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Same-Sex Evolution?

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posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 10:04 AM
Everyone is aware of the "over-population" occuring in the world...
Now I realize there have been "homosexuals" for longer than just recently..
but still does anyone else think it could be part of evolution that more people are turning towards homosexuality (BIAS aside) .. I thought about it and figured it was really odd... like why now? why 2005 to decide whether it's "okay" or not? .. why is it a political issue now? .. Could it be part of the "illuminati" agenda? or is it like an epidemic because they no longer kill homosexuals?

posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 10:28 AM
i seriousely doubt that homosexuality is a "evolutionary" step to reduce overpopulation. for one thing the earth is not overpopulated, though some would like us to believe it is. i can also see those same people claiming that homosexuality is an evolutionary step, to help confirm the mother earth trying to clense herself theory.

the earth does not have an agenda of it's own. it is not a sentiant being. it is a big rock that happens to be able to support life. i have always been amused that some who can't believe in god being real can believe that the earth is a liveing breathing thinking organisim. god made this rock we call earth, he put us on it. he even put us in charge of it. if the earth had a finite maximum ocupancy i am sure we would have been told something about it. no a maximum ocupancy is just an invention to use later to explain the extermination of undesireables. "well we had to get rid of a third of the poppulation, so why not those opposed to us."

posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by dnero6911
does anyone else think it could be part of evolution that more people are turning towards homosexuality

To control the population level? Doubtful. Species level selection quite possibly doesn't occur. IE, organisms don't evolve for the good of the species.

or is it like an epidemic because they no longer kill homosexuals?

They've almost never been killed, only in nazi germany really. And, since they don't reproduce it can't really 'passed on'.

Look at it this way, if we pretend that homosexuality is an inheritable trait, then having a more open society that is accepting of gays will allow gays to never try to fit in and marry and have kids and live a heterosexual lifestyle. So if the above is true, then the accepting society will become less homosexual.

Of course, I don't think that inheritance has too much to do with it anyway.

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posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by drogo
...the earth does not have an agenda of it's own. it is not a sentiant being. it is a big rock that happens to be able to support life. i have always been amused that some who can't believe in god being real can believe that the earth is a liveing breathing thinking organisim.

And i find it amusing that some one that believes in god can't believe that the earth is a living breathing thinking organism.

Works both ways

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:41 AM
Drogo, Gaia theorists would have some rather choice words for you. There is some really great philosophical debate going on now as to weather the earth herself can be thought of as a superorganism the way that a colony of ants or a human city may be. You'd do well to look it up.

As for the population control factor, I don't believe it's impossible; it'd be an interesting argument for intelligent design if it did turn out to be genetic but without basis on evolution. Other species also show relatively high per-capita instances of same-sex attraction, most studied has been penguins. Here in Milwaukee we have the rare treat of several captive bonobo apes and modern science has determined these apes (which are possibly our closest cousins) are inherently bisexual. This is most surely genetic, as they have evolved to use sex as a problem solving and stress relief method. Somewhere along the line there must have been something that caused a genetic reasoning for homosexuality. Here's the theory that my friend, a genetics major, came up with when I showed her the thread here:

Somewhere along the genetic line, an ancestry species was genetically programmed for sex to provide more than just a way to reproduce (possible like the aforementioned bonobo apes or dolphins) this species then suffered an event that caused an imbalance in population ratios between males and females. As such bisexual behavior would become preferable as it could provide both the ability to receive the positive benefit of sex as well as the ability to still have the desire to reproduce. The genes for sexual desire would not be singular but instead a group, if they were turned a certain way, the resulting offspring would be heterosexual, turned another combination to bisexual and another to homosexual. This could also explain how a great deal of bisexual people expresses a desire for one particular sex while still enjoying relations with both.

This is just a theory off the top of her head and is only one possible explanation for why homosexuality could be driven through genetics. Although she is unaware of any current scientific evidence to support any theory in this case.

Blessed Be

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:59 AM
If I'm not mistaken, homosexuality and bisexuality were quite common in ancient history, Greek and Roman times specificaly.

Homosexuality imho is mainly 2 things, 1 a genetic condition(which is the majority) and the other a contious choice by the way people grew up or live their life. Some people come to bi or homosexuality by liking homosexuality when experimenting(these often become Bisexual) or become it because of their lifestyle. Also, alot of long term sexualy abused male children become homosexual, because of the psychological impact the abuse had on them.

Also, imho its not a problem or evil or bad or anything like that. Noone does any harm by loving and caring for a same sex partner, its the people that hate them for it that do the harm, the people that are such sore loosers that they need to control other people's lives because their own lives are so booring and worthless.

People that activly "fight" against homosexuality should get this reply shoved in their face where ever they go:


posted on Apr, 11 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Yeah, thanks because there have been some quite intelligent remarks here (I was looking into some other topics before)

Thanks Burgess, it's been the first flash in my neurons: Though I'm still searching, I do believe if there's a god he is universal, means he is at the same time not only earth but the universe. So, drogo, please don't be offended, but if we say "god created" it's just because most people understand it better. Best way is to say "god is".

Back to the topic: I had the same thoughts some years ago, because here in Europe started a "gay revolution" too, somehow. Suddenly there were gays everywhere and I was thinking "ok, now earth tries to slow us down with her own instruments: influencing evolution". I still think it's a selection of some kind, but maybe in a different way - because gays cannot be immortal like "normal people" - getting kids and so on - they often try to get immortality through extraordinary efforts. It may be the arts, even politics, but because of the different thinking they're creating something special, something never seen, heard or thought before. That's why I now think the evolutionary power is quite a different one: evolution chooses gays to improve society (not everytime, not in every way, I don't want to generalize). Now, that society is more tolerant today is an improvement, isn't it? And throughout history you can find extraordinary people who were gay or would have been, if circumstances had been different. Mostly very creative ones.

And another one: there are a lot of people who think the next step of evolution will be a technological one - means there will be no reason for biological reproduction anymore. Maybe this is the first step? Ask anybody: Passion (founded on man-woman relationships) is the worst thing ever, it kills people, it makes men complete idiots, it destroys whole biographies and starts wars (to put it in simple words: it drains the blood out of your brain into regions "down under"). Hollywood is built on it! That means without passion we could think more clear about what should go on tomorrow (not my way of life, that's for sure, and I think homosexuals are sometimes even more drained out, but have more possibilities to get satisfied and can start thinking clearly earlier). But maybe this is the supposed next evolutionary step: get free of our emotions! Who knows?

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