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How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 05:20 PM
Thank the gods,aliens or whatever for this thread!

I like many others here at ATS are relieved to read the posts of other people who share the same, if not exact same, emotions, feeling, and social issues. I feel like almost every post has touched a very deep facet of my own life experiences.

I too can get profoundly depressed on occasion because I overestimate the importance of small teases or prods about my personal issues. In short I can be too sensative. But it's something I have learned to put into it's proper perspective and happily I don't feel the constant depression that colored every part of my childhood and life.

But man do I hate it when it re-emerges from time to time. Usually something just experienced will trigger it. Like talking to a girl at a bar all night, big deal for me if she even talkes to me, my dumb ass thinks she may even like me, and then some alpha male roles up and snatches her, and she instantly forgets all about me, and I'm walking home feeling smaller than dirt, i then try to convince myself that I am unique and special and she don't know what she's missing but I know I'm really just trying to convince myself and wow what a snowball. now when I feel these feelings and lines of thought I just go, 'I've lived like this before and I'm done. I am not going to put myself through the pain of depression again," and I usually snap out of it and focus on what is working right in my life.

Anybody else here get seriously irritated by the ignorance of the common man or by the pure idiocy of the general population. I frequently have to curb my sinisim and show compassion for these people but in doing so it has made me a better person. Anybody sick of getting in trouble or accused of being crazy by family members or anybody else, when you are trying to explaine something to them that is apparently very far out of their comprehension. To me it's frustrating when people can't think out of the box or see from a high enough perspective.

My IQ was tested twice for placement into 'magnet' programes when i was a kid. I scored 172 twice. Took an online test for fun scored a 96!?!!!? WTF

Oh and 1creepygirl. don't worry you are normal for smart people. I too prefer to spend time alone although i yearn for being social, even though I have a wide swath of friends and do go out to night clubs all the time, I just can't stand the general population while being social. They seem so petty and trite. Some days I can't even get my clothes on straight so don't feel bad about anything like that either. besides smart girls ARE hot, despite what some less intelligent people say.

I wonder what it would be like if us ATS'rs ever all got together to hang out and party. I bet we would all enjoy feeling normal in a large social setting for once...amongst peers. At least the other people in the conversations would be able to keep up and might actually enjoy the topic matter, as i am told that I talk too much about just about anything, but thats when I'm talking to 'normal' people and not half the genius' here.

posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 06:23 PM
Bass said,
"I wonder what it would be like if us ATS'rs ever all got together to hang out and party".
Heh. I bet we'd all get s**t faced and do the Macarena.


posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 08:03 PM
No doubt Lex No Doubt.

Although when I get drunk and attempt to dance i have only one move that I do.
Remember marty mcfly from back to the future. The scene at the prom and he does the one arm swing and kind of nods his head in a furtive motion? Thats me, except girls probably don't think I'm cute. And i don't get the girl in the end, but hey.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 01:25 AM
Bassplyr said:

Anybody sick of getting in trouble or accused of being crazy by family members or anybody else, when you are trying to explaine something to them that is apparently very far out of their comprehension. To me it's frustrating when people can't think out of the box or see from a high enough perspective.

I used to be teased and called stupid when I was a kid, because the other kids weren't on my channel or wavelength when I would be talking about science stuff, or whatever. They would not understand what I was talking about and I was ridiculed for talking about retarded things.
Or were they jealous?

Really, I don't know if I am smart or deep or just think differently.

PS, how many of you have insomnia issues?

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 12:37 PM

I remember getting the same treatment from kids in school too.

Insomnia yep, Causes a lot of stress too. Sometimes i can't shut my brain down long enough to even fall asleep and then when I finally do, I do so from pure exhaustion. My bills keep me awake at night, and piss me off everytime I deposit a paycheck, but I suspect most people regardles of IQ suffer from that torment.

