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End of the World/Dreams

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by sailorsaturn92

Did you get a sense of whether you should go in the ships or not? I know some people say you should go in the ships when they come, while others say they are misleading and you should ride it out on the earth.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by mossme89

I felt like getting on like they were non hostile but the weird thing is just the night before i had a dream where this E.T ship the typical saucer ones came right up by my house and i freaked out to the point where i went to tell people in my dream and i couldn't even get the words out all i did was studder. I usually never remember my dreams but lately I been remembering them a lot.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by sailorsaturn92

Interesting... thanks for the reply

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:53 PM
I had a dream about the end of the world. Dream starting in place of my birth. I am in my neighbors apartment with a couple friends from the city where I now live.
The dream is very vivid and realistic, it seems to me like I was really experienced it. At one point I look out the window, the sky is clear, late afternoon.
I saw something in the sky as a flock of birds, after a few moments to approximate to realize that this is not a flock of birds, but flock of helicopters.
Soon the whole sky was covered with them. I hear a friend from my town who was with me in that apartment that said: "It was reported on the radio, that the third world war is started!"
Leaving the building at the road that is ahead, looming over the entire horizon is red, is expanding rapidly. Then I saw an explosion far away on the horizon, but tremendous.
I can not precisely define whether the explosion was a nuclear weapon or a huge meteor had fallen. After that, everything happens very quickly, the flame rises and expands the horizon very quickly.
I am aware that for a few moments to get to us. One of the friends turns to me and tells me: "That was it!" Then all lying on the road while the heat is beginning to be stronger.
Turn a blind eye while lying on the road and as I begin to feel that i am burning. Then im wake up.

posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by SimonGray

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by SimonGray

Reply to: Protector From: estimatedprophet
The vision you had about the "TERMINATORS" falling from the sky is very real and it shall happen somewhat like this: There will be something like nuclear explosions going on around the world but the cause of this will actually be from a falling star or meteor that shall impact and devastate a third of the planet. ("Land and Water!")
The impact will cause great stress and chaos on the world, causing earthquakes and volcanoes everywhere!
But before the impact of this "Great Mountain" falling from the sky, an amazing thing shall happen. Many airplanes shall takeoff from land to the skies from the nations all around the world. Inside these airplanes there will be thousands of people prepared with a "Special Jumpsuit with Wings!"
The reason for this jumpsuit is for a large percentage of people to survive the impact, and most of them will be male from the government elite force!
But the truth is this, it will only be the beginning of the end because many people in the ground will survive this impact!
The jump suit will actually look like this: It shall be a hybrid glider pack that will strap around the persons shoulders and crouch. The glider pack will have layers of fabric to help the person stay up-float and glide for several hours or day's. The person will have a helmet with built in lights and a breathing apparatus. The reason for the lights and the breathing devise is because since many mountains all across the world will start to erupt and explode, they will cause large plumes of sulfur, gas, ash and smoke into the air!
(The whole world will be darkened from the clouds of smoke, making it difficult to see and breath!)
When people from the ground start seeing these things and the men with the glider pack descending from the smoke of ash in the air, they will be frightened with fear because these men with this flying apparatus will look alien!
Therefore many people on the ground will think that they are aliens or robots and some people will even try shooting at them, but this glider pack will be equipped with a taser like weapon that will cause only damage or harm to the people but not to kill anyone!('
"This is the interpretation of these terminators that you saw in your dream!"
The Beginning of the End!

