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One Anonymous Author and The Epoch Times Vs. The Chinese Communist Party

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 03:48 PM
i just saw a copy of the epoch times. on the front page, they said china is now spending a RIDICULOUS amount of money to contain and filter the internet access to the entire country. anything mentioning the epoch times, or the nine commentaries is filtered out.

sounds like they are a very real(inherently 'valid') voice of dissent, regardless of funding or agenda.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 05:08 PM
Since billybob bumped this back up, I thought I'd update the NDTV information from my original post.

New Tang Dynasty TV continues to broadcast into China, thanks to the efforts of supporters across the globe. The current extension runs until June 6, while attempts are made to reach an agreement.

The only reason NDTV is still on the air is because of pressure placed on Eutelsat by the US, EU and Canada. 93 members of the US Congress signed a letter urging Bush to intervene. The letter was initiated by Rep. Christopher H. Smith and Rep. Tom Lantos in a lovely display of the power of working towards a common goal.
A PDF of the member's signatures, and many other letters of support can be found here.

I do still follow this story, while taking rapier28's concerns and comments into consideration. While it does have a pro-Falun Gong editorial slant, whether that is to be held against it is up for debate. All papers have an official editorial position; the test is how they let it affect their coverage. I have found The Epoch Times coverage of North America, Europe, Canada and Australia to be timely, accurate and covering a variety of topics, such as Current Events, Health, Science, Business, Sports and Entertainment.

As for the China coverage, who knows? I can't say one way or the other. The paper is standing behind it's numbers, and coverage of the resignations is slowly being reported in the 'mainstream' press, so I hope that in the near future one of the big boys will do an indepth on this, as they have the time, money and resources to really study the claims.

posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 10:08 PM
Now that there have been three Chinese men claiming asylum in Australia and claims of 1000's of spies, I wanted to update this thread a little. The Epoch Times seems to be quite close to two of the men, Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun.

You might not have heard about it, but Canada has been informed that we have the same spy problem as Australia. The Epoch Times has given the Canadian Press copies of reports on Canadians that Hao Fengun smuggled out.

A Chinese agent operating in Canada spied on a Toronto woman who practises Falun Gong, indicates a document that surfaced Thursday.

Jillian Ye, a database consultant in suburban Scarborough, was the subject of a September 2004 report to officials in China who monitor the banned Falun Gong, a practice of meditation and exercises with roots in traditional Chinese culture.

The document, entitled Intelligence 274(2003), series nkf03292, describes Ye's plans to start a communications firm.

It was addressed to a Deputy Minister Liu with instructions to distribute the contents to the Central Cult Prevention and Management Leadership Committee Office in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The document was among about eight such records obtained by the Epoch Times newspaper through e-mail from Hao Fengjun, a former police officer with the Chinese Public Security Bureau.

In addition to this they have also published exclusive interviews with the two men. I apologize in advance for perhaps quoting a little too much, but there are members of our site that are unable to view the sites themselves, the Epoch Times is blocked in China. The mods will trim them if they think they are too much, anyways.

Exclusive Interview with Chinese Diplomatic Defector Chen Yonglin

Reporter: No matter how the CCP used the measures "to maintain the advanced nature of party members,” more than 2 million people in Mainland China have declared their withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, completely breaking away from the CCP’s despotic rule, and this number is increasing rapidly every day. How do you view this big tide of withdrawing from the CCP?

Chen: The big tide of withdrawing from the CCP is historically inevitable. One day, the CCP will have only a few people left. Finally, people will stand up and destroy it. At that time, the era of democracy will come. The CCP preaches the Three Represents, “advanced nature of party members” and launches the movement "to maintain the advanced nature of party members,” but in fact it is rotten to the core, nothing works.

Reporter: As a Chinese diplomat, at what level is your standard of living?

Chen: In China, it is lower middle class, [which] should be ok. But all the high level officials are very rich, they have large amounts of deposits overseas. Where did this money come from? The money was obtained through corruption, bribes and illegal business. Ordinary officials do not have power and cannot get so wealthy; the lower level officials can only become the high level officials’ tools to oppress people and steal money.

Reporter: Australia has a very close trade relationship with China; Australia even often ignores the Chinese human rights issue due to consideration of the economy. Do you think the Chinese economy is truly as good as the outside thinks?

Chen: In my view, people outside may feel the Chinese economy is soaring and very good. In fact, inside there are many crises and problems. The financial crisis has come to the verge of collapse. Now, those so-called state enterprises are all in hardship, and many of them have become private enterprises. The surface look of the current economy is a flash in the pan, a mirage, and it is entirely illusory. There is a wide gap between the poor and the rich. The workers who are laid off can hardly maintain the lowest living standard, but the rich people have a huge amount of money. They got rich through the CCP’s policies. Jiang Zemin even recruited the capitalists to join the CCP, then does this Party still represent the grass-roots people? It has completely changed and become even more evil.

Reporter: How did you recognize the nature of CCP?

