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Of, By, and For The People

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posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 10:34 AM
Of, by and for the people
is how our government was to be
in this land of the brave
and home of the free,
well, did it ever work-
let's see

Establish Justice..

It was always misapplied
if your family isn't rich
better hope you're never tried

We seem to use no logic
in the punishment of crime--
steal a billion dollars in a suit
and you might just pay a fine
while the thousands that you injured
are injured for all time.
But if your down and out of hope,
and the roads to steep to climb
you might wish you died of misery
if you even steal a dime

A blind fold on a statue
hasn't made our justice blind,
but maybe it might really mean
that it could be hard to find

Insure Domestic Tranquility

Do our leaders ahve a clue?
our cities are as tranquil
as our dirty skies are blue

The poor have turned to killing
and our prisons are all full
our kids fear drive-by shootings
on their daily walks to school,
and there's places in each city
you only go if you're a fool

Provide for the defense

Now here's a perfect score,
we got so good at making guns
you'd only use in war,
that we'd have to change production
or store the guns out-door
So, instead of making other things,
we turned into a store.

We sell guns to everyone
if they play our ally game--
we keep them armened to the teeth
and deterrance is our claim.
And if neighbors start a little war
we refuse to take-on blame
but if someone else sells their guns
to a country hard to tame
we look at them as treasonous
an we pile-on the shame

Promote the General Welfare

It seems they must not care,
the middle-class is shrinking
and taxation isn't square.
The younger-calss is thinking that
earth's future isn't there
and that political hoodwinking
is now eatin-up their share
as the government starts linking
it's overspending with welfare,
to make the poor do all the
while they act so debonair


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