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Microchips and the eradication of privacy/free market

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 10:44 PM
Inspired by this thread:


This is OP/ED and has been written without proper sourced notation. I do this, not because the sources don't exist, they do. I find however, that people's reactions are quite unfounded when refuting claims that they don't want to believe weather out of fear or denial. You could say I am sending out this information as a general query to see how it sits with fellow board members. Upon resolving the general reaction of the ATS patrons who may frequent this thread, I will make a decision to submit more substantial evidence of this agenda. I do this on the primary basis of the adaptation of belief, being: the belief will defend itself. Simply said, if one really doesn't want to believe something, even when presented with evidence that goes beyond the benefit of the doubt, it can still be written off as to hold the comfort of an already established belief system. It's funny that it's acronym is b.s. eh? Now to the post.


In regards to implementing an agenda to have the world's populace microchipped (weather you eventually want

control of cognition, motor skills or simply to monitor individuals and their purchases), you start with something

that has nothing but perks, like the chip mentioned in the link on the top of this thread for instance. It may very

well come in useful for that particular medical procedure. However, after some time in growing popularity, as

people become increasingly comfortable with it's use, there are sure to be more advanced models to come off the

assembly line. Being that the brain is a neural network with electric currents, it may perhaps be possible that one

day there could be a degree of control over cognition and/or motor skills.

The end result is full control over the human society, and slowly and surely, you may already see it happening.

The chronology in more recent times is as follows:

*First the use of raw materials, such as silver and gold is used for general trade and so forth.

*From there we have the the creation of modern day banking, getting it's roots from the Knights Templar in the Temple of Solomon at about 996-1000 A.D. It should be noted that banking and bank notation (ie: money) was accepted purely on the notion that one could go into a bank and exchange said amount of money it silver or gold. Infact one could do this in Canada until the 80s. Not anymore, because people got used to it, and they don't have enough raw materials because they are printing out more money than they can account for. That's why virtually every country in the world is in depth and why you have inflation.

*Eventually there comes the evolution of the free market into a credit-based market (don't get me started on interest and the federal reserve
). Out come the credit cards. Direct deposit, online banking and so on. You have cards coming in from all sorts of avenues all brimming with perks. Like airmiles for instance. You get a card when you get to the grocery store, your video rental store, you can even get a card for specific restaurants and need I mention the soon to be coming National ID cards and the new technologies of drivers licences. Also, there's the coming of phone cards, smartcards, with RFID and GPS capabilites, to eventually become a standard.

*Within the next 30 years or so the eradication of the Barcode system is to be replaced with RFID chips. You have all sorts of medical procedures with the call to use micro chips, you have clubs (in Ibiza Spain the trend is catching on) that have VIP access only if you get microchipped. You have a missing children programs that utilize GPS through various RFID programs. GPS already playing a huge roll in the automotive industry via OnStar. You already have a numerous amount of schools using RFID tags as a mandatory means of identification to attend the school campus, these will eventually utilize GPS aswell. You already have in many airports the requirement for getting your thumb electronically scanned or have a retina scan. The conditioning to arrange a cashless society control grid is well under way, as endorsed in many hollywood productions and such.

*After another depression (which is of course a managed event), there will be an effort to get everyone chipped, as to "stabalize" the economy for all intents and purposes. This is declared mandatory for any trade or purchasing purposes. With an encroaching global police state, it should become clear where the agenda lies from here on.


Remember it's all for your safety. If this seems too much of a streach to seem even plausible, you may now accordingly resume a steady obsession of image and consumption, ergo: Shut up, be happy, the comfort you demanded is now mandatory. Go to sleep sheep, happiness is just a paycheck away, but not for long. I know this last part wasn't really appropriate, but honest I couldn't resist!

Really though, does this seem so far out? Inquiring minds want to know.

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 01:31 AM
I have a couple of things to say, first though I would like to say thank you for the disclaimer. I would also like to thank you for not listing any specific organization, political party, etc. as a culprit. It is refreshing to see a thread without useless conjecture about whose fault it is and political pigheadedness.

Point 1: You probably won't get too many responses to this for two reasons. First your stance is much too moderate to attract those that would normally rally to your side. Second most people, even here, refuse to believe that something like this would be used in a sinister way. It is for their safety as far as they are concerned and frankly most people have come to rely on the ever tightening embrace of government control to help them regulate their lives and keep the demons under the bed at bay.

Point 2: You neglected to tie in one point that I am constantly surprised noone thinks of when they speak of organizations getting people accustomed to an idea like this.
What you and others fail to mention is the dramatic upswing in elective surgical procedures. 25 years ago getting put under the knife for any reason was something people avoided at all costs. Fast forward to today... Outpatient botox and minor cosmetic surgery is not only socially acceptable, but can be pencilled into your lunch hour.
So why not take the next leap and have a procedure done that will make it so you never have to worry about leaving your ID, credit cards, or even cash supply at home? And besides that won't it be nice to know that no matter where you are if you get stranded someone in an office somewhere will pick up your GPS signal and send in the cavalry?

Personal Thoughts:

Personally I am not too worried about the loss of privacy. It is a given that the day this technology comes out people all over the world will be hard at work learning to hack it, spoof it, turn it off, etc. Remember how long it took people to hack the supposedly unhackable XBOX and temper your feeling of dread with the warm comforting feeling of knowing that if you absolutelly have to there will still be a way to be as untraceable as you need to be.

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