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by SimonGray

Reply to: OXmank From: estimatedprophet
"This is the interpretation of the dream you had!"
You are standing in a land that is open with many people in it, this represents: "The world or earth!"
The visions starts with a storm, meaning: "War and devastation!"
Then in your dream appears a dense, low-lying cloud in the sky that absorbs other clouds after touching it. This cloud in your vision represents, the "Holy Spirit of God" and the other clouds that are being absorbed by it represent the people/saints that are passing through this "Great Tribulation" from the nations all over the world!
After the sky clears from this Great Spirit cloud, there appears two clouds that were left behind. These clouds that are left behind represent the "Eastern and Western Continents" of the world with all it's nations!
These two clouds will battle with each other, but at the end neither shall succeed!
("They will fight each other for power and control!")
There will be a great collision between the two, that when they collide they will cause fire to cover the ground and sky, a complete devastation to the world!
Satan is found in the clouds fighting with the people/saints who are against him! Because Satan is found in these clouds, this means that Satan has subdued and has deceived the nations!('
"Please remember you saints that we are living at "the End of Day's" and so try to prepare yourselves for what is going to happen and fear not for I am with you saith the spirit!"
Do not be deceived by man and be careful not to be mislead. Remember this you saints that there is "No Rapture", but only a true resurrection only after you overcome the world!
The truth is that many people will be arrested and then persecuted. The people who stand firm with the (TRUE FAITH) will be hated from the world and executed!
For those people who overcome the world shall inherit it and will live forever and ever in Blessed Jesus Christs name, "Amen!"
Remember this at the beginning of your dream there is a "Storm!" And after the storm in the sky, appears a Great Cloud absorbing the other clouds into it! These other clouds disappearing into this Great Cloud are people who are passing away during their trials and tribulations in the world!
The truth and Mystery of this Great Cloud is actually an Arch and a Sanctuary and a Safe Spiritual House, "Zion!" where all God's righteous Chosen Children are collected therein tell the world is cleansed and the people given a new body of blood, flesh and bone for the people to live again in the earth with Christ forever!! ('

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by SimonGray

Reply to: Kenton From: estimatedprophet
"The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be similar to that of Noah's day's, even worse!" ('
The biblical story of God's servant Noah foretells of a flood that happened year's ago. There is evidence all over the earth concerning this event and of the fossilized remains of creatures and civilization on land and under sea!
"People all over the world has found the bones of the renown giants of the Nephilim who are the offspring of the "sons of God" fallen angels or demons, who abandoned their eternal glory with God, to bring fourth death and destruction on earth. These angels made themselves body of flesh and mated with the woman of common man!
"Now what resulted from this inter breeding of man and angelic being was a hybrid species, of a demonic spirit that was superhuman." "An example of this unique interbreeding comes from a "Liger!" The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress." "In short term it's a Beast a super-cat!" ('
These hybrid man/creatures were very sinful and even ate men. And as man multiplied on earth so did their evil and wicked way's. God was repented of ever creating man. But he found favor in a righteous man, "Noah" who lived at that time. Thus the legend begins when Noah who was told by God to build an Ark because the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood. Then Noah through fear and great faith moved about in the spirit to build an ark and to warn the people of what was going to happen on earth! ('
"Almost all the people didn't believe him and some thought he was crazy, while others mocked and laughed at him. One important reason they didn't believe him was because it took years for the prophecy to come true. And the reason was that Noah needed time to build the ark!"
At the end destruction came and the flood killed all the people, except for Noah and his family and a boat full of animals!
"Now today their are about 7,000,000,000 billion souls + on earth!" And sinful human desires are rising towards evil and wickedness, the perfect combination for an apocalyptic destruction!" ('
"Just in the day's of Noah who warned the people and persuaded them to change and prepare them for a coming destruction, the same is happening now in the day's of the Son of Man!"
"The truth is for everyone who desires to believe in it, through faith and of the believe in the Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ!"
"The Second Coming of Christ will be a Holy Spirit, with glory and great power!" Many people believe that the Christ will come in the flesh and guide the people, but he has already done it and those who do not believe shall perish. Repent and Worship God and His Son the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Wither you are in sin come like that to Him, He will except you in sin and purify you!"
"The planet that most people are talking about and some people dream of, coming towards earth is actually God coming to Judge the nations of this world again!"
"All are invited to come to the Lord for everlasting life, love and peace! Sadly so many people will reject the truth and the message of these words from the Son of Man!"
"He is coming soon even sooner than you think and there is not much time!"
"Repent and if you are in many sins, go to Him like that and worship Him for he is merciful!"
"If you worship Satan please stop and worship God if you want to live. For Satan stands accused already and he stands condemned for what he has brought upon the earth!"
"Hell is real and that is a place of torture where no one should be. Many people do not understand how bad it is in this place of hell tell they actually witness it and by that time it shall be too late!"
"The choice is yours, choose wisely, for the world that we are living in is only a test of faith!"

posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 11:37 AM
This Reply goes to: magestica From:estimatedprophet
This is concerning the dreams that you had about the End Times!
Your dream begins in the store with someone anonymous with you. Then both of you walk outside the store and then you notice the sky changing color, from light to darkness. Then fear overcomes over both you and the person that you were with and you ran to your car and other people started running as well because of the great fear. While in your car, then you notice that the sky was changing color, from a dark grey to an orange color. And as you are driving away, in your car you notice in the rear view mirror appearing a huge ship or aircraft of some sort, hovering over the store. "Everyone in the vision is in a chaotic state of panic!"
"Many people have dreams about the sky becoming dark or the sky having a weird orange-reddish color to it. This has a very important meaning to the visions. For example: In the "Holy Bible," it describes the moon turning blood red at the End Times. And the answer for this question is this. Because the world at the end of days will be set ablaze and on fire. Therefore the reflection from the burning earth to the moon shall make the moon look or seem red from our point of view from the earth!"
"But what can cause so much fire on the planet causing this event, that our own moon will reflect back to us the devastation that will be happening around our planet?" (Revelation 6:12-14 and Revelation 8:7-9)
"Why does the government lie to us about what is really going on and happening around us?"
"The governments and leaders of the world have an invisible veil over the people and therefore keeping everyone in a hypnotic state of lies and misinformation. One of the most powerful tools that they use is the same source that the people use for entertainment: To name a phew are music, television and the media with all it's false advertisements and news!"
"The truth about why all the nations and governments are interested in the heavens/space and why so many of them spend so much money on equipment like telescopes?" "It is this: They know that God exists, but they are hiding the truth from you!" "Why do general public schools band the teachings and knowledge of God, yet it is OK for them to teach about Egyptian and other foreign gods or goddesses and idol worship of demons, things that are lifeless and made by man of metals, stone and wood?"
"And even doe some schools do not advertise these things, however they do teach meaningless lies that men had evolved from different species like monkeys!"
If this was true than monkeys would have been living side by side with humans, driving cars, voting and even running for @#$ presidents!
"The reasons why they have telescopes is not to look for life in other planets, but rather for them to keep a watchful eye on one particular planet that's coming to pay a visit on earth and to judge all Life in this world!"
"God is alien to those who do not know or believe in Him and many people don't care to know Him at all!"
"And so the reason that this apostate generation is so @#$ up, that from childhood and adulthood they are @#$ brain washing the generations"
"Many of you will have to bear witness to this event. God is going to forcefully cast the devil down to earth and when he is falling from heaven to earth, it will look like a great comet on fire being thrown to the sea!"
"What will result from all this happening? A NEW WORLD ORDER OF MORE LIES FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT!" So while many of you are voting on who is going to be your next president, they are storing food and water inside of bunkers, both underground and inside of mountains, for them and their Elite, and having secret meetings of how they are going to exterminate the human populace. WAKE UP!"
"For all the governments and leaders in the world have but one supreme leader and commander and he is Satan the Devil!"
Magestica, in your dream you then drive to your house and you see these things running around in the yard and you felt extreme terror and doom!" Do you know what these are Dear? (They are the World Police)
And then the person suggests you go to some sort of factory, were there is a long hall or tunnel structure and eventually you end up in a room filled with people inside that you never knew in your life!" Do you know who these people are in your vision and the place that you were in? The answer to the truth will surprise you, please bear with me, for the truth will set you free. "You are in a death camp, surrounded by many people who were arrested during the tribulation that they will all come to suffer in this world!"
"You see God is calling all to Him even sinners for we are all born of sin that we have inherited from our first fathers since the beginning!"
Somewhere in the beginning of your dream you notice a Huge Ship. This craft that you see in your vision is an actual Ark, of were the souls of the saints who are slain shall assemble! THAT SHIP IS ZION!!

