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Killer Freed After Wife Turns Up Alive

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 12:52 AM

She Xianglin is his name; he was a former part-time police officer from central Hubei province of China. In 1994 She Xianglin and his wife were involved in a domestic dispute, and Zaiyu left him.

At the time an unidentified body of a badly decomposed woman had been found in a local reservoir, Xianglin was then detained and claims he was coerced into confessing to his wife’s murder, after a gun was placed to his head and threatened with death.

He received a life sentence for the murder of his wife, but his sentence was later commuted to 15 years. While in jail Xianglin claims his legs and finger had been broken.

Xianglin’s wife later resurfaced in late March of this year in the eastern Shandong province where she has lived since 1994 and later remarried.
The article does not mention anything about his wife, as in why she did not come forward when her husband was being tried for her murder or why she committed bigamy.

International human rights groups say police torture is widespread in China and that suspects are held for long periods without trial. But it is rare for a victim, or the domestic media, to go public about police brutality.
Xianglin said he wanted compensation for his years in jail and justice to be done. "I want those officials involved in my conviction punished," he was quoted as saying.

His wife must have been right pissed off with this guy, ten years in jail broken bones to boot.

"Killer" freed after wife turns up alive
BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese man jailed and badly beaten for his wife's murder has been freed after she turned up not only alive but with another husband, domestic media have said, revealing a brutal arbitrariness to China's legal system.

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