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A curiousity

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 05:04 PM
quote]Originally posted by blueknight
I have struggled with something for years and I think it is finally time to get this off my chest....>> "US soldiers" in unmarked trucks wearing desert BDU's with no patches on them. They told us that they were taking the weapons to the Gulf where they would go by ship to Galveston, Texas and then by truck to a secret location in Nevada.

This was posted on "ignorance denied" by "blueknight" and I tried to post the response there but kept being told I was't logged in, and the log in wouldn't accept my user name and password, anyways:

First, let me say it is hard to believe there was no posted response to the place the "chemical and biological weapons" were being taken. Maybe no one read it who lived in Galveston or Nevada, so it was the old "not in my backyard" thing...I don't know, but I found it disturbing. And I don't live in either place.

Now, why, you gotta ask yourself, would "chemical and biological" weapons with "Chinese" markings on them be shipped to America? It seems illogical, even crazy, but, on 2nd thought, not out of the range of stupidity of mankind, who, it can be noted, built a nuclear reactor dead atop the San Andreas earthquake fault line in San Clemente, CA. (And yes, I did live near there, for much longer than was very intelligent of me.)

Anyway, I wanted to share an experience of my own, that I've also only told a few about, that I have no explanation for and have not been able to find one out. It is not nearly as explicit as the original post, but it has puzzled me now for years.

I was in San Diego, driving to work in Mira Mesa, just about even with the air station that used to be operatonal near the freeway, when to my right I was a group of men dressed in different uniforms, some of which I recognized instantly as Marine, Navy, and possibly Air Force. There was one that I didn't recognize and which had a different look to the uniform, couldn't place the branch of service at all, in fact it looked foreign somehow. That got my attention, and since they were in plain view of the freeway, and traffic was fairly light, I was able to see them for quite a long time, relatively speaking. Now as a long time San Diego resident, I am very familiar with US uniforms of Navy, Marine, but less so for the Air Force, and Army branches. Even so, the one fairly unfamiliar uniform, which I believe was Air force, didn't have the "foreign" look to it that the one, whose wearer also had a beret on. It was also the first time I'd ever seen such a sight as members of all 4 of the major branches huddled over a ditch in an open field, never mind the 5th "foreign" uniformed man being there.

They were grouped around a ditch in a field off to the side of the freeway, staring intently at whatever was in the ditch, (my first thought was it was probably a body, due to the intensity and the official presence). But there were no State or City Police officers there, so the "body" theory is no doubt wrong. I was very intrigued and spoke about it to a co-worker. Getting the usual, "you're paranoid" response, I dropped it but have thought of it often since. The first post brought it back when he mentioned the uniforms of the soldiers purported to be "US". I don't believe the 5th man was of our forces, but would be hard-pressed to say more than that his uniform just didn't look familiar or "right" somehow. I thought then that it might have been a UN uniform, but have never seen one so don't know yet.

If it was a foreign force member, or not, what were they doing in that field in mid-morning, staring down at something I couldn't see? I regret I didn't make a note to myself somewhere of the date, but it had to have been in 1991, probably early in the year, well before I quit work in Mira Mesa in Sept of that year.

If anyone has any information on this or similar witnessing, I'd like to hear about it.

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 05:15 PM
I find it very unlikely that they would "explain" what they were doing, or where they would be traveling from and to. Let alone what was being transported along with it's nature. Things chemical or bio would not be readily visable, especially to civilians.

As for the uniforms not having any signifigant markings, it could be they were Nat Gaurd, or even a part of a joint training op. Markings are very often left off of uniforms so that potential intel isn't collected by foriegn agents.

As for the hole in the ground thing, perhaps they were engineers trying to figure out what to do with lines or pipes.

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 10:53 PM
I agree with advisor the guys looking in the ditch could have been surveying or doing something like that...

As to blue knights post, the US has always taken an active interest in getting ahold of any new conventional or unconvential weapon and studying it. So that is pretty normal too

posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 03:24 PM
I am kind of confused by a couple things in your post, but I wanted to respond to one part -

Galveston isn't the port city that it was back in the day. The port of Houston is the largest in the USA. If a shipment were intended to be concealed, it would be better lost among the thousands of container-cart transactions in the port of Houston than in the podunk 2-pier city of Galveston, in my opinion. (Galveston of course has more than 2 piers but you get my meaning.)

posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 04:18 AM
Any number of possibilities including foreign military personnel on exchange programs.


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