Chen: The CCP killed my father during the Cultural Revolution and my family was broken up due to the persecution, but in return I had to thank it, and feel deeply grateful. As someone said, I studied in the Foreign Affairs College and later became a diplomat, having a very successful diplomatic career; the CCP gave all this to me. But in fact, I feel the reason I could attend the Foreign Affairs College was because I studied very hard. But during the period of working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gradually I have become part of the CCP’s state apparatus. Especially when I came to Sydney, my job was to oppose the democratic movement, to oppose the Falun Gong group, this is against my conscience, and against my wishes. The CCP uses this way to make people live with extremely contorted minds. This is against my conscience and wishes.

This interview is quite long and I had I really hard time deciding what to quote. And if you read this and think I went out of my way to pick the most inflammatory parts, I didn't. The whole interview is like this.

Exclusive: The Epoch Times Interviews Mr. Hao Fengjun

Question: Media reports say that the CCP is not very popular in China? What is your comment on this?

Hao: In Mainland China, the general public dared not oppose the CCP openly. What I heard were the complaints of CCP from my colleagues and friends. But Australia is a truly democratic and free country. The Chinese people in Australia can have a true understanding of what the CCP really is. They face no pressure.

After watching “the Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party” (by The Epoch Times) and the documentaries made by NTDTV (New Tang Dynasty TV), I have learnt and understood a lot of facts. Before I did not understand what the political campaigns called “The Movements against the Three Evils” (corruption, waste and bureaucracy) and “The Movement against the Five Evils” (bribery, tax evasion, theft of state property, cheating on government contracts and stealing of economic information, as practiced by owners of private industrial and commercial enterprises) were about. Now I understand.

At present in Mainland China, the gap between the poor and the rich has becomes wider and wider. The workers and the peasants are looked down upon and treated as a lower class of the society. A lot of people are not happy about this situation but dare not to speak out. But privately there is a saying circulating among the people: “The Qing Dynasty lasted for three hundred years, but the Communist Party will not last even for 100 years.”

Question: I learned that you quit the CCP. Can you tell me why and also how you feel now after quitting the CCP?

Hao: When I just graduated from university, I had big hopes for the CCP. The policy of opening to the outside world and the economic reform improved the people’s life a little bit. But the level of unemployment kept increasing. I, as a policeman, was treated increasingly well. But after I was assigned to work in the 610 Office, I had the chance to see how the CCP persecuted the dissidents. After I came to Australia, I read “Nine Commentaries on CCP.” I was very shocked. And this time the Diplomat, Chen Yonglin stepped out and exposed what the CCP had been doing in Australia. This further increased my determination to speak out about what I have known about the CCP. At the same time I decided to quit the CCP. Several days ago I quit the CCP and other CCP related organizations - the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. All of a sudden I felt so light and so relieved. I also felt so refreshed just like the green grass that still has dew in the early morning.

Question: Can you talk about the role the Chinese media played in the persecution of Falun Gong?

Hao: As the world knows, there is no freedom of speech in China. The media is nothing but the mouthpiece of the CCP. Of course every State needs the media to spread its ideology and increase the communication between the government and the people. But the Chinese media only conveys what the CCP wants. They instill into the minds of the general public the ideology of Communism, its theories, its way of thinking and its way of expression and behavior, etc. Unknowingly and unconsciously the Chinese people formed this concept in their mind that the CCP is China.

The general public is not able to see the true facts of the persecution of Falun Gong. What they see are the propaganda reports on how Falun Gong harms people and the lies made up by CCP. The unceasing reporting on the incidents like the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square and the killings of the beggars lead the general public to believe that Falun Gong is an “evil cult.” The media blames almost all of the bad things happening in society on Falun Gong. They fabricated stories and incidents and then held Falun Gong responsible for all of it.

And as of posting time 2,324,690 people have quit the CCP. Or that's what the Epoch Times says, at least.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 01:51 PM
I wonder if defectors Chen and Hao will be granted asylum in Australia, since they were not under serious persecution before they left China, and they may have a hard time proving that they will be persecuted or imprisoned upon their return. I have no doubt they will, but proving that is another matter. If Hao didn't like doing the job of persecuting Falun Gong members, he could have just left his job. Instead he flew to Australia and then decided to quit and seek asylum. That will not bode well for his case.

I do worry for Hao and Chen's family back in China though, They will at the very least have some social benefits denied them and hardships brought to bear on them. They will likely be pressured into trying to convince the men to return to China.

Hao Fengjun speaks of Fa Lun Gong practitioners being kidnapped back to China. If that is truly the case, and those kidnapped are Australian citizens, then that is a crime under international law. And if such actions are sanctioned and organized by the Chinese government then it is...what? act of war maybe...

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 06:29 PM
I hope somebody gives them asylum; whether it's Australia, the US or Canada. I just don't think they will live long if they get sent back. I feel worst for the family members still in China though. They must be having a really tough time of things.

I agree, claims like this one really need to be taken seriously. Whether or not they are true, I want this looked at very carefully:

While applying for and failing to receive political asylum, Mr. Chen discovered that agents from the Chinese Consulate were searching for him. He told the reporter that he was followed by suspicious people in Gosford, a small town of Sydney where he had been hiding temporarily. He immediately made an escape by train. He has to keep his current cell phone in order to maintain contact with his wife. At the rally, his cell phone kept ringing; sometimes he had to step aside to avoid being overheard by reporters. After several days being in hiding and feeling his life was at risk, Mr. Chen chose to speak out in public, hoping to gain support from the Australian public and media.

