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How do people with IQs of 140 - 200 think?

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posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 12:19 AM
hi from a technical genius...
i won a national mathematics competition at age IQ was tested to be 140 on a scale reliable for 80-140 so its not known what my true IQ is...
i was severely cross-examined by the personnel manager of my nations Security Intelligence Organisation at age 22 after i passed their first 6 interviews/tests/background checks/driving tests....because i scored the highest on record for their IQ test....the panel said they could not believe i would stay in the organisation instead of pursuing an academic university career....i had been administered some sort of truth serum under protest in a cup of tea before that final panel interview was allowed to begin....i told the national surveillance manager that if they continued to offer to peanuts as wages they would only ever get monkeys like him working for them lol...

as to the thinking of high IQ people.....for me the following words apply...
agnostic buddhist
non-violent socialist
adrenaline junkie
world traveller/adventurer
likes chess
thinks through difficult concepts as 3-dimensional video sequence analogies
is unimpressed by people who devote lives to wealth accumulation
prefers to live at 40yo as a permanent postgraduate student unemployed
money is only useful for purchasing learning experiences(eg uni/travel etc)
postmodernism is the only rational framework for viewing reality/history
distrusts all common sources of information eg newspapers television
secretly despises intellectually dull people in positions of authority...

i have decided to devote my life to the pursuit of
and little else matters to me....
i sleep longer and daydream more than average people....
i eat a much more nutritious diet than average fastfood fools....
i am lonelier than average people
i am more reclusive as i age and realise the hypocrisy of this planet...
i live inside my head more as i age....
thoughts are my currency of life and most people i meet seem totally bankrupt....
i hope to meet some fellow intelligent life here in these postings...

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 04:33 PM
Well, I just couldn't allow myself not to contribute to this thread. Honestly, there have been very few posts that I think are objective or at least making any sense. (Btw, please do not argue with me on this claim because I'm not in the league of my own so I'm afraid I might lose such debate

The most ridiculous thing to read here was some arguments which claim that an individual who made a post possesses a unique thinking
Since when having a strong personal opinion makes you a genius? Some have strong opinions but at the same time are idiots because they can’t accept even the unquestionable evidence that contradicts their thoughts. This is a conspiracy forum, so this implies that people who come here are capable of making their own mind. Still, IQ of the ATS members is on a wide range, a shocking conclusion, right? There are more questions which I couldn’t handle myself. Please, could you show me two people on earth that share an identical thinking? Or could you define the measure used to distinct other people's thinking from yours? That would be of interest to me.

I feel so sorry to admit that I do not qualify for the 140+ elite... Well, I actually did...once...
I think I was at the age of 15 (could be 14) when I performed my first online IQ test. The score then was 167 and, needless to say, this was quite a surprise to me, though my parents were less astonished by that. However, the test itself undoubtedly was not a reliable one. Then at the age of 18 I did a test of 3 parts and the average score was somewhat above 130 (again it was online but this time in my native language; the site also claimed it to be a translation of some famous test). Just to show where I'm heading, I have to say that a couple of days ago I tried the test on High IQ Society's webpage and received 126 there. Additionally, I accidentally found one part of those 3 just mentioned - got only 122 this time. And I'm nearly 20 now.

What does this recession prove? It opposes the statement that IQ does not change with time. Of course, this single case is not what you would accept as a proof but having performed some tests through years (not all mentioned above but with similar results) I can state that environment DOES matter and it actually has quite a big impact. By the age of 16 I wasn't what you would call an outgoing person - liked staying alone, solving various puzzles, crosswords or just studying for school. Then during the following two years I totally abandoned these activities, parties and friends became a lot more important
And now at the university I'm even less mentally challenged. This is perhaps that I don't have much interest in the subjects I'm being taught. I suppose I don’t have to say that people tend to adapt, so less demanding circumstances could possibly change your thinking as well.

