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NEWS: Student Arrested in Plot to Blow Up School

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posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by Sugarlump
gunpowder and fuzes are bomb making material? Conspiracy maybe but this kid needs to be rehab'ed not thrown in jail for life.

from the original article

The student's name was withheld because of his age. He is charged in Family Court as a juvenile and is not eligible for prosecution as an adult, Clark said. He could face up to a year in a residential treatment center if found guilty.

So it looks like he will be getting help and if he is charged as a juvenile in Family Court I believe it will come off his record when he reaches adulthood. I'm sure it was all taken into consideration when they made a decision to try him as a juvenile and not an adult.

posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 02:27 AM
I'm sorry if this hijacks this thread a little, but I just have to comment on something.

Originally posted by Muaddib
You are right, unfortunately I have noticed that some people believe reporting this sort of thing is just to "rat out" others. I guess some people don't care that lives can be saved when reporting this sort of troubled kid.

Are you still pissed about that conversation we had. You're taking offense to something that wasn't even there in the first place. If you would have read what I posted without mixing your own spin into it you may have actually understood what it was about. So, once again taking it one sentence at a time while using the current topic in a comparison:

Anyone who's afraid that someone in law enforcement or whatever may see their post on here has obviously missed the point.
(Stop here)

So, as you can see I'm clearly pointing out that I'm talking about people who post on ATS Conspiracy Forum being watched. Not someone who you know personally or a family memeber or your buddy at school. You see the difference between them is that the last 3 examples are people you actually have "Real World" contact with while the Posters here at ATS you don't know at all or if a single thing they are saying is honest or complete B.S.

(Let's continue)

Anyone who feels it is their duty to rat out others who they think might be depressed or suicidal should instead be fighting for OPEN & FREE SPEECH rather than killing it.
(Stop again)

Now this is the part that really got your shorts in a bunch if I recall. You seemed to interpret that as saying "If your friend is suicidal you shouldn't do anything to help them and just let them snap & kill themselves and/or others." I hope you can see now that you're taking every aspect of what I said WAY OUT of context. For one, my point is about the Power of Free Speech that we share and how we shouldn't be afraid to speak up out of fear that someone may not understand what we're saying and report us. Can you see the difference now?

(Continue - Last part)
After all there is nothing more suicidal than to promote silence within your own country as it only speeds the poison on it's way.

Again, what I'm talking about is the importance of everyone feeling free to express WHATERVER it is that they are thinking, without having to worry about who may be Listening, Recording or Proxying a Mental Stability Exam to the Feds about what is being said. I understand your point about helping someone you know who is depressed or suicidal and helping someone isn't "ratting them out" IMO either. However, reading the posts here at ATS, where the "not-so-normal" style of conversations are found everywhere and all contact with others is "totally non-personal internet cyber-chat" is NOT the same.

The reason I feel I must go through all this yet again, is because you seem to be stuck now with this idea that "Saving Lives = Ratting People Out" and somehow that idea comes from me (and possibly others as well) when it really was something you confused and conjured up yourself by reading something out of context.

Simply stated, Help your depressed friends, of course. Help if you can save some innocent lives by getting involved in a situation, of course. But don't confuse that with the need to analize the people who post here at ATS, or Report everyone who may say some crazy # every now and then. I mean I say stuff all the time that's exagerated or just a angry rant that could be seen as dangerous by someone who doesn't know me. That doesn't mean they should report me to the thought/speech police and have me institutionalized for it. You start doing that and that's when you'll see psycho's oozing out of every crack in society and since they are afraid to talk you won't know anything until they've blown your ass up.

Just like this kid here they just arrested. Nobody bothers to address the # in our society until someone throws a gear and goes postal and at that point we just call him a freak psycho, arrest them and move on same as always. But we all know what made these guys loose it. It's the same # that every one of us are just a bottle of prozak and a bad away from doing ourselves, but we all just keep ignoring it like good little zombies. We should stop pretending that everything is wonderful and that these guys are just evil wackos, who are born to kill, cause it's not true.

They just snap a little more easy than others and/or are exposed to a reality more difficult than others. Instead of waiting till they pop, or even locking them up before they blow, what we should be doing is fixing all the crap that forces people to mental breakdown because that helps everyone else too that will eventually break just like the others have.

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