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TA-ATTACKS: Bomb Explodes in Lebanese Christian Neighborhood

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posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 12:32 AM
A bomb exploded in a shopping center earlier today, injuring several people in a Christian neighborhood north-east of Beirut. The blast is the latest attack targetting anti-Syrian areas of the country. The violence has been steadily escalating since the assassination of Hariri. That event brought back painful memories of the civil war what gripped the country for so long. The price of an AK-47 has skyrocketed in most places (from around 100 USD before Hariri's assassination, to around 500 USD currently), a sure sign of the growing unrest, and the increasing spectre of war.
A bomb damaged a shopping center in a Christian area northeast of Beirut Friday, the fourth attack against an anti-Syrian target in two weeks. The blast lightly injured seven people, one of them an American, police said.

The explosion in the resort town of Broummana, 10 miles northeast of the Lebanese capital, started a fire and shattered glass in several buildings, blew out store shutters and smashed several cars.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Syrians have long been a stabilizing force in Lebanon, and it appears that as they retreat, violence creeps back into the country in equal measure. They brokered and enforced a power sharing deal between Christians and Muslims, and while many Christians were critical of the measure because it took away some of their previous power, it appears to have worked to maintain peace in the country for some time.

The future is uncertain, but the country appears to be heading in the direction of civil war. Most will agree it's too soon to tell, but the tension is steadily being ratcheted up. The price of firearms is a good indicator, as is the sentiment in Christian neighborhoods; many recall with fondness their former influence and seek, in Syria's absence, to regain their control over the country.

The bomb attack could very well be a false flag to incite Christians to war. That tactic has been used to great effectiveness, and the true fanatics on both sides will not hesitate to kill their own people if it serves 'the greater purpose' which of course, is full scale, open conflict. Lebanese who still remember the violence of the war recall with less fondness the constant fear, the persistent explosions and shootings - but some are not dissuaded by the bloodshed, and are motivated purely by theological fervor. My hopes are for ALL the Lebanese people, that they may have peace, against the odds.


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