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Next U.S. President = AntiChrist?

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 02:53 AM

Originally posted by defcon5
No these people are not all selling books, and as I said above they are only repeating what they are hearing from those that are.
You did indeed state this;

The ones that are cons are those that should know better, “the ones in the know”, as you stated. They are the ones that are out there selling the books, movies, and videos that push Futurism
Prefaced by

Those in the know ROFLMAO!!!

Who Hal Lindsey, the two idiots that wrote left behind, your local pastor that needs to go back to study Eschatology, or a bunch or cons trying to sell stuff on the internet?
You were in fact painting a broad brush with your mockery of “in the know.” Hence, you were in fact mocking ATS posters. No need to be sheepish and evasive about it.

No these people are not all selling books, and as I said above they are only repeating what they are hearing from those that are.
Adopt a stance and stay with it, there is nothing more damning to one’s testimony than to be found contradicting or apologizing for same.

As I have already stated Futurism, which is the style of prophetic interpretation that allows for a 7 year tribulation period, is now quite in fashion. This does not make it correct.
In fact, no style of prophecy is correct, they are all hit and miss, and in the case of the Biblical diatribe, we are expected to wait forever, generation after generation until the majority finally realize that it is all nonsense.

I am not sure what three you are referring too here.
These three, the rest are dependent on same, you wrote them not I.

A) The time frame can be predetermined based on this well know set of events: .........1) The rebirth of Israel .........2) The rebuilding of the third temple .........3) The appearance of a so-called all-powerful anti-Christ.

If you mean the Prophecies, then the first would have started in Daniels day and lasted until the second coming of Christ as it lists the world dominating power of each age until the end.
means absolutely nothing in the great scheme of things. I previously asked you for specific dates, I have yet to see you offer any. Why? and this

The Second prophecy would have started with Daniel and continued through the power of Rome which ended in 1789. The last is part of the second and would refer to the 1260 year period specifically from the horn being put into power under Justinian’s codification of Roman law, entitled Corpus Juris Civilis, around 538
Does nothing to link the years you so diligently flaunted many posts back. My request was specific, where your responses are subject to wild interpretation without any rational explanation of the convergence of the 1260. Do I ask too much of you to support your claims? Bear in mind, that whatever ill-conceived postulation you counter with, you should first understand that there is absolutely no basis in fact, save for man’s own simplistic and retro-fitted interpretation to change at will the meaning of Biblical time, such that one day in Genesis is equal to one day, 1260 days per revelation is equal to 3.5 years and not 3.45 and 1260 days per Daniel is equal to 1260 years. If I have to further qualify these facts for you, then you have no credentials to be discussing the nature of these dichotomies.

under Justinian’s codification of Roman law, entitled Corpus Juris Civilis, around 538 This document recognizes the Pope seated in Rome as the head of all churches having the authority to punish those he considers heretics
That is nice. Was it signed by God? The Pope is the head of the church according to the decree by council of men who desired to profess they spoke for God. You would I presume believe them also if they had said they spoke on behalf of Satan. So once more, and please do not waste my time any further if you cannot support your timeline; explain same appropriately.

The idea of the rapture, come from Jesuit Futurism, hence it is something I personally do not believe in. As I stated above, however; it is part of what makes Futurism sell so well to the public.
Then if you have a problem with this, take it up with other Christians who are so readily advancing the coming of same. There are countless posts to this effect, yet you have been silent regarding same and chose instead to vent your disagreement on this belief to my post. And frankly, let me make my position clear; you do not know what I am going to say at all, for you see, had you been paying attention rather than waiting to pounce on what you thought was an unsuspecting victim, you would note that I do not subscribe to the mental semantics of Christianity, nor its archaic or paganistic thinking, and that includes any form of, including yours, a review of my past posts will prove this. My exercise however did prove fruitful, for whilst the fundamentalists scream like banshees that they are being prosecuted by anti-Christians, you and a few other sectarian Catholics step up to the plate where you never have before to pounce on someone, me, whom you think is easy non-conforming Christian prey. The irony in that is staggering.

As for this

Not sure what you mean by this, but it gives me the feeling that you do not understand where the prophecy’s you believe in come from.
Based on the fact that you cannot support your timeline, it is you who would have no idea the meaning of the prophecies you tout. And if your delusion is such that you think you understand scripture better than I, then dispense with the platitudinous gibberish and mundane arguments and respond directly to my initial request for the timeline. The request after all for you to support your stance is not too much to ask.