At the rally, Mr. Chen said that he has spent the past four years and two months as the political Counselor for the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. His main responsibility was to “carry out the Chinese government’s policy, persecute the Falun Gong practitioners in New South Wales, and to monitor their actions, including hiring people to collect information about Falun Gong practitioners’ activities.” He revealed that there were about 1,000 Chinese secret agents in Australia at the moment and they had committed acts of kidnapping on Australian soil. He has evidence to prove several kidnapping cases in which the kidnap victims have been sent back to China.

Chen is frightened for his life. He gave an example of a Chinese citizen who failed to obtain protection from Australia and was sentenced to death after being forcefully taken back to China in early 2000. He is worried that he may be kidnapped by Chinese agents. He even saw suspicious faces at the rally. He said that he would face persecution if he went back to Beijing.

Chen Went Public to Gain Australian’s Support

This concerns me greatly. Because now that I'm looking for this, I'm starting to find examples of outside influence closer to home.

A report written in January by a Chinese spy in Canada indicates that the Canadian government had pressed the City of Vancouver to remove display boards depicting the persecution of Falun Gong from in front of the Vancouver Chinese consulate. The document was recently obtained by the Epoch Times from defecting Chinese agent Hao Fengjun.
The document, marked “confidential,” was authored by an agent of the Tianjin City Public Security Bureau stationed in Vancouver and dated January 13, 2005. It referred to a number of Falun Gong sit-in appeal sites established in front of the Chinese embassy and consulates in Canada that use display boards to highlight the torture of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government.

“The Canadian government has already ordered the police to dismantle those memorials set up in front of Chinese embassy and consulates, especially the one in front of Vancouver’s consulate,” the document said.

According to Sue Zhang, a 59-year-old chemist at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University and a participant in the appeals in front of the Vancouver Chinese consulate, that’s similar to what she was told by the City.

She said the City of Vancouver Deputy Manager Brent MacGregor requested a meeting with Falun Gong practitioners on December 21, 2004, about the appeal. Zhang says MacGregor did not deny that the Chinese consulate was pressuring the city to have the display removed. According to Zhang, MacGregor also said an official in the federal Department of Foreign Affairs had asked the city to do something about the display.

“[MacGregor] said the display had gone on long enough and it was time to do something—either remove it totally, or reduce its size,” said Zhang.

“We told him our appeal has gone on this long because the persecution has gone on this long. Our family members and friends are being tortured in China. This site is very very important to us.”

The sit-in is claimed to be the longest-running peaceful protest in history. It has been manned by Falun Gong practitioners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for nearly four years.

China Spy Report Focuses on Vancouver Falun Gong Appeal

I heard about this on the radio, right after I saw the Ethiopians marching on the American consulate.
They want something done about their recent elections. It was a busy day in Vancouver.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 06:38 PM
Advertisements for the Epoch Times/Nine Commentaries/Friends of Falun Gong are on all the time now in New York City (at least on my RCN cable).

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 07:08 PM
I'm pretty sure that New York is the home of the paper, so you're right in the middle of the action. We don't have any advertising for it here, from what I've seen. The only reason I even saw it is I got handed a copy of it on the way to work one day.

The paper has certainly caught the attention of the Conservative party up here. They have brought up the claims in parliament, and I'm sure they will keep on this, because this could be a 'safe' topic for them. As long as they can keep any MP's from siding with the spies, they can't go wrong with it.

Stockwell Day, who was at one time head of the Canadian Alliance and Opposition leader, has this nice speech he gave about the paper up on his website.

Tribute to the Epoch Times.

In my office, we have learned to look forward to the weekly copy of The Epoch Times. It is a helpful source of information and commentary on areas that are of interest to me, but which, sad to say, often get overlooked or minimized in news sources across Canada .

The editors of the Epoch Times are concerned for the progress of democracy everywhere in the world, and alert to human suffering everywhere. Recent issues have spotlighted oppressive behaviour of the regimes of Burma ( Myanmar ), Nepal , Sudan , Vietnam , Zimbabwe and many others. This coverage has proved valuable to me as I have urged the government of Canada to take a more forward part in the advancing of human rights throughout the world.

In our major newspapers, the section on international affairs is shrinking and is retreating further and further back into the pages. Editorials often express authentic humane concern for the suffering of the particular people who have the attention of the major news wires (that would be Darfur, this week) but in the main news section of the same papers we find little evidence that the newspaper is interested in hearing more bad news than it can comfortably contain within the limits of our major domestic pre-occupation with issues of health and prosperity. Rarely do they demonstrate the investigative spirit which marks the Epoch Times.

Too many people do not seem to appreciate that our indifference to the circumstances under which most of the world live their daily lives is serving the propaganda purposes of the unappeasable enemies of our way of life.