IQ, as tests measure it, can equally successfully change in the positive way. Absolutely! No obstacles for that. Spend several months doing IQ test-like puzzles and you will notice an improvement. By definition this should be impossible, shouldn't it? IQ is supposed to be something that you're born with, right? Yeah, here come the problems. The pattern of questions involving graphics does not differ that much as one might think and I’m confident that one’s mind could cope better with similar problems after some training. Moreover, is a question about some stupid theorem, which name I couldn’t even translate to my mother-tongue, a problem for someone with 3 master’s degrees and a couple of PhDs? Obviously, those who make such tests strangely perceive intelligence. To my mind, as much appropriate question would be about the number of cylinders in Aston Martin DB9. This is something you LEARN. Coming back to those visualized questions, these are much easier to handle for people who are good at arts. Do you think it is right to "measure" Einstein and Van Gogh on the same scale? Due to these reasons, IQ tests to me seem nothing more than another puzzle for entertainment.

I know one guy who studies with me, he can play multiple musical instruments, he’s hyperactive and always full of ideas, and still his academic performance is good – I’m certain he would get 140+ on IQ tests, but… he’s also a person from whom you might hear the dumbest questions, e.g. you want to watch a boring movie, take that guy with you then at least you’ll have what to laugh from. This is not an exception from the rule. We have lecturers making jokes one about the other that if you put them in the new room they couldn’t find a way out. And this is true; I often wonder how some of them don’t get hit by a car while crossing the street. Of course, I’ve met different type of exceptions (but those are much rarer than the bell-curve suggests) – people who really seem to have a superior thinking in a way how they perceive things from many unusual perspectives (or maybe it’s their self-confidence that fools you). The latter individuals could not be distinguished from the “nerds” with the help of IQ tests.

I have to apologize to a 13 year old gentleman for my spelling; you know English is not my native language
Yeah, I also started reading encyclopedias for several times at the very young age but the creation of the planet Earth got me bored just after 20 pages. It’s a pity nobody forced me to continue, maybe now I would also be among the members of one of the Sigma societies
At high school teachers thought I was gifted more than my peers in nearly all subjects except arts (anyway, I’m still planning to learn playing the guitar in the upcoming 5 years
) but I never received any special treatment, although, e.g. math lessons seemed as a waste of time to me and could have been spent more efficiently.

I have a few more critiques to the IQ tests. Firstly, is 100 really the average for the whole population? I really doubt that and think that the test has a developed country bias. As far as I understand, pupils and students in the US and some other countries have their IQs tested by the education institutions. Hence, the percentage of population of those states constitutes not a proportional part in IQ score database. On the other hand, China and India has inferior education but more than 2bn inhabitants, I wonder how many people have been tested there. The conclusion to be drawn is that the real average is lower, as well as other percentiles used as a threshold by High IQ organizations.
The time constraint is something that I hate most about the IQ test. If I’m a slowly thinking person, am I dumber if I still come up with the solution in a twice longer time? I agree that such a constraint is important in the job application tests, but it does not make much sense in measuring intelligence.

I would be grateful if you could spend some time criticizing my reasoning.

Have a good time!

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by The Conspiracy Follower
The time constraint is something that I hate most about the IQ test. If I’m a slowly thinking person, am I dumber if I still come up with the solution in a twice longer time? I agree that such a constraint is important in the job application tests, but it does not make much sense in measuring intelligence.
I would be grateful if you could spend some time criticizing my reasoning.
Have a good time!

Well I agree with most of the things, but I've got to disagree with the time constraint issue! While I agree that it is indeed annoying, I think that it does have a significance in measuring intelligence. Yes you could attain the correct solution in a twice longer time, but that's exactly what separates high IQ from lower IQ people -- speed! The higher someone's IQ is, the higher his/her ability to come up with the solution quickly, while still maintaining accuracy.

Here's an analogy...think of going to a point 100 km away by using a car, and compare that by walking. Sure you could achieve the same result by walking, but that's not really it?

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 06:57 PM
I feel so isolated its like I am watching the world as an observer and everything is secretly falling apart, chip by chip, piece by piece until I crumble into a million unwanted pieces. if you want to know how these feelings feel, take something that you value and love the most in your life. Now imagine someone breaking it, lacerating it apart infront of your eyes until nothing but filthy cleavage remains. Literally destroying everything and anything that has any significance.

Clairvoyant extraterrestrial messages are communicating and burning through thin mediums of cancerous self expressions submerged deep inside my soul. Sheer insanity takes over the mind form, leaving schizophrenia, paranoia, and void. I need someone to fill that void for me.

I just get this sick feeling from my immeasurable stupendous
despondency torment that I am suffering from below. I used to want to be apart of the world, now that idea is starting to sound more foreign and adrift. People are too different. I just don't belong, and maybe I never will.

