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America, and abroad

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 04:42 AM
I stated that the pope would die this year, and has, and am very saddened by it.Yet, relieved that he is free from his suffering that only he knew. Sleep well Pope John Paul11.

I have had some visions, they may not come to pass but there is a need to tell you.
There will be as I have seen, a major, major disaster in Florida, literally sweeping most of the gulf away.
There will be attacks in America again, this time, it appeared right over the Hollywood sign, major fire, and also in Las Vegas, a terrorist attck, igniting great fire.
Also, in egypt, Africa there will be attacks and there will be aTsunami in Australia...I have seen all of this in a I had seen the pope di this year and a black pope reign after him, but now there is another possible pontiff, the new Cardinal of Paris: 62-year-old Andre Vingt-Trois of Tours may be the next pope in 23 days.

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