I recommend regular reading of The Epoch Times as an antidote for self-preoccupation.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 07:14 PM
Sorry if it was already stated in this thread and I missed it, but what really came first the CCP hating the Falun Gong or the Falun Gong hating the CCP?

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 07:37 PM
Actually, we haven't even really touched on the Falun Gong issue very much.

I'm pretty sure the CCP was first out of the gate on this one. They were outlawed because there was just too many of them. The CCP took the April 1999 Protest as a very serious threat.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by djohnsto77
Sorry if it was already stated in this thread and I missed it, but what really came first the CCP hating the Falun Gong or the Falun Gong hating the CCP?

The CCP targeted Falun Gong first. The CCP hates any organisation or event that has a large membership and is not a part of the itself. Would you believe that even direct sales organisations such as Amway were outlawed in 1998? This is the extent of their paranoia. Christianity is allowed, but only at state-sanctioned and monitored churches. Leaders and members of unsanctioned ones are imprisoned. Why? Because the CCP is terrified of any cause that can unite the masses, or divert their loyalty from the Party. Nobody knows the power of 1.3 billion Chinese people to overthrow government more clearly than the CCP, because that's how they themselves came into power. This is also the reason why the leaders of the PLA are so "well-fed" and intertwined with the government; they can't have the military siding with the people.

It's truly amazing how a select group of fascist tyrants in socialist garb have managed to keep one-fifth of the world's people in thrall for so long. I visualise the CCP as an evil imp riding on the back of a dragon, whispering lies to it and whipping the back of its ears. One day the dragon is simply going to turn its neck and eat the imp.

edit: In fact, I like that so much it's going to be my new sig.

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posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 08:28 PM

Originally posted by wecomeinpeace
It's truly amazing how a select group of fascist tyrants in socialist garb have managed to keep one-fifth of the world's people in thrall for so long. I visualise the CCP as an evil imp riding on the back of a dragon, whispering lies to it and whipping the back of its ears. One day the dragon is simply going to turn its neck and eat the imp.

edit: In fact, I like that so much it's going to be my new sig.

Dude, watch out...I'd hate to see you dragged away to prison at night!

Anyway, I agree. The fall of the CCP is inevitable, but who knows when it will come and what will replace it...

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by djohnsto77
Anyway, I agree. The fall of the CCP is inevitable, but who knows when it will come and what will replace it...

Democracy and a multi-party system, witjhout a doubt. Since China has opened her doors, the middle-class and students are too well-educated about the ways of the world for their to be any other possible outcome. Tiananmen was just a setback on that road. Next time, the PLA will be fighting with the people, not against them. But, I've already said enough...

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 08:49 PM

Originally posted by wecomeinpeace
Would you believe that even direct sales organisations such as Amway were outlawed in 1998?

Well, I can understand banning Amway. They are an evil cult planning world domination.

Amway Hurts My Head to Think About

I'm going to start calling you Dangerboy, if you keep up this kind of behaviour.

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 09:23 PM
They're having an art show (this weekend I think) called Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance featuring paintings of people being tortured by the Chinese Communist Party at Federal Plaza in downtown Manhattan.

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 09:49 PM
I've seen the exhibit on the internet. When I think about people being subjected to this kind of treatment, it makes me sick. I hope the exhibit comes to Vancouver someday. I would very much like to see it in person.

Where I used to work, there was a customer who was a practitioner of Falun Gong. He had a van with a huge sign on it listing the number of people killed and the rest of the van was covered in pictures and info about the persecution. Every time he came in, the number was higher.

And the number of resignations is now at 2,599,231. I think that is about 4% of the party membership.

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 02:43 AM
I guess most of us dun want to see the newspaper taken out by chinese companies in their latest round of "shopping spree" in US.

Although there is quite a lot of resentment among the chinese, but i dun see any revolt coming soon as the communist leadership is keeping a tight grip on the chinese, mainly thur propaganda. I juz visited china in feburary and our tour guide was complaining to us about how corrupt are the local officials during several occasions. But concerning taiwan they were united against the "enemies of the chinese", the kind of idea seeded into their minds by the communist although the taiwanese are more of anti-communist. The taiwanese still call the mainland communist leadership "communist robbers". Besides, the taiwanese are chinese too.

If china allow free press and the people know their rights, the communist leadership will be toppled before they themselves know it. But that's not gonna happen. Take a look at how the communists are banning certain "sensitive" words on their net, an act to stop people from having their own ideas and a perception of the truth.

During the 1917 revolution, the bolsheviks consists of only around 10% of the population(dun ask me the source but that's wat i learn during my history lesson), but they were able to establish control over the rest of the population thurout russia using the tool of propaganda, and prevent the people from hearing from people beyond the borders. The internet allows people to obtain information from other parts of the word freely and i believe the internet will soon be deemed as an enemy of the state by the communist leadership.

To the mainland chinese out there we understand why you are not responding actively to this thread or voicing your disagreement with some of the ideas told here. We dun noe if any chinese spy are watching the forum and can track you down if you pose anything that is against the leadership. Better be safe than sorry.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by NotheRaGe
IThe internet allows people to obtain information from other parts of the word freely and i believe the internet will soon be deemed as an enemy of the state by the communist leadership.