Anybody get PO'ed back in school, when everybody was jumping on some band wagon for some new trend, and you are the only one thats like 'LAME!!! THIS TREND IS LAME!!! YOU ALL LOOK SO RETARDED!!!WTF!!!!' then like a year later when Vanilla Ice is no longer 'cool' some stupid jock was like 'I always knew it was lame or like something, I'm the first to realize it and again I'm so cool' when they were the biggest supporters of the lets wear my pants down by my knees cause it's the thing to do, or Milli Vanilli rocks parade.

posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 02:04 PM
Oh god!
The sheep mentality!
Notice how everyone has the same tattoo now, the kind with the pure black snaky lines at the base of the back or like a band around the arm, and why does everybody need a belly button ring?
Is it when people realise they are not original anymore that they 'get it' that it's no longer cool?
Tattoo's are hard to remove
...No wait
(2 lol's

I've always looked at these trends as stupid and never took part in fads. I always saw it as being a victim of suggestion. A lot of these fads made a lot of people a lot of money.

Tommy Hilfiger figured it out, I wouldn't doubt it if they gave some popular high school kids some of their clothes and the others emulated their style, instead of being you, you become a label that says, I wear Tommy Hilfiger, I'm cool!
Or was it the rap stars they wanted to emulate?

Anyhow, I always thought I was above that tripe, they are like a bunch of cats chasing the same laser beam, thing is, who's operating the laser?

I won't be led

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posted on Dec, 6 2006 @ 03:53 PM
Whats wrong with belly button rings I'm a guy and I got one! Oh man am I just kidding. I would never get one.

Once again Toad is right and the voice of reason.

My question is what becomes of these people once they grow up? Wonder if they ever think into the future more than what nightclub wannabe guest line should I go wait in tonight and do you think the promoters think I'm cute? Maybe I'll even get into the VIP line this time! Wait! were's my louie veton purse and matching glasses? I can't leave the house without proving my status to the rich people.

Got news for these people. The rich are manipulating you and laughing all the way back to the bank, except everything gets wired now so laughing from their office desks at least. Nice designer whatever you've got there, you just paid some a-hole's car payment for this month...good job

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 04:06 PM
I believe that people with high IQs don't think much different.My friend and I both have IQs of 140 and we don't think much different. Mostly it is people with IQs that are as high as they can go think differently.


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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 09:06 PM

I'm 39. Long hair, earring (both pierced multiple, only wear one )
Successful, if you consider happy successful.

Am I a bad guy ?


posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:29 PM
My IQ was 146 this last month, I got a test to go to a school... It was a standard IQ test.

Anyway, I think how I have since birth, I run my mind like a car, though. Never too much gas, never too little. And like a computer. Keep processors running, and memory O.K.

In comparison to other gifted, smart, and intelligent adults and children, I find they tend to be forgetful, and have great long term memories, but horrible short term.

I think ahead at least 4 steps, but normally try to think ahead 5 or 6. I think first not what my action will cause directly, but what it will cause in the long run. My hand-eye coordination is also decent.

Really, gifted people either think the most illogically, or the most logically.

Either approach can get you surpassing others.

In my social condition, I have many friends online and in real life, but an equal amount of enemies waiting to rip my spine when they get the chance. Explaining something can also be... annoying. Trying to explain something that is beyond someone's comprehension will get reactions I don't like.
I was also depressed at a young age and considered crazy by some pears for awhile because I asked more questions, and wished not to know if, but why.

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by Lexion

I'm 39. Long hair, earring (both pierced multiple, only wear one )
Successful, if you consider happy successful.

Am I a bad guy ?


You sound like me but older >>

Almost identical... o.o

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by SpartanLeonidas
Okay, just a catchy title, I know, lol. I have an IQ of 230, but I say that not to brag, but to point out IQ Test isn't a real test of your intelligence, it is a measure of what you know, with selective points of testing you.... Enough said, do your own thinking, don't think the way everyone else does, have an original idea.

Speaking of an orginal idea, have you one on the T.O.E.?


posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 05:40 AM
When I was a child (can't remember what age) my mother took me to do a professional IQ test, at which I was rated at 143... not sure what that means now that I'm older and have probably killed a few brain cells with alcohol and being knocked in the head a few times. Not to mention being dulled down by the regime of educational and media-based conditioning.

