982. Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki
"I am painfully aware of Japan's responsibility for inflicting serious damages (on Asian nations) during the past war." "We need to recognize that there are criticisms that condemn [Japan's occupation] as invasion"

What the heck? He doesn't even firmly say that Japan was the aggressor! That has changed, in recent years, but its still hard to forget that 40 years after the fact they wouldn't even admit they were wrong, and even now they speak about it in very soft terms.

According to Wikipedia (couldn't confirm) The Yasukuni Shrine's website says, "Japan’s dream of building a Great East Asia was necessitated by history and it was sought after by the countries of Asia."
The link doesn't seem to work

You take that, then add it to the fact that Japan maintains territorial disputes with Russia, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. By 1990 they were 3rd in the world in total defense expenditures- right behind the USA and USSR. They went to Cambodia, then to Iraq, and to the casual observer it seems like maybe they like it. I say that because they are still debating Article 9 of their constitution (pacifism) while increasing their military capabilities.

Even former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger's book, The Next War (written in 1995) suggests that the Japanese may commit aggression again in the future, particularly into the Philippines.

I'm not saying that there is an immenent danger of Japan attacking anybody. I'm saying that it makes perfect sense for neighbors to be concerned about the way Japan views militarism. The big picture seems to be that Japanese militarism has been on the upswing for the last 15 years or so, and that if I lived in a territory disputed between Japan and somebody else, or in the Philippines, I would be anxious about any indication that Japans future generations are failing to be educated against militancy. Japanese textbooks don't preclude the idea that Japan has expansionist rights. I can see how neighbors would find that disconcerting, given Japan's history, demeanor, and need for outside resources.

What would people think if German textbooks said that the Holocaust was "an accident" and claimed that "inappropriate killing" took place in the occupied nations without stipulating that it was an invasion or that it was wrong?

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:46 AM
Actually I posted the way I did as a blatant protest against the American bashing that goes in all over this board... Doesn't feel so good when someone does it back does it?

I really do agree at least partially with what he said, I do have problems with how he said it and that is what I was posting in response to. If my second post wasn't clear enough I think all sides do tend to revise history and at least hint that only the other side committed atrocities. I certainly don't remember the part in history class where we told about our ancestors giving disease ridden blankets to the Indians.

For the record I do not condone military adventurism or the game of whose race is the best in Any Way.
Further my whole point was the original piece was written with a certain slant, and I called the writer on that slant as our nonamerican friends are wont to do with any thread with even a slightly american bias.


And yes Amuk your point was taken and I apologize for taking the low road. However it would be nice to see a mod step in on the flip side of this coin and step in and chastise people when they immediatelly roll off with "well that is a typical arrogant american sentiment" or other comments of that nature.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 03:11 AM
[P]lease do tell me which countries' government have never committed murder to its own people? US did. Britain did. And Japan did. These are internal affairs which should not be mixed up with invasions. And its not only China that is the victimized by Japan's imperialistic ideals, its the entire Asian. Houndreds and thousands of families are still waiting for an apology from them and what do they get? nothing plus a whole lot of lies in ther text books. I am gonna say it again. Japan is a jigsaw country. German apologized. Why cant Japan? Imperialistic ideals are still alive...? I hope not. Because, this time it wont be so easy.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 03:41 AM
Japan did apologize. I pointed out an early example of a "non apology" which would cause concern among Asians, but the fact is that Japan has apologized quite a bit. The real issue here is reparations isn't it? Well, I really doubt you're getting them- period.

Furthermore, the point of this thread should not be to bash Japan. To discuss Japan's actions is one thing. To openly profess hate and to call them cowards is quite another. Possibly not being sorry = cowardice??? I don't see that at all; it looks like reckless name calling with little regard for fact.

