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Incompetence at Bank of America

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posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 07:04 PM
I'm ranting here to vent some of my anger at Bank of America and their greatly displayed lack of competence. I am about to make the same mortgage payment tomorrow for the third time for the same month.

You see back a few months ago they did an escrow adjustment for 3 months (basically my escrow part of the monthly payment increased around $33 or so per month for 3 months). Anyway the first adjusted payment started last year in December and continued through February. This month in March the payments according to a letter I have AND the bank coupon book the escrow dropped back to normal. I paid the monthly mortgage and then to my surprise got a letter and a bank check back for my full mortgage payment. I called and was told it was a mistake. I went to the bank and repaid the mortgage again and thought the issue was all over. (I still thought it was stupid for the bank to mail back a new check for the entire mortgage payment because someone thought I underpaid it by $33.) There was a letter stating I basically underpaid which was a Bank of America mistake. Two different people on the phone confirmed this mistake. Anyway I went to the bank and paid the mortgage payment again about 2 weeks ago. Now I got another letter and another check stating I underpaid again.

I called again remaining calm explaining things. The guy on the phone gave me his name and number and I am planning on paying this payment again for the 3rd time. This is really annoying. He stated that the last person at Bank of America who was supposed to have fixed things didn't submit things correctly. Now I have to hope they get it right and that their blocks they say they have on my account for not getting a late payment penalty or bad credit reported are going to work. I don't trust Bank of America anymore for virtually anything financial after screwing up this many times. Anyone else have something similiar happen to them because of Bank of America mistakes? I can't believe Bank of America just sent me a tax help email. I don't trust them anymore. I'm glad I didn't transfer my other bank accounts to them. I think there is a saying, 3 strikes and you're OUT. I accept even less mistakes when it comes to financial information. I cannot believe there is that much incompetence. Maybe they fired most of the knowledgeable people who work in the mortgage or escrow departments. I'm hoping they get it right this time. I can think of one mistake now they might make. While this March payment check is waiting to clear, the payment I mailed for April gets credited before the March payment and things are screwed up all over again. Maybe there will be some competent people fixing things this time. I hope.
This is ridiculous, very annoying and very time consuming on my part. I have to take off from lunch again to fix their mistake.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 12:39 PM
Other Banks I won't go with:
- Wells Fargo Bank
- Armed Forces Bank
- Great Lakes Bank

Wells Fargo loses money.
- A guy set-up an alottment to pay his car insurance, his car insurance company said they are cancelling his coverage for non-payment, he came back to the Insurance company to show his bank statements. Said he was paying, they weren't receiveing. The Insurance routing and account number were correct. Western Union insisted they were paying and everything was correct and could not explain where the money was going.
The insurance company filed a law suit against Wells Fargo.

- Three Roommates, each paid $300 dollars rent ($900 for renting the Apartment), They would give the #1 leasee the money, she would deposit it in her checking account, write a check to the land lord. She deposited the money as usual. Got a receipt. Wrote a check to the land lord, it came back as bounced. She went to the bank an asked if any money was withdrawned in the last few days, they said "No" and told her about the bounced check. She asked how much money was in her checking account, the $900 she desposited was missing. She showed the receipt, and the bank didn't know where the money went. They told her it would take about two weeks to replace the money!

Armed Forces Bank charges for everything
- Money would go missing it was usualy about $20 -$30 dollars at a time every payday
- Forget your PIN, you'll be waiting about a month for them to send you the PIN.
- Loan Sharks. Over draft of $30 can turn into $200 fee.

Great Lakes Bank
- WORST customer service ever!!! "I forgot my PIN, can you help me" - Customer. "We're closing right now, can you call back on Monday?"

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 08:23 PM
I had an IRA account with an institution that was bought out by B of A.
I needed to have it transfered to another institution and it took 2 months to get it transfered. After the first two weeks of waiting i had to call B of A in TX they had to call someone in North Carolina, I was then directed to call someone in Knoxville TN.

When the receiving institution called Texas they had no clue about the transfer request sent to them 2 weeks prior.

I had to call the receiving institution with the Knoxville address for them to send the transfer request.

B of A was also a big contributor to GWB.
Obviously they need political influence because they are too incompetent to compete on a level playing field.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 09:35 PM
I'm actually a member of 2 different credit unions, I find the service much better, and usually take care of everything electronically.

As for BOA, I'll re-post my response to this thread-

Other BOA thread

Originally posted by Susquehanna
I don't particularly like to bash a particular cank over another, but, BOA recently lost computer tapes containing personal and account information associated with thousands of thier cards. I know this because I have one, and was informed of this through a letter. I am told that my inofrmation was lost, and that jut may be so, as there have been no fraudulent charges to my account (that I am aware of)

Just take that into consideration when investigation who to trust with you financial information.

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