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America is destroying itself.

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posted on May, 5 2005 @ 09:24 PM
Frankly, any one who believes in Materialism is Illuminati in my eyes.

Want to understand?

It is the Light to See. The Light of the World, when we become obsessed with wanting to know everything about this World, everything that is revealed by Light, we have lost sight of the Inner Light.

The 'Illuminati' will give you secrets, information, power, the ability to make money, influence people, it is the 'Ways of the World'. By concentrating on these things, money, what we own, what we wear, as being who we are, we have become 'Illuminati'.

We stop looking inside ourselves for the Light, and how we can make it shine even brighter, for an analogy.

Everything that is revealed by Light is not everything that is. But not everything that is revealed by Light is evil.

Just concentrating ONLY on what is revealed by Light is 'evil'. Just as only concentrating on one's 'inner Light' without the regard for the rest of humanity could be considered 'evil'.

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posted on May, 6 2005 @ 10:49 AM
`` for those of you looking for a NWO, new-world-order, in a UN or EU setting, organized like some laterday S.P.E.C.T.R.E. or StarWarish EvilEmpire...then this link won't mean much to you

as the author, a social critic & commentator, deals with the
philosophies of the corporate, bottom-line mentality, the
'I take-what-I-want' & 'I know whats best for you' arrogances
of the corporate & political elite. profits above morality,
where the Few Prosper and the Many Serve! via the crony
and corrupt capitalism, which is rationalized as within the
scope of democratic freedom.........

you rebut, that corruption and self-serving people have always
been with us, well, true to an extent...
historically that type person snaked their way in exploiting others
and rose by backdoor & covert schemes until suddenly they are
the kingpin the oligarch...then had to hire henchmen, thugs &
uncouth lawyers to protect them.

Well, the New new-world-order...boldly steals, boldly twists ethics,
and announces publicly the contempt & arrogance for the laws of
'the average man/woman/citizen' witness the likes of WorldCom,
Enron, Adelphia, the big 5 FinancialBanks, the MutualFunds messes,
missle technology secrets sold to enemies, etc etc etc
Then goes on TV to flaunt it! or goes to a Club-Fed for months
and never returns the $(or only gets fined for pennies on the dollar)
from junk bonds or insider trading or illegal contributions or other....

then theres the rationalizations of the pop-culture, instant, drive-in & take-out,
religion of today: a 'love-of-money' love-of-materialism type salvation

i'm more of the mind that the NWO (among other things)
is more an attitude, mindset, network of greed that deprives
(with glee at their superior agility/ability) and effectively
enslaves the lower castes of societies,

which is 'justified' in the arena of economic 'survival of the fittest'.
after all, your forgiven on sundays!

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 05:36 PM
Before america destroys itself Japan will pass it economically

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by JamesMcMahn
Before america destroys itself Japan will pass it economically

Well... If America is destroying itself, which I agree that it is. Then being passed by Japan economically is really a non-issue isn't it?

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 07:16 PM
People are always talking about "proof" that A NWO plan exist. I pledge to those people: Is there any proof that it doesn't? Any thing or idea thought to be related to the NWO can be seen before us today. How much proof is needed? It's like cleaning your house top to bottom and you feel there is no dirt( conspiracy) in your house(America) until an inspector comes in with his white glove and shows you all the dirt you left behind. That's the same as the NWO or whatever you call it. It looks clean, but dig in some more and you'll see undisputable evidence that SOMETHING is going on here. From the start the American concept has been a selling point. Sure you have freedoms you enjoy, we all do to a certain extent what. There are thousands who dont have freedom, and they live right here in the U.S. Just becuase your living comfy and cozy in your little world, doesn't mean everyone is. I see it every day. We are promoting Democracy all over the world , yet Democracy is only a watered down version of Republicsm. They are two wings on the same bird, the American Eagle.Being free doesn't only consist of saying what you want or living where you want. The real essence of freedom is to be able to live free of worries such as bills, or coming to work when your ready, or free healthcare. Americas definition of freedom is whatever the government says it is. America was never meant to be totally free, but for the people or families who purchased it, they have the utmost freedom. Thats why most of the leaders in high positions can get away with things that "average" citizens can't. Because they have TRUE freedom. They have the freedom to tell us what our freedoms are. They have the freedom to change the constitution whenever they feel the need to, and at most times without the public ever knowing. How can you follow the history of certain families and not see a strange pattern of control, simple, you're not researching. There is no way someone can claim to be openminded or at least a logical thinker without seeing all the small nuances that propel this NWO. If all of the evidence about NWO was taken to trial, the accused would get a conviction. Not that it will ever happen though..too many affiliates in the justice system,. All this to say:
America IS destroying itself, and the elite dont care one bit! That's what they want! Then they can step in with a cure all ......NWO!

posted on May, 18 2005 @ 12:37 AM
I don't know if there is an NWO, but there are certainly forces around that are anti-freedom.

Remember Christmas? Why, in the USA, is it becoming a problem to display a Christmas tree? The land of the free? I'll say it again, The land of the free? I don't want to go all into Christmas or anything. But the fact that a hand full of people from the "no fun zone" have the power make a Christmas tree a problem, is a sign of something bad. It is some form of "intolerance" for another persons religious beliefs. I violate no mans rights by displaying a Christmas tree, yet it is a problem.

At the same time Pharmacutical drug sales are soaring in the name of "help." Kids are faced with pressures to get placed on Ritalin, whether they want it or not. (controll through use of drugs) Is this freedom?

No, all is not bad with the US, I still live quite a free life. But if these type of patterns go unchanged and continue to grow, we will be in a bad situation.


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