This wouldn't surprise me at all. While some people on the Mainland have the knowledge/ability to see some of the same stories we see, the CCP is really cracking down on the internet.

That's one of the reasons I decided to keep updating this thread. Within Mainland China, ATS is one of the very few sources for this story. While this thread would probably be blocked by a Google search, the site is still available. For how long? That's up to the CCP.

Here is part of another interesting article based on an interview with Li Qike, a former colonel in the Chinese Army. Again, apologies for the lengthy quote, but the site is blocked in China .

II. Opposing the Party from Within

When Li Qike came to gradually understand the CCP’s evil nature, stemming from his own conscience, he began to seek a path to counter the CCP’s evil political influence.

In May 1971, Li Qike was reassigned to study at the People’s Liberation Army Foreign Languages Institute in Luoyang city, Henan province. There, he spent half the day studying a foreign language and the other half being indoctrinated with political brainwashing and subjected to physical labor. Li Qike used the institute to his advantage and searched for books to read when he went to the library at night to study. He worked hard to try to understand social governance and related questions.

In 1972, at the institute, Li Qike found a few like-minded people and the four people became a small group that opposed the high officials of the CCP. They were later known as “the gang of four [1]”. They traveled around Luoyang and established contacts with workers, farmers, and schoolteachers. They were determined to wage war against the crimes of the CCP’s high officials. Li Qike said: “The CCP is very sly, and the then CCP leader, Mao Zedong, wickedly broke up “the gang of four”. Actually, “the gang of four” and Mao Zedong’s evil are linked together; Mao is the chief criminal.”

Their activity was later exposed. Li Qike was detained in an abandoned garage and questioned in isolation for eight months. After Mao Zedong died and “the gang of four” collapsed, Li was able to continue his military service. In 1980, Li passed the exam to become a lecturer in the Shijiazhuang Army College. Afterwards he took the position of company instructor at what was formerly known as the Kunming Military Area Field Army.

III. The Anti-CCP Forces in the Military

After participating in organized group activities against “the gang of four”, Li Qike realized that he should seek more effective action to fight against the evil CCP. He resolved to look in the army for people who had the same goal.

In the April 28, 1984, battle against Vietnam in Laoshan, Li Qike’s regiment was in was the main attacking force. The 9th company, for which he was the instructor, was one of the primary attacking companies. After the Laoshan battle strategy changed from attack to defense, Li was promoted to battalion deputy political instructor. He was soon promoted to be an official with deputy regimental rank after the battle.

In 1985, as the political director of the “Laoshan main attack regiment,” Li used frequent meetings to get to know many officials who were involved in the battle. His friendship with some of them developed into close political ties.

Li discovered that there was an anti-CCP force in the military. Many people, especially the basic unit officers and soldiers, loathe the CCP’s corrupt and abusive reign. They are not reconciled to work for a barbaric government that oppresses the masses and plunders social values. Many soldiers and their families have also suffered persecution by the CCP and form a potential force to fight against the CCP.

Li said that the basic unit officers and soldiers are frequently replaced. The CCP focuses on buying off key high-ranking military officials to closely monitor the army. This high-pressure environment makes it difficult for the anti-CCP forces in the army to ever form a cohesive joint strength in a short period of time. However, this anti-CCP strength exists in the army at all times.

After the army used tanks and guns, at the behest of the CCP, to brutally suppress the students in the 1989 democratic movement, Li Qike consulted with his political friends inside and outside the army. They realized that both the armed forces and the masses had become victims of the CCP. They could not allow the CCP to divide these two groups and control the armed forces to suppress the people. They thought they should unite the victimized soldiers and the masses to fight together to protect their common interests. So they decided that some of them would leave the army and transfer to civilian work, and there act as contacts between the army and the civilians. Li Qike was one of these.

IV. Early Departure from China

In early 1990, Li was given a regimental ranking position. Shortly, he requested to be transferred to civilian work, thereby leaving the army. His decision surprised many high-ranking officials. In 1992, Li was transferred to the Qinghai province military system, but not out of the army. He continued to unsuccessfully ask for a civilian transfer. At the time, he was mainly working with militia. He frequently visited the basic units to establish contacts with the masses and telling the militia that they should love their country and not the CCP.

Li’s application to retire from the army was finally approved in 1995. He went back to his hometown of Beijing. Soon after his release, a peripheral member he had developed in Qinghai was arrested by the police under a fabricated charge. The wife of that person phoned Li Qike to warn him that her husband’s arrest might reveal the close connection Li had with her husband.

After urgent discussion with his political friends, Li decided to leave mainland China ahead of their planned time. Their original plan was to have Li working longer to make connections between the army and civilians before going abroad to seek international support.

V. Open withdrawal from the CCP

Li Qike arrived in Hong Kong on March 5, 1996. He openly withdrew from the CCP on the next day March 6.

Li said that he publicly withdrew from the CCP not for media effect, but for his own peace of mind. In fact his thoughts had long been separated from the CCP. Many people in the army detest the CCP, but it is inconvenient for them to openly resign from the CCP. Many soldiers had fought in battle with their flesh and blood but they know the CCP is not synonymous with China. They are discontent with the CCP’s tyrannical rule, but they do not forget to defend their country.