I keep searching and looking for a passionate love partner, but it seems to fail and lead to dead ends. At this moment in my life, I think I may have found her, but it is bounded with a superficial chronological age difference. Hopefully, she can see past this, and we can finally become romantic. I am so lost. I think I am slowly loosing my sanity each and everyday. I feel like I am about to crack. All I do is mathematics, and think of astrophysics. Sure, that may come easier to me than most, but you know what doesn't? Life.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 07:16 PM
I drink and take drugs, so I can communicate with you on your level.

It's a lot like having six radios on in the same room, all tuned to a different channel, and trying to decide which one to listen to. The intelligence part of it is required to sort through the noise, otherwise, it's just insanity.

There are a few pretty smart folks on this board, which is nice.

Socially, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a mess. Too aware of the mechanics of the rituals, I'm afraid. I've opened too many machines in order to find out how they work, and now I'm generally in a state of static disappointment.

Life seemed to have such wonderful possibilities when I was a little kid.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 07:34 PM
I don't know if I have a 140-200 IQ. I am a research scientist with PhD from a research institution.

snarky observations:

1. Dumb people think that smart people are just a little bit smarter than they are. Smart people feel the gap like the freaking Grand Canyon.

2. "common sense" is what common people believe to be "intelligence".

Less snarky observations:

3. People are generally more intelligent one-on-one than in large groups.

4. Smart doesn't necessarily mean educated and wise, but ordinary and dumb almost inevitably means ignorant and obtuse.

5. Dumb people and ordinary people fight against the current ideas of smart people in the name of upholding the ideas of dead smart people.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 07:52 PM
Some misunderstanding about intelligence tests.

There is some somewhat ignorant assumptions that whatever 'intelligence tests' measure, it is insignificant, ill-defined or unimportant. That is not true.

On the other hand, it is not entirely determining human success or value either.

IQ tests come out of empirically observed fact which can be---and is---made statistically precise.

If you give tests which measure a wide (but not universal) spectrum of phenomena which can be generally construed as 'cognitive' performance, ones which measure a variety of modes and abilities, and then you apply these tests to an ensemble of people, there is a significant co-variance.

Specifically, it is found that people do tend to do well on some parts of the tests, tend to do well on other parts of the test---in probabilistic expectation. Then, somebody's 'intelligenc quotient', most commonly called 'g' in the professional literature, is then the projection onto that that dominant, first, principal component (yes in the statistical jargon sense).

'g' has been correlated successfully with objective empirical observations such as response times in the "flashing-lights-push-the-button" types of controlled psychological experiments which do not appear to require "intelligent thought" in the way that is commonly described. And high 'g' versus lower 'g' brains can show distinct differences in functional MRI imaging studies in some tests.

This also means that in themselves, IQ tests are internally designed to exhibit the effect they are famous for. For instance, if you were to attempt to correlate 'g', or good peformance on IQ tests with, e.g. being able to make basketball free-throws, you'd likely find that except for the very bottom tails (e.g. people with clear biological/genetic syndromes or defects), very little correlation. Hence, basketball free-throw shooting is excluded as being part of "intelligence" in the strict psychometric sense and isn't tested in an IQ test.

On the other extreme, you will find it as an empirical fact that it is virtually impossible for somebody to become a research-level mathemetician without a high 'g'. That endeavor in my evaluation and observations requires the highest 'g' levels. I'm a research physicist and pure math (and by this I mean creating significant new mathematics at the research paper level in a pure mathematics field) is the one intellectual discipline that I know I cannot do any more than I could become the Super Bowl MVP.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 09:15 AM
i won the national mathematics contest for 15/16 year olds in australia in 1981 at age 15yo and completed high school matriculation maths 2 years early with 100% average over 6 years - i never made a single mistake in any exam including my private school scholarship and university entrance exams....but decided to devote my career energies to justice.....the research paper level of the logic of philosophy can be as intellectually demanding as research level pure math i believe....just my opinion of course..

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:36 PM
As far as smart people and dumb people go...I only believe in motivated hardworking people and unmotivated lazy people. I see a lot of people who resemble something I have seen many times before: pathetic excuse makers.

