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Springtime of the Soul.

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posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 03:09 PM
I love spring. The green of the grass and the leaves that bring forth the new life, spread out before us like the very magic of the creator of all things. For me it’s a time of reflection, on what will grow and what shall not, the snow becomes a memory as the promise of new life takes hold.

The flowers, the flowers they come forth in search of the light. Each one trying to soak up the rays and grow bigger and more beautiful than all that have come before them. They face the spring rain and often have to close themselves for protection. That does not stop them though. When the rain has passed they once again open themselves to the sunlight, and continue to grow.

Spring reminds me of the souls I have met along the way of my journey. It reminds me of you, it reminds me of me.

The walk we share is not one of death or dying, it’s of the eternal growth that flowers from each of us. Sure, we occasionally have to close when the storms are too rough, we often wilt under the onslaught of life, but we do come back. Always we come back.

The spring of our lives is not found in the storms we have weathered, but in the lessons we have learned from them and the places they have taught us to open ourselves and grow.

It would be easier to stop the sun from shining or the season from changing than to stop the growth of the eternal soul.

I love the springtime.

Love and light,



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