Li said that one day, the army and the people will step forward and join forces to end the CCP’s evil rule. Victory will definitely belong to the Chinese people.

If there is anyone who would like to read a copy of the Nine Commentaries, I do have PDF copies in Chinese and English, and will email them to 'safe' email addresses ie: hotmail, yahoo, if requested. For obvious reasons, I would ask that if there are people who wish a copy sent to them, please u2u me. I don't think posting such a request would be a good idea.

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 11:14 PM
I have a few things to add today so consider yourself warned. Lengthy post ahead. As always, large quotes are used because the source site is blocked in China.

Chinese Consulate in Calgary Contravenes Canadian Hate-Crime Laws

Edmonton Police have finished their investigation into complaints from Falun Gong practitioners that the Chinese Consulate has been distributing hate literature to the public. In June 2004, consulate staff took booklets about Falun Gong to Edmonton for distribution. Police maintain that by taking them off embassy grounds and into the public view, they have contravened Canadian Hate Crime laws and should face charges. Alberta Justice is currently deciding if there is any likelihood of conviction.

The Edmonton police wrapped up a year-long investigation this week, and concluded that staff of the Chinese consulate in Calgary have contravened Canada's hate crime laws in their attacks on the spiritual practice Falun Gong. The case will now proceed to the Alberta Justice to determine if there is a possibility of conviction.

This comes just weeks after two defecting Chinese officials made claims of a Chinese spy ring operating in Canada informing on followers of Falun Gong. The first Canadian defector also stepped forward this week to tell his story of how Falun Gong practitioners are tortured in China and how the Chinese government engages in espionage in Canada.

The Chinese consulates and embassy in Canada have routinely displayed hate propaganda about the spiritual practice inside their buildings, where Canadian law is powerless to touch them. In June, 2004, however, staff of the Chinese consulate in Calgary brought their booklets on Falun Gong to Edmonton and into public view.

Constable Stephen Camp of the Edmonton police hate crimes unit began an investigation.

"It is the first time that law enforcement has taken this type of complaint with Falun Gong and consulate officials and took it this far. It's uncharted territory for us, that's for sure," he said.

Canada's hate laws make it illegal to publicly incite hatred against an identifiable group. Possible defenses for statements that incite hate is that the statements are or were believed on reasonable grounds to be true. But Joel Chipkar, a volunteer spokesperson for Falun Gong, says that the Chinese government's allegations against Falun Gong "have already been proven to be lies."

"They lie about what we believe in, they fabricate stories about us, saying that we murder people, that we're suicide prone, that we commit self-immolation, that we're crazy… and none of this has ever been backed up by independent sources. In none of the 60 other countries where Falun Gong is practiced have similar claims ever been made."

This story also ran in one other newspaper in Canada, the Edmonton Sun. They are a credible source and part of a national network. Unfortunately, they don't archive their articles on the internet.

Chinese Defector In Canada Goes Public With Chinese Human Rights Abuses

Mr. Han Guangsheng, a former prison and labour camp supervisor in northeastern China, has come forward to try and get public support because he is appealing a decision to turn down his refugee claim. Officials says that because Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented abuses at camps he was in charge of he was a willing participant in crimes against humanity. Han claims he took care of his prisoners the best he could and compares himself to Oskar Schindler.

He first approached the Epoch Times with his story. Knowing that Han wanted as many people as possible to hear what he had to say, the Epoch Times contacted the Canadian Press, and the two news agencies held a five-hour joint interview with Han.

In 1999, Han was appointed to oversee two jails and four labour camps in Northeastern China. That same year, China began a nation-wide persecution of the spiritual practice Falun Gong. Hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong adherents were arrested and detained without trial, many of them under Han's jurisdiction.

Like the other Chinese defectors to surface recently, Han could not in good conscience participate in persecuting Falun Gong. Although not a believer in the practice himself, Han said he knew that Falun Gong practitioners were peaceful and had broken no laws.

"I did whatever I could within my abilities to take care of them."

Han likens himself to Oskar Schindler, who helped to rescue Jews under Nazi rule in Germany and was portrayed in the film Schindler's List.
He claims that he forbid any beating and abuse of Falun Gong practitioners in his labour camps, three of which held Falun Gong practitioners for either brainwashing classes or labour camp sentences issued with no legal procedure.

Han says he helped gain the early release of 159 female Falun Gong practitioners from one of his labour camps and fired one deputy chief who allowed the electric shock torture of a 15-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner in the Longshan Labour Camp.

In late 2000, Han says he spoke with two women who were among ten that had been recently transferred from the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp, the only camp in Shenyang City not overseen by Han.

He said the women told him of torture with electric batons, piercing needles into selected points on the body and being forced to do pushups on ice in freezing weather, all in an effort to have them give up their practice in Falun Gong. Han passed on their written complaints to the provincial Judiciary Department Chief overseeing the Masanjia Labor Camp, to the dislike of higher up officials.