I have a chemistry lab about once a week, and at least once a week two people manage to break a beaker, somehow. About 3 or 4 persos manage to spill what is in their container all over the floor. I had someone spill HCl all over my leg, fortunately I do not follow the lab rules and I wear shorts so it got all over my leg. Why can't people take two seconds out of their pathetic life and think about what it is they are doing? Two seconds, that is all it takes. Instead people are far more interested in taking two minutes to make a playlist on their ipod or flip through Disgusting Anarexic Whore Magazine, talk on the cellphone, etc. I don't think that any of that is bad, so long as you do not spill # and break # on a lab daily basis.

Nothing we do involves the need to rush through your work.

I think somepeople have a misconception of how the world works. Such as: they want to know how people with high IQs think, but not how they think, or what it is they are thinking.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:44 PM
I am curious about the madness and genious thing. who mad up the
definition for madness anyways ? maybe its not, maybe its the right way, but then gov cant keep its heard together if they started mass producing.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 02:59 AM
I have been called ignorant and apathetic. Is it true? I don't know and I don't care. John Lennon once said, "Time wasted on purpose is not time wasted." I like that. Bono of U2 sings, "A feeling is so much stronger than a thought."
In my experience, there are few simple answers to whether intellect, desire, talent, apathy, madness etc. are related to each other, or how they interact within the self. There are mad genii, and there are lazy genii. It is hard to say Hitler was lazy, but most historians agree that he was smart. But is that what is important? How smart was Saint Mother Teresa? I am not a Christian, and I have no clue what her IQ was, but I do know how much I admire her. If everyone aspired to be more like her, earth would be a paradise. Obversely, if we all aspired to follow in the footsteps of genii like Stalin, Hitler, or Ted Bundy.... you get the picture.
The state has labelled me a genius. Are they right? I doubt it. Is it important to me either way? No. But when my fiance told me I am cute, have a nice behind, and am a great lover.... well, that struck a chord. Her opinion means a lot to me, and to get high marks in those categories works for me.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 04:13 AM
If you're to beleive my IQ test results, taken as part of an entrance exam for my secondary school, then I fall within this range. Life is going nowhere fast, and, mostly I think about, women, the abuse of substances, music, and football. I am socially inept, and uh, just, an odious fool, to be honest. Hope that helped.

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 11:37 PM
I've never taken an official IQ test, so can't comment on whether I am in this group or not. However, I have read of a study on Mirror Neurons in the brain that believe is related to empathy, as well as IQ. From what I read, they give humans the ability to instantly put themselves in others places, recreating the situations of others within ones mind, understanding how others feel, and why they feel that way. People with more, or more active mirror neurons are supposedly people with higher IQs; these people have more powerful emotions than the average person, in most cases, and are able to absorb information much more quickly, when taught. For example, a person with less active mirror neurons may be required to read the same information several times to "grasp" it, while a person with a higher IQ and more active mirror neurons is capable of comprehending and storing the information after hearing or seeing it only once.

Based on my own personal experiences, whether or not my IQ is in the highlighted range, it seems to be VERY, VERY hard to make a decision about something, because of several voices within my head that tell me the good an bad and relate it to other topics that soon throw me off the course that I was originally thinking. Also, while most people around me with lower IQs than mine (once again, I am unaware of my exact IQ, but can generally pinpoint those with lower IQs than mine) tend to accept the word of teachers and government and their elders as fact, I question anything that my mind seems to perceive as illogical, and in many cases, attempt, to prove my teachers, and elders wrong instead of allowing them to continue to preach false information if that makes sense. Another thing I tend to notice among those with high IQs is the fact that they can get VERY emotional, about social matters and intellectual matters, as I said before.

BTW, does anyone know of a free IQ test I can take online that is actually reliable as to your IQ, and not just trying to sell you something?

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 06:48 PM

i don't know how to answer the question...

i have an IQ of 160-184 (the tests aren't exactly accurate, so i'm just giving the high and low)

the question of how i think is interesting, because i have no reference point, so just assume that it's just different, not better, just faster with more shortcuts and abrupt jumps that can confuse people who try to follow the stream of thought

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 02:49 PM
How come so many people in this thread quailfy to be have an IQ over 140? It is only 0.5% of the population. Are these IQ tests that were taken over and over to get a score you like?

I took a couple online tests a few years ago, because my brother wanted to see what I got to beat me. I did very well, but I feel I don't have the best language skills, so were my tests correct? I really do not base much on those tests, because it was a skewed test at a moment in my life. I have more of a confidence of who I am and what I am.