What does it mean? How do we think? How do we feel?

Ummm... I think like a person. I feel like a person. Am I supposed to think in any certain way? Like "Oh! Look at that plane! It's trajectory-squiggle leads me to believe that it is probably flying at an altitude of 3507 feet give or take 15 nano-inches at an approximate speed of 220 mph, and displacing a volume of area that would be capable of filling a football field every second." ???

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 05:48 AM
I'm in the 155-175 row and I don't feel any difference. I don't believe that I'm a genius. I believe the only difference is; people with higher IQ, usually whose are here, they're showing more interests for unique and strange phenomenons. These people are usually like to know and usually see what is in the background. They're able to connect to dots in their minds immediately, while people with lower IQ, the standard 120-130, can't or don't want to understand the cause and effects, which are surrounding them. They're not really care about it.

Plus, what I'm experienced all over in my life, people with higher IQ are able to predict events, sometimes on the standard logical way, because they're connecting the dots in their subconscious, sometimes they can predict events with their premonitions. Whatever is the reality, I believe people with higher intelligence are able to sense quite more.

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posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 04:17 PM
Wow... After reading these replies, its like listening to myself...

I've never taken the IQ test. I guess never got around to it, but everyone of my teachers or elders have told me I'm gifted but need better work ethic.

Basiclly, (freshmen in college) I've learned very little in school, only writing skills. If it were a choice, I'd rather sit in a room for a few hours a day watching instructional video's, docs, history channel, TLC, and Discovery Science channel. I am fascinated by science and technology.

Mentally, pretty stable. Mostly happy 98% of the time. The other 2% is extreme depression (mostly due to school and my grades and how the edu system is just not for me) the other 1% is extreme anger, it doesn't happen often at all but when it does it brings me down hard for a few hours.

Philosophy... No religion is right and I'm %99 sure there is no supreme god or anything like that. I have a lot of thoughts on just about any subject under the sun. I guess you can call me a realist and if something should be changed, Say if AIDS or bird flue were getting out of hand to the extreme. I would have no problem setting up zones and separating the human population until it was gone.

Socially, I have a lot of friends, about 5 close, maybe 2 best. In my town of about 30,000 I have not met another person that can go beyond what I can understand so I feel I have to "take a few steps down" to be social, it sounds arrogant but thats the best I can explain it. If I had the choice, I'd love just sit and chat with people from this forum and others like you guys, not the normal 20 year-old that cares about football and getting laid lol...

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 07:51 PM
I know this thread hasn't had a comment for a while, but after reading some of the beginning pages yesterday, caught my interest to respond, state a few things (and my apologies if any of my statements have been mentioned before...haven't read the entire thread yet)...

Richard Feynman, a famous physicist, had an IQ of around 125.

Albert Einstein, obviously a very brilliant individual, had an IQ just above 160 (so I've read)...from what I've read too, mathematics wasn't his favorite, really, something he struggled with...And yet for what he discovered and the huge impact he made in physics, especially our understanding of the universe, one would think his IQ would have been even higher, around 170 to 200.

And I know two people with very high has an IQ of 166, while the other person has an IQ of close to 190. Yet both these individuals struggle with mathematics. However, both have phenomenal psychic abilities, and one is great with computers and physics.

Obviously, it seems IQ is not the complete determinant for intelligence, especially when you consider R. Feynman.

Or consider the savant syndrome...

I believe every individual has within him or herself vast stores of potential and ability, beyond what is felt on the surface or through years of teacher/parent labels or confrontations ("your grades are too low", "you're an average student", "this is beyond your ability", statements which demean and harm), if an individual is only to believe and think positively...pursue what interests you and never give up...
The human brain is an incredible organ...the more it is used for difficult reasoning, calculations, the more it adapts and enhances...

And yes, you are right if you detect an underlying tone of disappointment toward this thread...the arrogance and superiority directed toward those deemed "inferior" is a tad too much and serves only to increase corrupted, defeating energy on this planet, and in this universe...we are all a part of this physical realm and ultimately when we degrade "less intelligent" beings, by whatever means used, we indirectly (even directly) harm ourselves.