Despite his efforts to intervene against the treatment of Falun Gong, some Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in his jurisdiction. Han said he tried to stop every case of abuse that he became aware of, but that he did not know of all that was going on. This fact would come back to haunt him.
Unable to carry on and with his conscience weighing heavily on him, Han was looking for the opportune time to defect. It came in 2001 on a trip to Toronto.

Immediately after he arrived in Toronto, he sent a fax to his superiors in China announcing his resignation from the communist party and from his job.

"There is too much darkness and cruelty in the official circle," he wrote in his letter of resignation.

His wife, still in China, was immediately put under surveillance and interrogated about Han's defection.

In 2002, he applied for refugee status. He was refused on April 21 of this year after three hearings.

Refugee board adjudicator Tom Pinkney ruled that due to his "significant leadership position," Han was responsible for the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners that he knew of.

"There are serious reasons for considering that [Han] is an accomplice to these crimes against humanity," Pinkney wrote, noting the number of accounts of torture that took place in the labour camps and prisons Han oversaw.

Joel Etienne, a Toronto immigration lawyer representing the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong said the NGO is working to intervene in support of Han's appeal.


Although Han was not directly in charge of the intelligence gathering, his years in the system helped him surmise a detailed picture of China's espionage activities.

Han says China is keen on political intelligence as well as commercial intelligence, such as science and technology.
Han says China collects intelligence in a number of ways, including through:

1. The staff of Chinese Embassies and Consulates
2. Public Security Bureau (PSB) staff disguised as business executives
3. Reporters from Chinese state run media
4. Visiting scholars and various industry experts
5. Visiting delegations

Han once encountered purported a business researcher at a restaurant in Toronto's East Chinatown who revealed himself to Han as an agent of the National Security Bureau from Han's home province of Liaoning. The encounter prompted Han to change his address.

According to Han, even western government officials visiting China on trade missions would be subject to monitoring by planted microphones, clandestine luggage searches and other means.

Han says he has been labeled a traitor of China by his superiors since he defected. But Han strongly disagrees.

"The CCP is only a political power ruling China right now, it cannot represent China or its people. It is only ruling China, and its life is limited, but as a nation and a race, the Chinese people are forever."

Han says, "I truly love my home, my country, and I truly, truly love my people. I only hope that more people can understand this point."

Malaysia Siezes Copies of the Epoch Times

The last two shipments of the Epoch Times have been detained by the Malaysian National Security Department.

On June 2, upon arrival at the Malaysian International Airport, the Malaysian National Security Bureau confiscated copies of The Epoch Times. On June 17, the Bureau's Publications Control Group banned distribution of issues 147 and 148. Distribution of four weekly issues has already been halted and the importation of the newspapers has been banned for the past three weeks. No official letter or reason was given to The Epoch Times by the Malaysian authorities for the action.

DZY Marketing was incorporated in Malaysia on Dec. 23, 2003, to import The Epoch Times there. Since February 2004, the company has been importing the South East Asian edition of The Epoch Times from Surabaya, Indonesia, by air and distributing it free of charge in Malaysia.

Since all publications in Malaysia are subject to the government's surveillance, The Epoch Times had already, on four occasions, made inquiries with the Malaysian Internal Security Department, which up to a year ago was the organization in charge; the duties have been taken over by the National Security Bureau. Representatives of the newspaper were told upon inquiry that there was no requirement for license or permit for the import and distribution.

Epoch Times representatives are currently communicating with the Malaysian government, hoping that the authorities will uphold principles of free speech and the right to know, will respect basic human rights and justice and continue to let Malaysians read The Epoch Times. Also, they have contacted human rights organizations in Malaysia to seek legal advice. On June 28, the National Security Bureau telephoned the Epoch Times' lawyer and said that they are still awaiting the senior officials' decision on whether to permit the newspaper's continued importation.

International Judicial Committee for Bringing the Chinese Communist Party to Trial

A group of people are actively trying to establish the International Judicial Committee for Bringing the Chinese Communist Party to Trial. This is the text of the letter they have been sending out.

The Proposal for authority to establish the "International Judicial Committee for Bringing the Chinese Communist Party to Trial"

In the 56 years of the CCP's regime, it has always used despotism to judge freedom, dictatorship to judge democracy, and the tyrants who trample on human rights to judge the pursuers of human rights. Its regime is the darkness that puts brightness on trial, and crimes that puts justice on trial. The Epoch Times' series of editorials, "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,"completely expose the CCP's history of slaughtering the Chinese people, and have caused the gigantic tide of withdrawals of the CCP's members in China. "The Nine Commentaries"clearly declare to the world:

We should not tolerate anymore. It is time to bring the CCP to trial! Therefore, we appeal to all people in the world for authority to establish the "International Judicial Committee for Bringing the Chinese Communist Party to Trial."

The duties of the "Committee"are to appoint judges, and to establish "Special International Criminal Courts to Try the Crimes of the CCP."It will judge the crimes committed by the CCP in the 56 years of its rule, such as slaughtering people, enslaving people, torturing people, persecuting people, eliminating beliefs and races, persecuting religions, committing genocide, plundering the wealth of society, destroying the natural environment and resources, and committing cruel punishments, etc.

