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Companies Against Themselves?

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 01:38 AM

Philip Morris says parents should talk to their kids about not smoking and should do it often. Because why?

"You can significantly reduce the odds that your child will smoke, drink alcohol, use other drugs and engage in premature and unsafe sex. While smoking may not be your greatest concern, it's worth close attention because of its direct health dangers and also because it's associated with other risky behaviors."

Interesting. So you should tell your kids not to smoke because of it's association with other risky behavior. And it's probably not the biggest concern. Thanks Philip Morris for giving us this great brochure and talking us out of buying your products!?


I'm just curious as to what point was it ok for a company to sell products so horrible that they had to warn people about it with commercials, create brochures warning people about it, and put an FDA warning on the package that it may kill you, yet it's ok for them to keep selling that product.

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