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The National Press Club Welcomes ... Jeff Gannon?

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posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 11:53 PM
This just kills me; only in freaking America can something like this happen, When is ATSNN going to be aloud in the White house

The National Press Club Welcomes ... Jeff Gannon?

By Joe Strupp

Published: March 29, 2005 updated Tuesday 11:00 AM ET
NEW YORK Jeff Gannon is back -- at the National Press Club?

Yes, the same day that the prestigious Washington, D.C., journalism organization plans to present a lunch talk by former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, it will also allow the former White House reporter/escort to be on a panel discussing bloggers and online journalism.

Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, resigned his job with the conservative Talon News last month after it was revealed he had used a pseudonym, had little journalism background, and had ties to male escort Web sites.

Still, Press Club leaders will include Gannon on the panel April 8 that includes editor Ana Marie Cox, National Journal's John Stanton, and others. Gannon has been asked on numerous occasions about charges that he worked as a prostitute, and has refused to deny them.

Gannon told E&P today that he always considered himself a legitimate journalist, and "perhaps their invitation is recognition of that."

Press Club President Rick Dunham, who also covers the White House for BusinessWeek, called Gannon "a figure in the news" who is involved in an important journalistic issue.

TalonNews it's gone?

Maybe I’m a bit presumptive and this does not belong in this forum, help me out Mods and please move it if need be

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posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 12:52 AM
I just want to point out that no evidence was presented that he was on the take by the white house admin. All that was shown was that he was invited to the white house and is a far, far right conservative who doesn't know how to frame his questions in a hidden biased manner. Gannon is no more the anti-Christ folks have been painting him to be as Michael Moore is. He's a reporter. He has an opinion, and reflects that opinion in his writing, but which would you prefer. Someone as obvious as Gannon, or someone like Fox News who pretends to be fair and balanced but isn't? I'd go with the Gannon in a heart beat.

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