Well, just some food for thought...

posted on Mar, 10 2007 @ 03:32 PM
How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

How do geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think? How do you geniuses feel emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?
I would like to hear from posters who have official test results, and other forms of IQ test.

Well I do not have any "proof" at hand here, but just take my word that my IQ is above 140 (I believe my last test showed 148) And I scored 549 on a primary school test with as max score: 550 points

So, how do I feel emotionally, socially, and what are my ideologies in life?

Emotional workings:

You could say i'm pretty much emotionless, cold-blooded?
It's not like I'm totally like those people in the movies that don't give a damn when their best friend gets killed or something like that (you know, like the bad guys that just want power and stuff).

But I pretty much control my own emotions.
The only emotions I do feel by nature are pleasure (joy & love) and hate.

Though these are only triggered by extreme events (say if I were to hate someone, he'd have to break my morals, nothing else can get me to hate someone, not even if he'd punch me in the stomach or face.)

And true pleasure I guess, I can only achieve If i'm with the girl I love.
Though luckily we share a connection that lies deeper within ("DreamWorld") so that's not much of a problem for me.

I pretty much think i'd be able to fake a lie detector test as well.

As for my emotional feelings: Due to being pretty emotionless, I have a sort of "I don't really care about anything in the world" look about me.

Social workings:

As i'm pretty much emotionless by nature with the exception for one or two emotions, I don't really have any need for friends.

You'd be able to lock me up in a cell with no lights and no windows, and i'd still manage (though it'd probably get boring after a while)

I have quite a few friends, but my own ideas I always keep to myself, I share thoughts that any other person from my age could have, but my ''other'' idea's, are always within my own mind, and given to those that I "talk with on the internet".

My social life is pretty stable, I've got an average amount of friends (or above average), and well, there's nothing really to say about this.

Do I feel frustrated because I can't really discuss some stuff with other people and work out plans and god may know what? No, as I don't really care.

Ideologies: (As in, morals?)
I do have some morals in my life, mostly based around honor.
Actually, that's pretty much the ONE moral that all other morals I have revolve around, and to save you a list, I'll only discuss my one "ideal".

Have "honor" and respect.

Which is mostly based around these 2 (and similiar) situations:
1.: If you were for example to fight someone, and they would "gangbang" (eg.: 10 vs 1) I would see that as unethical, and you would not need to be surprised if one of the 10 people suddenly got slammed by me.

2.: If you were for example to be dumped by a girl, or slammed in the face by an iceball, and someone else were to laugh at you whilst you are obviously in pain (whether physical or emotional), I can get pissed as well.

You are responsible for your own actions and you do as you see fit, I see no reason to meddle with that, and as such, I don't care as to what you do. aside from my one ''moral''.

However if something I find unethical DOES happen, do not see me cry or go all weird about it. "What happens happens, tough #".

And If you're wondering what I do fiddle around in, scientific stuff?
Sort of, mostly explosions, weaponry and similiar.
and on the other side:
Lucid Dreaming.

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posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 03:51 AM
I have an IQ of 148 (believe it or not) Not to brag, I think of myself as an outsider to the human race. I don't know how to describe it. I view everything in a different way, like viewing things as matter itself. I think of logical things in society, not to mention stupidity of people. I'm not a genius mathematic or anything, I just view things with differently. I have to think about it. I'm not sure how I do, but I just do.

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy
How do geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think? How do you geniuses feel emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?
I would like to hear from posters who have official test results, and other forms of IQ test.

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How about a new twist to the Question:
How do Left Handed geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think?
How do Right Handed Handed geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think?

posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 01:52 AM
I am left handed! And to add more to my sayings, I don't have a lot of friends, and well, many people I notice they make fun of people and stuff just to score points. I notice that all the time. When I cant do something, I turn to thinking of physics (weird but, it works). I notice common stereotypes, especially in forums (I.E. gaming forums). I can make up music in minutes, invent things in short times, and well, I'm always thinking about life, and conspiracy, and sever "What if situations" I am also great at teaching things.

Sorry for the messiness, just had random facts.

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