Here are some movie examples. (yes not scientific)
In my opinion everyone thinks differently. Like the Dustin Hoffman Rain Man character if his IQ was 175, and he really does not think like most people. With his high IQ you think he would be able to cure cancer, yet he can't function by himself. But he would be a kick butt black jack player. A person like Forest Gump with his 75 to 80 IQ lived an incredible life all over the world and doing so much. Which one lived a better life? Because someone has a high IQ does not make them god, or they see the a world in the most special way, or a better person.

Well except for that HAL 9000 computer as he tried to kill astronauts. Astronauts blow, and deserve to be blown out an air lock into deep space.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy
How do geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think? How do you geniuses feel emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?
I would like to hear from posters who have official test results, and other forms of IQ test.

My mean was something like 155, my highest quotient was 165 in reasoning/math. I was tested when i was 16 or 17 because the school system thought i was "retarded" or had some other mental problem. Turns out i'm just lazy and only conform with nonconformity. They tried to put me in AP classes to motivate me... I slept through my classes and stayed up all night.

Emotionally, I don't have feelings in most cases.. Unless it's something significantly disturbing. Like people saying we should nuke iran.

Socially, I hate people. I don't want to be around them. I don't care who they are. I've lived in the country for most of my life except for when i lived in the inner city for college. What an experience.

Ideologies, Read some of my posts =). I'm all about honesty, loyalty, truth, and freedom. Not necessarily in that order.

oh.. and justice.. can't forget justice.

How come so many people in this thread quailfy to be have an IQ over 140?

I can't speak for everyone else. But my test was done by the school system. The IQ test is flawed in many ways. As for why there are so many people here with IQs over 140.. Well, its ATS.. I would expect the majority of people here to have higher than average IQs at least in most cases. There are the occasional few that would probably rate < 100. It really doesn't take much to have a 140 IQ. As long as you can read, write, add, subtract, and have some sort of thought process for reasoning you can score a 140. I think the most important part is reasoning. Which is what is lacking from most HS and College students today. School is for social conformity training, not learning.

Latest results of US citizen intelligence!

In my opinion everyone thinks differently. Like the Dustin Hoffman Rain Man character if his IQ was 175, and he really does not think like most people. With his
the a world in the most special way, or a better person.

Just because someone can remember anything and everything it does not mean they're intelligent. Recall is not part of the IQ test if i remember correctly (or did i fail that part?)

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posted on May, 9 2006 @ 03:19 PM
I don’t know? What do you want to know about us...? I think I think ok? lol

115-124 - Above average (e.g., university students)
125-134 - Gifted (e.g., post-graduate students)
135-144 - Highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals)
145-154 - Genius (e.g., professors)
155-164 - Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners)
165-179 - High genius
180-200 - Highest genius
>200 - "Unmeasurable genius"

Im 182 and I try to be as stupid as I can be! Let’s just say I smoke a lot just to be able to talk to the average person.

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posted on May, 9 2006 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by Vision Ammunition
Let’s just say I smoke a lot just to be able to talk to the average person.

So true!

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by tsensel

Originally posted by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy
How do geniuses with IQ's Of 140 - 200 think? How do you geniuses feel emotionally, socially, and what are your ideologies in life?
I would like to hear from posters who have official test results, and other forms of IQ test.

when i was 16 or 17 because the school system thought i was "retarded" or had some other mental problem. Turns out i'm just lazy and only conform with nonconformity. They tried to put me in AP classes to motivate me... I slept through my classes and stayed up all night.


posted on May, 9 2006 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by tsensel
Turns out i'm just lazy and only conform with nonconformity. They tried to put me in AP classes to motivate me... I slept through my classes and stayed up all night.

The vast majority of people I have met with high IQs seem to have this....err attitude? Just an example:

In my high school class, the top 3 people are all super-hardworking work-aholics; the next 7 in the top 10 are all of the people I consider to have higher than average IQs; everyone in this group sleeps through class, doesn't do much work, never studies, but seems to have the 'correct' thought process to ace all tests, and maintain top 10 rankings without much effort (not that it's hard in my school...I'm 5 and I hardly ever do anything...). I've noticed that people with higher IQs tend to lean toward laziness in schools; in a lot of cases, the average high school classes are below the level that these students should be taking in the first place...

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