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Why Would Aliens Seed Earth With Humans?

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by LDragonFire

Well, it's interesting you mention work done by the youth. Because there are some things in the past present or future that don't seem to change in human nature. Like packing a lunch box before you go to school or packing a picnic basket before you go to the park, or preparing an earth before you move to it. What if at one time earth wasn't ready for humans to live on, but close to it. Plant life could of easily been sent across the universe to here, just as we send satellites to navigate around our solar system, maybe easier then that. Following the plant life, animal life, animals that would lay plenty of eggs, for the atmosphere, not really, for us. We would want to go knowing the planet was full of large and multiplying amounts of animals.

Why would we all come here?

All of our races were probably the best hearted of each of our races. Possibly from neighboring planets at one time. On planets that maybe had the ability to destroy each others worlds permanently.

The work done to prepare this earth may have been a last ditch from self destructive delusional worlds that seems to be on its way to re creating. Its only a matter of time before this could be repeated.

If that happened, it may of been from a different solar system. This reasoning also could account for the different types of life that have come and gone. Like building your own zoo using a whole planet, then moving to it. Maybe when we all landed in our perspective areas, we waited for the rest to come and they never did. I think at that point, telling your offspring where they came from, really, was not considered a good idea. Especially if it could of been better. And knowing that the only thing that ruined it was Human Nature. Surprised,,, not really. Human nature, crosses vast lands, vast mountains, vast oceans, vast worlds? I wouldn't be to surprised at all. How would we have gone from space ferrer to primitives? Human kind can go primitive real fast. Most know this.

Just a thought. One of many directions of what could be possible or depending who is reading, outlandish to the indoctrinated Church and/or Science believer.

That what seems to muck up the obvious, the convoluted narrow visioned speeding down the racetrack so fast to see the enormous picture. I don't believe history will be truly spelled out very well, but I do believe our past is connected to what we have done and do today. On the human level, good and bad, and I do think we may have working time machines for human travel, no, never. but for viewing time forward and backward, yes.
If I was an alien, meaning maybe a human that can travel space efficiently, I would only come here for the zoo factor, as this whole world a zoo, from an interstellar travelers standpoint. Because I think there are better places and species to check out, other than this little blue ball, we just don't know that because we are so caught up in our drama to get anything done on an interstellar level, even though we are able and have the knowledge to do so.

Would it be too difficult to digest, that we are the aliens we have been looking for all along? If the humans of the past were high tech at one time and the humans of the future become high tech in the sense of variant time viewing and time communication able, then they by guess, they for sure have the advantage over what is, now. Did I mention the word "if" ? good, because all of this is a, what if, based on human ability and human behavior at best and mending that with the life on earth time-line.

Take care, this was fun.

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 01:58 PM
According to some sources, I remember that Lacerta story but others even more believable say that we are the 5th (or some say 7th) civilization. Meaning what if the very first ones were just more looking like aliens, then changed us with time until they decided to mix us with some chimpanzee kind to get what we get here. We have similarities with chimps but I also dont think a chimp can evolve into a contemporary human, without any help, hell no.

Sumerians, Atlants, then (some others) .... egyptians and all that ancient civs, then us from some few millenia B.C.

And it is scientifically proven and not some conspiracy that Darwins theory may not be very correct...

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by Imtor

Just as any open minded scientist, Darwin took the time to weigh the pro's and cons of his own theory. He did not completely own it. I saw and believed what worked and what did not work. Leave it to our human nature once again to to only see the side we like the best. I'm with Darwin, I would like to view both sides of the issue, which is far removed from the "argument" of the "theory" of evolution which gets touted around as a scientific fact. Creation gets the same treatment as well. What do you know about that? Not such a big surprise, granting that the origin of both behaviors are from,,,,you guessed it "Humans"

Would it not drop a jaw to find that we are all not originally from here? That is yet to be seen of course. Our origins from another worlds perspective would be in the form of a linear trace of a presumed departure from point A to / that would be sufficient for me. But I will not live long enough to be able to see that if that did exist.

The only reason I would find it interesting, is not really because of how we got here, but more about the history or Human Kinds Story would go back even further and may be a little more interesting then our presumed origins here. At one time we believed we were the center of the universe. To not believe that would of been crazy or mean punishment or worse! Now we have all grown up and believe we are not the center of the universe but dwell within the cradle of life. We always have to be in the focal point of something grand and not except anything else until that which is new declares itself before our eyes. Then "poof" we are no longer in the center. Its a nice thought, but there is a lot of room outside that comfort zone of thinking. Not every clue is able to survive here, but out there in space. A little more chance then here. From a visitors standpoint, we are the aliens, we are on the ET planet. So enjoy being an alien on your own alien homeworld. lol. : P
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