Last but not least, to claim that Japan's actions are somehow more evil than China's because the Human Beings who they slaughtered mercilessly were citizens of another country instead of their own is nothing but uber-nationalist propaganda. The Chinese government has no more right to slaughter Chinese people than the Japanese government does. Your claim that this can not be compared to an invasion is hogwash- it's politically motivated slaughter, any way you slice it. Because two wrongs don't make a right, there is no defending Japan on the basis of China's actions towards its people of course either. The conclusion is that ought to be reached here is quite simply that most governments have comitted evil deeds, they are all wrong, and they should all be admitted and prevented from being repeated. This makes the issue of exclusion/revision in Japanese textbooks a negative thing, but it in no way serves the interest of any sort of nationalist blame-game such as the one that RedHare seems to want to play.

Edit because two wrongs DONT make a right... oops.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 04:08 AM
hm. do u guys have more webbie to this information?

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 04:19 AM
My word... What a load of rubbish....

I lived in Japan for 1 year and I have to say although the Japanese have different views on things than most of the world, it is fair to say that They like all countries of the world have good and bad.

Bashing a country because of a few CHOICE words is frankly stupid... I could take a few lines of text and make any country look like I wanted.

Go away and travel around the world before you comment.

NeoN HaZe.

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 04:22 AM

I agree with you. For anyone from a Western Democracy to comment on another countries misdemeanours is a bit of "pot calling the kettle black"



posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 04:33 AM
First of all, do not try to manipulate my words, or put any political hats on me. I never defended the Chinese government for what they did to their people. I stated clearly that these are 2 seperate issure and should not be mixed up. And you think those half-baked arrogant apologies (even yourself had posted above) are acceptable to those families? What about the women who were forced into military prostitution? They travel to Japan yearly to demand apologies and appeasement but are rejected by their suprem court denying these women's credibility, putting them once again in pain. Why dont you try saying the same things to Jewish people or these poor grandmas, telling them that they're playing "blame-games" see what they'll say to you. I'll not be a hypercrite and I'll say it again. I hate Japan. Because of them, my family had to leave their ancestral city and live as refugees. Until, secere apologies and appeasements are given, I'll [won't be happy with the situation - nygdan]
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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:00 AM
U would have to be [wrong -nygdan] to call the japanese cowards! They are anything but that, u should read up on how important honor is in Japan.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:02 AM
Ok heres a different example for you.

'Textbook in Germany denies that Holocaust was Genocide'

Imagine the uproar in Europe and the West in general.

Japan slaughtered six million Chinese civilians. Thats a hell of a lot. They carried out chemical and biological weapons tests on civilians that still affect the areas involved today.

Japan is attempting to gloss over genocide. That is wrong.
Japan still refuses to aplogise to various groups who were taken as prisoners and abused.

This textbook is just the thin edge of a sickening revisionist wedge.

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:06 AM
Uncle Joe,

Where are you from?



posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:15 AM
Im from sunny England. With its rolling countryside and glorious ways

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:26 AM

Originally posted by ufo3
U would have to be a complete idiot to call the japanese cowards! They are anything but that, u should read up on how important honor is in Japan.

Dont pull that honor crap on me. They "borrowed" many of their cultural aspects from Tang Dynasy, China including their warrior code. samurai swords, Ninja, and even a major part of their language ect.. Believe me, if you could speak and read Chinese you would have no problem finding your way in Japan by reading their native travel guide, and if you listen really carefully you can actually pick up a word or two from their language. This is why I call them a jigsaw nation.
As for cowards, heh, are they honorable enough or brave enough to face and admit their wrong-doings?
As a side note. Ninja are rejects from China during the three kingdom era because the practice was concider inefficient in warcraft and without honor. And sumerai sword forging is actually a sub-class forging technique called thousand-leave. It was applied mostily to farm tools in Tang dynasty. sadly, it was the only forging technique they stole eh heh "borrowed". they use it on all kinds of blades and knives for example kitchen meat cleavers. Not that glamerous eh?

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:33 AM
Uncle Joe,

I rest my case then.



p.s. RedHare, what racially pure and culturally isolated country do you hail?

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 05:36 AM
Bill, rewritng genocide is ok as long as its in a different country?

What a weird world you live in!

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