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How RFID Spies on Customers

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posted on Jul, 19 2003 @ 01:13 PM
>>>Auto-ID confidential files:


Guardian articles today which mention the Gillette razor tracking:

It mentions other tech first, like shopper cards. The RFID tracking is further into the article.

This one is razor specific, also in Saturday edition. Here's also a URL to a WorldNet Daily article about the tracking:


A. writes:

The Auto-ID Center has this video at its web site. It shows how consumers who pick up a certain number of razor blades are photographed and tracked. Could you mirror this? It's bound to disappear. (offers three formats)
Cryptome mirror: (11.3 MB)

Here's the URL to another Gillette theft prediction pdf, "The Next Information Revolution: The Networked Physical World:
Cryptome mirror: (933KB)

The nasty slide is on page 16. It shows how one tracks a "guilty until proven innocent" suspect through the store.

It seems that the smart shelf confidential file, "RF Enabled Shelf and Back Room," was removed from the Auto-ID Center site. It was your number 37 on the list of their confidential documents. (124KB)


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