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by Stefanie
The Interpretation of your Dream Stefanie, in Response From: estimatedprophet,
Concerning the blessed and the elect and righteous who will be living in the end days of the Tribulations!
About some time ago you had a real vivid, dream about 'The End of The World'. In your vision you began in the bottom of a "Huge Ship." (The Ship in your vision represents an "Ark;" a safe house, were all the Souls/Spirits of both Man & Woman shall be ushered and kept safe tell after the Tribulation, until all the wicked and godless sinners are to be removed and of the cleansing and purification of the world!)
Then you find yourself in a room where all of the walls were metal and you could see the bolts holding everything together and the room was knee deep in blood, or at least bloody water and the other people in the room were supposed to be world leaders from different countries and different ethnic backgrounds.
(In your vision this room represents a prison or internment-camp. (The blood represents the Sacrifice of the Saints to the Eternal God of Life!) (The world leaders that you noticed symbolize the ones responsible for this cruel act of death and punishment. And because of there difference in ethnicity meaning: That they will be from every country and nation in the world or this is going to happen "World Wide!")
("You know who they are and they are not good men! These are the ones that people like "dummies" are voting for, to rule over them.)
They were all fighting and you were in a corner watching! (This means that all the nations from every language and race will be at war fighting each other, a "World War!")
Then one of them had a knife and decided to come after you while you were talking to some woman in the room and he stabbed you in the back. Out of no where two Native Americans come down the stairs into the bottom of this huge ship and carry you off to a secret room and nurse you back to health/(Life.) It was a father and his young son.....both dressed in leathers and such!
Now while talking to this woman in this dreadful place, you well tell her of everything that I am writing here as a witness to this account. Then one of the men or soldier's will over-hear, listening to what you speak of and he will not like the truth of that you spoke thereof, and he will stab and kill you! But immediately because of your Faith you shall not die nor see death because, you shall be born in the Holy Spirit of Christ!
(A spiritual resurrection for you to better understand Dear!)
And judging who the two characters are, coming down from the space shape for your aid, are and represent the Father God and His Precious Son the Lamb of Life, your Lord Jesus Christ! "Amen!"
(You shall Live Forever and Ever with them and you shall never perish!)
This one dream alone had so much meaning to me about what shall take place because I too have similar dreams like this and I suffer because of the truth!
Another important truth or clue of the horrors that shall take place in this world is from this part of your vision.
(While walking up another set of stairs to the level where the girls were you saw a guy that you knew from high school, with his hand cut off and some type of metal in its place. He told me they did it at his examination, but didn't tell me why.)
This is very fighting of what they shall be doing in these places of torment and bondage, so bear with me for what I'm about to tell you is truth. (That piece of metal that man had sticking out of his hand is an "implant," and in your vision you actually witnessed someone who was transplanted with an "RFID CHIP!")
They will be implanting people with micro chips supposedly for the person to join the New World Oder!
The people who refuse will be cut off from the world or "exterminated!"
"What ever happens Do Not Worship the Image of the Beast and Do Not Receive of his Mark the RFID Chip!"
Because there is No Redemption or Forgiveness of this Sin!
"The reason is this, that they the people who accept the mark of the beast will be deluded and deceived from a lie. That those who do accept the mark and worship the image, will in-fact be making a pact with the devil, in contract to bind the soul or spirit of the person through a (mutual agreement) with Satan!"
(Therefor anyone who worships the image or receives the mark of the dragon/Satan shall not be forgiven!)
But let it be my Holy Fathers will and for the sake of his beloved elect, (The Saints who shall pass through Tribulation) that shall belong to the Bridegroom Forever our Lord Jesus Christ! "Amen!"
The rest of the dream depicts or portrays the same thing and the detail thereof that I had described above!
Now that you know the most important parts of your dream, you could now visualize the vivid reality and horror of the rest of your dream by your own interpretations! But what I have described above is far accurate.
"God Bess You Child and Help Me Warn the Others!"

