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UFO types, formations, capabilities

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 09:45 AM
I've been interested in this for a while now but could not find much (organised) info, so I think I'll start my own and put together some random pieces of info I find on the web, make it organised and all. I would appreciate it if everyone can give their input about this too

Saucer types

The stereotypical UFO, not much to be said. There seems to be at least two variants of this type. One is the regular discus shape, the other is shaped like a hat
Video of discus shape

Video of the hat shaped saucer being followed by a military plane (there's a much longer version of it but could not find on web (found it using P2P))

Cigar shapes
Those seem to be motherships. Some witnesses claim to have seen smaller UFOs popping in and out of the cigar motherships. This is just speculation: it could be a perspective thing. Saucers when viewed fromt he side look like cigars. Cigars are usually much larger however.

Video of cigar UFO with a smaller UFO flying around

Some think those UFOs may be top secret aircraft developed by the USAF or some other air force/government by reverse engineering UFOs that have either crashed or given from the aliens. There has been much debate about whether or not they are actually the TR-3B project of the USAF. The triangles have been sighted very often in the US.

Here are a few from Sonora, CA
Triangle at night
Triangle at daylight
Those videos are from, there are a few more triangle UFOs to be found on that site

Here's one from Israel

The Belgium Triangle incident
Perhaps one of the most compelling evidence of the existence of UFOs. On the night of March 30-31, 1990, two Belgian F-16s were scrambled to intercept a triangle shaped UFO spotted by ground observers as well as ground based radar. The F-16s managed to lock on to it with their radars 6 times, each lock on being very short lived. The UFO manoeuvred erratically on their radar screen and a solid lock was very difficult to maintain. The Belgian government released full videos of the radar screens of the F-16s to the public as well as a full report. They did not cover up anything about this incident unlike most other governments. I haven't been able to find the full video on the internet, it's 20 minutes long and is most likely on tape or broadcast on Belgian TV. I did manage to find a very short 7 second clip of the video from P2P, but don't know how to host it.

Here's a video of the Belgian Triangle incident probably from some Belgian TV documentary. There is one scene from this video that shows a brief glimpse of the F-16's radar screen though it did not show much. The radar screen from the clip I found on P2P showed the UFO zig zagging and exhibiting incredible performance, changing speed and altitude with unbelievable acceleration.

Here's the report released by the Belgian government

Okay, moving on
I don't know much about this type but I have seen videos of UFOs that look like two glowing UFOs joined together and the brightness of each UFO alternates between one another. There was also another video I've seen where a single UFO split into two UFOs, forming a dumbbell, and then one of them splits again so there are THREE UFOs. Couldn't find those videos again. I'll let you know if I find it again. Hope someone who has found them could post it here

Here's an amazing one captured

There are other ones too, some of them have really wierd shapes.

Video of a giant and really wierd one from Equador (could be fake or it could be something else, not sure)

Boomerang formation

Here's a video of UFOs in Boomerang formation in Russia. Either they are formed by triangle UFOs, or the UFOs in the formations are in triangular "sub-formations"

V formation
A tighter version of the Boomerang formation. Haven't found any pics or videos. I'll post it if I do.

Triangle formation
Sometimes UFOs form triangle formations, so those "triangle UFOs" may sometimes be three UFOs in formation rather than one.

Line formation?
This is from Fox. Personally I don't trust it but here it is anyway. The string thingies could be from air show smoke trails being switched on and off by a jet, not sure.

Somewhat a line formation, caught by Mexican air force during patrol

Appearance/disappearance out of thin air, and shapeshifting

Here's a famous footage of a UFO from England dissappearing

That video of the sphereical UFO I posted above had shapeshifting abilities
Here's the link again

Here's one from Robert Lazar. I'm not sure if it's the UFO shapeshifting or if the camera is really poor

I have a theory, that both shapeshifting and disappearance acts are part of shifting positions in 4 spacial dimentions (4th spacial dimention, not the time dimention). The UFOs themselves may be 4 dimentional crafts, so they appear to shapeshift when what they're really doing is moving through in 4 dimentions. I'll elaborate on this later.

Crop circle building?
Never seen this one before. Dunno what to say
UFO building a crop circle?

The thingy that glows, probably for pulpulsion
IIRC there's an incident where a UFO made a landing close to a car and the occupants of the car had their eyes and skin damaged by the radiation from the glowing thingy at the bottom of the UFO (can't remember off the top of my head, but it was a famous incident)

Here's a video of UFO making a landing. You can see that glowing thing firing up as it descends.

There was also another video I remember where the UFO accelerates with a strong burst of light from the glowing thingy at the bottom. Can't find it for now, I'll post it when or if I do.

Ok, that's about it for now, I'm really tired from typing all this. I'll continue to add more info when I find them. I would appreciate it if other members can give some inputs too.

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