As for the rest of your screed:

Vision of the 4 Beasts… are four kings…The interpretation of the vision: Babylon; Medo-Persian; Greece; Rome
Babylon includes any of Egypt; Mesopotamia or Rome. It would be Egypt in this case. Media could not have been some great future prophecy of Daniel’s since, in Dan 5, Daniel interpreted for Belshazzar that he would be killed and Darius the king of Media who would assume his throne. In 5:31 this is exactly what transpired. This same Darius as mentioned, is also described by Daniel as a Persian except he reigned circa 330BCE, can we say redaction? Now if Daniel advised the king of his death by this man’s hand, he certainly was not presenting any great prophecy about future events. Cyrus was Persian and where Darius had virtually no impact on the Jews. The Ptolemaic period began immediately thereafter during Daniel’s time, so how is this prophetic exactly? Your initial representation then, as shown by the above and by my previous outline of these periods does little to support a futuristic event.

Thou art this head of gold. (Babylon)….kingdom. of brass, (Medio-Petrsia)…Bronze…(Greece) strong as iron…(Rome)part of potters' clay, and part of iron,…(today)
The book of Daniel places the author of same in captivity in and around the year 606BCE, as well as his being in Persia during Cyrus’ first year, circa 539BCE. The later metallic ages covered therefore, and if you know anything at all about Jewish folklore, you would understand what Cyrus meant to them. Now those two dates span 67 years in the first chapter alone. Daniel is found in the lion’s den circa 522-485BCE, which is at a minimum, another 17 years, quite the old man to be fighting wild beasts. This book is representative of the farcical fairy tale nature of the whole narrative found cover to cover.

Once more:

I see in the loss of freedom occurring in this country. To be honest HR418 fits almost every criteria to be the Mark if it passes the senate….Actually this is part of what really bothers me about that bill, it does span boarders. For now only into Canada and Mexico, but I believe that other nations are also passing or already have their own national ID cards.
That is your bill not ours, and just because your bill speaks to your requirements for ID, it does not make it our requirement, nor is it.

Now that I have told you what I think about your Daniel prophecy, let me tell you about Revelation and the argument you have against your fellow Christians. The book is a grand rip-off of those of Enoch and Daniel, perverted by some fellow who had an axe to grind against the Roman occupation of Judea, and who wrote the Grimm’s fairy tale during the time he thought the Romans were losing the war.

The 24 elders are elders from the OT; the 7 lamps is the great menorah; the four beasts are the arch-angels; the White horse represents the righteous Jews in Genesis out to claim the world as their God-given kingdom; then persecuted by the red horse, the Egyptians who supposedly were so nasty to them they just kept going back to that country; followed by the black horse, the Assyrians; and the pale horse, the Romans. The two witnesses are Peter and Jesus; the mark of the beast is the Roman currency forced on the Jews by the Caesars; the woman clothed in the sun is Mary; the seven heads represent the Caesars of Julio-Claudio lineage; mother of harlots is Nero’s mother who commanded power while he was a child and therefore could not take the throne; the last is Domitian; Babylon is Rome; the scorching of heat; darkness; pain; sea of fire; etc. etc, all relate to the earthquakes, burning of Rome and eruption of Vesuvius.

Unfortunately for the author who was so enraptured in believing that the unexplainable natural disasters to strike Rome were the result of God and Jesus, he obviously believed the warring and vengeful messiah would indeed come trotting down from the sky as publicized, thus defeating the nastiest of all the beasts, Rome. The 1,000 years symbolizes the length of life Jews believed was an eternity for any flesh to life, the rest is the natural Pharisee cum Ebionite belief in resurrectin and everlasting life.

Yes, revelation is in fact that simple, but when the final wish did not come to pass after 100 years, the superstitious and controlling priesthood decided that they could well scare the bejeezus out of the minions by declaring it canon and so keep them in a perpetual state of woe, or is that woe, woe, woe?

If you’re faith is in the right place why be scared to begin with.
Do I appear scared of archaic superstition to you?

[edit on 4/14/05 by SomewhereinBetween]

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 10:31 AM

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