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 11:04 AM
I literally just woke up. I've read ATS posts before but for some reason I was compelled to join right now and post this dream I just had. I'm not a big believer in dreams being prophetic and most times when I read stuff on here, especially dream related stuff I just shrug it off, so feel free to do this with mine.

So I find myself in the middle of the desert and it is night. There is peace and the night is blue. I am sitting on a hilltop and there is a man to my left and a woman to my right. I can see my beat up car at the bottom of the hill, yet there are no roads. The man is laughing and says to me "Whatever you're on I want some." I tell him I'm not on anything, that I'm totally sober. With that the woman screams, "That is my father!" and begins to run toward a shadow in the night. She takes off running toward the figure and me and the man follow. When we get to the figure he is naked and bloody and chained to a woman.

Suddenly I realize there is a whole line of people bloodied and naked chained to each other walking in the desert. In the distance I see men in uniforms prodding them along with torches, and the line of chained people goes as far off into the night as I can see. I look to where they are all were heading too on the horizon and I see what looks to me a factory or a what I thought was a slaughter house, only because there were screams coming from it.

The man and woman tried to unchain the father and the woman but they couldn't and the authorities saw us and started to close in on us. I screamed to them. "We have to leave! This isn't safe here!" and the woman screamed back at me, "No I cannot leave my father!"

There was nothing I could do so as I ran to my car, I shouted back to them, "I'll go get help!" And as I was running away I heard her scream back to me, "Warn them!"

I don't want to begin to know what that means, but it had my heart racing when I woke up and it was so real to me that I was confused for the first couple of seconds after waking.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by SimonGray

Simon, not sure if you have the time to read these replies, but check out the synchronicity going on at the moment with your dream and the unfolding sinkhole/isaac scenario. This is the thread that I started, connecting the two events.


posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by SimonGray

My odd dreams are what lead me to ATS. I won't get into those now, but will share one that is giving me more chills now that I've read some of these posts than when I originally had the dream.

I'm outside with my family when all of a sudden we hear screaming coming from all directions and a deafening roar. I look to my right and see a wall of water heading for us taller than any building I've ever seen. It's so big and moving so fast there's no way we can escape. We decide to turn our back to the wave and hold each other closely during what is to be our last moments. Just as the wall of water is about to overtake us, my husband, myself, and our child are instantly transported into what I can only describe as a perfectly clear dome like room/ship. It was so clear, you couldn't tell you were inside of anything. I look around and see just a few other people. I then begin to unfold my chair to watch the show...completely safe.

The show that I am watching is the complete and utter end. Everywhere I look, nothing but fire and what looks like lava. Whatever I'm in, I'm safe and not subject to the fire or anything else going on outside. I also felt like it was something I had been waiting witness the end which meant the ushering in of the new. Before I get a chance to see the complete end, I'm transported one last time.

When I look around, I'm standing on the edge of an open field. I'm looking around trying to figure out what's going on when a weathered older looking man with blond hair and wearing an outfit similar to a spartan warrior suddenly appears before me with one question. "Will you fight for HIM?" I'm confused at first because I look at the "enemy" side and there are huge creatures of all sizes and shapes...tons of them...more than I could start to count. On our side, just normal looking people (also dressed like spartans) and not near as many in number. And one more thing...our side had NO weapons at all and did not intend to use any. Even with what looked like horrible odds...I said yes. In case you aren't sure, I was being asked to fight in a weaponless war for God. I wasn't sure how that was supposed to work out, but decided I would have faith.

Anyway..that's my dream.

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