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Metal Storm armed robot passes live fire test

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 02:32 AM
Metal Storm has successfully completed a series of live fire demonstrations held at the US Army’s range facility at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey.

The demonstrations consisted of multiple live firings of a purpose-built version of the Metal Storm 40mm weapon system mounted on a Talon unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). During the demonstrations approximately 100 guests saw the Metal Storm equipped Talon engage a variety of targets, including simulated personnel, an infantry carrier and a bunker, with pyrotechnic rounds.

The purpose of the demonstration was to showcase the technical and operational capabilities of the Metal Storm 40mm weapon system combined with a robotic platform currently in use by the US military. The demonstrations were attended by senior scientific and technical personnel from the US Department of Defense as well as selected defense industry representatives.

This page also has 2 videos of it in action.

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