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NWO Companies

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:43 PM
In a NWO environment, where the book of Revelations seems to be coming true and other end of the world type stuff, which companies do you see being the most profitable. Would you consider it wrong making money on these companies prior using the conspiracy theories you know now?

I'm going to see about periodically adding corporate names for evaluation into this thread. Please share ones you've come across here. Thanks.

If you believe computer chips in the hand or body are going to be the NWO product of choice. You may want to read this article that came out less than a month or so ago and has been recent breaking news that seems to be a snowball effect for the company. Meaning the chips were designed originally to track cattle and animals. Now, as you know, it's changed.

"An implantable microchip with an identifying number is designed to ensure easy access to secure patient health information by enabling healthcare providers to retrieve patient information, such as blood type, stored in computers. The chip has been cleared for medical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Called VeriChip, the chip is an implantable radiofrequency identification (RFID) microchip with a microtransponder, an inserter, a proprietary handheld scanner, and a secure database containing the patient-approved health information. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted under the skin in a brief outpatient procedure, and cannot be seen with the human eye." 267.html?partner=yahoo&referrer=

The company is Applied Digital Solutions (Ticker: ADSX). So you can actually invest in this company if you think that's a possibility in your lifetime.

This is their official profile:

"Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. is engaged in marketing secure voice, data and video telecommunications networks, primarily to several agencies of the United States Government. It operates in three business segments: Advanced Technology, Digital Angel Corporation (Digital Angel) and InfoTech USA, Inc. (InfoTech). As of December 31, 2004, its business operations consisted of the operations of five wholly owned subsidiaries collectively referred to as the Advanced Technology segment, and two majority-owned subsidiaries, Digital Angel and InfoTech. Applied Digital Solutions owns approximately 54.5% of Digital Angel and approximately 52.5% of InfoTech. The Company's products provide security for people, animals, food chains, government/military assets, medical records and commercial assets."


Next company is Digital Angel Corp (Ticker: DOC). They are considered by some to be the competitor to ADSX. I personally see them more as a potential sidekick in the whole operation. But you to may see them as a competitor in profiting on the "mark of the beast". Which, honestly I don't think it will be that simple. Basically they are currently targeting pet profiling with chips, so you precious snowball or rufus can be tracked back to you if they run away or are found sick. Their entire health condition can be tracked easily. But this isn't all old news, here's an article that came out around two months ago if you missed it.

An article dated 02.04.05
"Bio-Thermo is the first temperature sensing implantable RFID Microchip for the companion pet (dog and cat) world. The Bio-Thermo Chip is a first of its kind in implantable RFID technology. First beta-launched in the U.K. in early 2004, the company has now delivered and sold to its distributor 50,000 Bio-Thermo chips."

Anyway, here is their official profile:

"Digital Angel Corporation operates through its three subsidiaries, Digital Angel technology Corporation (DATC), Timely Technology Corp. and Signature Industries, Limited. DATC develops and markets technologies that are used to identify, locate and monitor people, animals and objects. Upon the acquisition of Medical Advisory Systems, Inc., in March 2002, the Company re-organized into four segments: Animal Applications, Wireless and Monitoring, GPS and Radio Communications and Medical Systems. On January 22, 2004, Digital Angel Corporation completed the acquisition of OuterLink Corporation pursuant to an Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated November 2, 2003, by and among Digital Angel Corporation, DA Acquisition and OuterLink Corporation. Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, OuterLink Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Angel Corporation."

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:51 PM
Digital Angel's been around for quite awhile.

Investing in "NWO companies" will give you a very good insight on why so many of us do NOT believe in the NWO. All you have to do is follow company news for awhile and you quickly discover that while they are big corporations and behave like big corporations, that they don't have a lockdown on alliances or total control of governments and courts and so forth.

I suggest you use and invest "play money" in the portfolio section. Don't put any of your hard earned money into a company that you think is NWO.

(I invest regularly, by the way, and will flip investments in and out of companies.)

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:53 PM
That's a good point Byrd. It's definitely not as easy for potential NWO companies as people think. And if you really want to monitor the NWO, you should be monitoring the companies and how they are progressing, if you believe the NWO exists or will.

But at the same time, I find it amusing as to which companies seem to fit such a conspiracy profile so accurately. Can you think of any others?

Here's another one. Could this be a part of a NWO plot? Nah.

Taser International (Ticker: TASR)

NEW YORK, 03.24.05
"Taser International Inc. said Thursday the United Kingdom Home Office approved the use of its Taser X26 stun gun, saying its life-threatening effects are "less than the already low risk of such an event from the M26 Taser."

Taser's Profile:

"TASER International, Inc. develops and manufactures less-lethal self-defense devices. From its inception until the introduction in 1994 of its first product, the AIR TASER, the Company was in the developmental stage and focused its efforts on product development, raising capital, hiring key employees and developing marketing materials to promote its product line. The Company's primary product lines include the ADVANCED TASER and the TASER X26. The TASER X26 weapon system introduced to the market a new "shaped pulse" technology, and a new smaller form factor. At the close of 2003, TASER had more than 4,300 United States law enforcement agencies deploying one of its TASER brand weapon platforms, with 506 agencies either completed or in the process of implementing a full deployment of one weapon for each patrol or line officer."

Date of article: 03.22.05
"Taser Expands Stun-Gun Range to 35 Feet:
Taser International Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a new cartridge that will allow its stun guns to fire up to 10 feet farther than the existing cartridge."

Date of article: 03.21.05
"Taser names former Montana governor to board:
Stun gun maker Taser International on Monday said it had named former Montana Governor Judy Marz to its board of directors to replace former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.
Kerik, whose nomination as U.S. homeland security chief collapsed in scandal, is resigning from Taser's board to focus on his consulting business, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company said."

Date of article: 03.09.05
"New Zogby International Poll Shows Three-in-Four Americans (77%) Support Use of TASER(TM) Devices; 76% Say Police TASERs Make Communities Safer"

I'll see about adding some more shortly, which ones do you think would show up on the NWO Corporate Radar? Please share your thoughts.

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 04:36 PM
Also, if you ran the NWO, and wanted to spread some horrible disease that you had a cure or drugs for, possible even a government vaccine, which food companies would be best, likely the largest I'd think.

Or if you want to created a world of giant corporations or monopolies, one world currency, you would have to start also looking at the largest ones. here are a few.

World's Largest Food & Beverage Company: Nestle (Ticker: NSRGY.PK)
World's Largest Fast Food Chain: McDonalds (Ticker: MCD)
World's Largest Meat Company: Tyson Foods Inc. (Ticker: TSN)

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 08:05 PM
If a company was proceeding on a "part of world domination" course, they would act more like the companies of the late 1800's -- before the antitrust acts clobbered them.

Nowadays, companies are like sports teams and management and leadership can be changed at the vote of the stockholders. It's not as simple as a bunch of Old White Guys sitting in a smoke filled room, plotting out how to control the railroads or shipping lines.

This would have been possible a hundred years ago, but things have changed vastly in the interim.

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