Because the CCP has carried the persecution of genocide for more than five years since July 1999 against a hundred million Falun Gong practitioners due to their belief, and the situation is becoming more and more serious and urgent, it will first appoint a grand justice to establish "A Special International Criminal Court to Try the Crimes of the CCP's persecution Against Falun Gong."It will immediately judge Jiang Zemin and the CCP's ruling group who have committed various crimes against humanity to Falun Gong practitioners. Afterwards, it will establish related courts to hold a comprehensive trial on the different crimes that the CCP's ruling group have committed in persecuting different races and people in China.

Beijing Leads China in CCP Withdrawals

Dynamic Internet Technologies, Inc has analyzed the geographic patterns of the resignations. Online resignations from China are submitted via DynaWeb, a DIT product." target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

The full report hasn't been issued but an executive summary can be found here.

In the current wave of over 2 million resignations from the Chinese Communist Party and its organizations, Beijing leads the rest of the nation. A report just released by Dynamic Internet Technologies, Inc. analyses the geographic pattern of resignations and shows that resignations from Beijing account for over 15 percent of the total. The report shows that the wave of resignations has extended to 29 provinces and directly governed city regions.

The lead by Beijing is a little surprising as only 4.3 percent of the Internet users in China reside there. This may indicate that Beijing residents are more politically aware, possibly as a result of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. In contrast, those in Shanghai, may be seen to be more financially orientated.

The provinces of Liaoning, Helongjiang, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei, Guandong and Sichuan are the next in line after Beijing in the number of resignations.

Anything for Power: The Real Story of China's Jiang Zemin

After the success of the Nine Commentaries, the Editorial Board Epoch Times has decided to publish a book about Jiang Zemin. They will be publishing the book in installments on their website. I am looking forward to reading this.

Never, normally, would someone with the stature of China's former president, Jiang Zemin, have something so basic as the identity of his parents be at issue. But then again, few would try so doggedly as has Jiang to glorify themselves, erecting monuments to themselves and commissioning biographies while tens of millions of citizens live in desperate circumstances.

Yet Jiang is no normal figure, and so it was that a bogus biography of the man, rife with contradictions and heavy government propagandizing, was written under the auspices of a Western businessman named Robert Kuhn, and foisted upon an unwitting general public.

Then just what sort of person is Jiang Zemin? Just what exactly is his family background, and why does it matter so much? How did he go from being a transitional figure who lacked popularity (owing to his narrow, partisan ways) to a full-blown dictator in charge of a massive nation? What lies beneath the veneer of prosperity thought by some to characterize Jiang's reign? And what will be Jiang's ultimate legacy?

Out of a sense of obligation to set the facts straight, we, the editorial board of The Epoch Times, took up the task of collecting all relevant materials and data; of note is the extent of inside information and hitherto undisclosed secrets provided to us by high-ranking Chinese Communist Party officials. The product is a comprehensive book unmatched in scope or detail: Anything for Power: The Real Story of China's Jiang Zemin. While its vision and inquiry are broad, we have done all possible to ensure that this is never at the expense of detail or precision. The stories told herein, so little known to the public, portray in full and as never before the real Jiang Zemin.

OK, I think that's more than enough for now. Current resignation total: 2,655,614.

[edit on 1-7-2005 by Duzey]

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:06 AM
It's good to see that people are beginning to know wat the communist leadership is doin, but i hate to think that many in the countryside and rural are still kept in the dark due to the inaccessibility of information and been not educated. They are the ones who will believe every single lies of the leadership.

I see that the number of resignations reached a new height, but this is not much when compared to the total number of CCP membership. Anyone have statistics? However I'm sure that there's a lot of those who dare not voice out against the party, in fear that actions will be taken against them sometime soon. CCP used the 1989 crackdown as a warning to opposers effectively. There's one chinese proverb: kill one to warn a hundred. This is not going to work for long. We know that there's no way that they will still be in control for long.

BTW we know that CCP is covering up the seriousness of the Avain flu situation in China, posing a threat to the region. Obviously they hav not learnt their lesson from SARS. Or do they have another motive? We noe that the economies of the various countries will be adversely affected is such an major outbreak occur again. But China's economy will unlikely to be affected as much affected as much because investments will still be rolling in. If CCP continues to behave like this it will likely earn the hatred of many, in and outside of China. My dad's company had a hard time during the SARS but thanks goodness it managed to barely survive.

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:45 AM
I believe that the current party membership is currently around 63 million.
So this represents about 4% of the total.

I haven't been keeping good track of the data, although now that you mention, I wish I had. That would have been really interesting to study. But better late than never, I'm going to start tracking the figures.

Just off the top of my head, currently the numbers are increasing at a rate of 25,000 - 35,000 a day. About one months ago, it was increasing at a rate of 10,00-15,000 per day. Two months before that, 5,000-7,000 a day. And there is always heavier volume on the weekends and after events/rallies.

As an example of just how fast these numbers are growing, earlier tonight I posted a total of 2,655,614. The current total is 2,662,878. That is 7,264 resignations posted in the space of 4.5 hours.

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