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Why Would Aliens Seed Earth With Humans?

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 09:44 PM

Our parent race of humans is alive and well, and much older and advanced than ours. They are one of the races that visits Earth. They don't war and nobody on their planet is hungry or otherwise suffering needlessly. I don't know if they ever had their own dinosaurs or anything like them.

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 10:39 PM
First let me say this isn't necessarily what I believe but.... When I was like 10 years old(I'm 40 now) I had a dream. In this dream I talked to a being I can't really remember. It told me that earth is a nursery. A certain type of alien has an *embryonic* state that is in essence energy. This state can last for many centuries while the *child* learns and grows up. What I got out of this, is these aliens found ancient man and decided that it would make the perfect learning recepticle for thier *children*. Our *souls* are these children. As we go thru each life and learn lessons we grow and and even in these *nursery* bodies we can devlope some of our *powers* that we'll have as an *adult*. The gist was people like jesus or anyone else who has unusal *god given powers* or whatever are actually ones who are almost ready to *grow up*. Then when we reach an *adult* stage we take on our very own physical form.

That is a VERY simplistic version of a dream that was really intense, I have never had anything similar since. Over the years as I have become an adult and done my own searching for the meaning of life it has also coincided with many religious beliefs we humans have. A little of this religions and that religions beliefs all mashed into one cohesive(possible) truth. So in the back of my head it sits and makes me wonder heh.

I mean really, look at humans. We are very child like in our actions even as(infant) adults(most of us anyway, those who are enlightened or *above all this fighting* are probably close to becoming an adult) We war, we are kind to the exclusion of common sense, we play games, we are bullies, self serving, know it alls etc etc the list goes on and on.

As for aliens visiting Earth and checking up on us, they are the *nannys* keeping track of us and stuff hehe.

/shrug like I said I don't believe this totally, but the evidence, to me anyway, around us leans towards what I dreamed being true or close is getting more and more conclusive dailey to me heh.

It would explain the radical differences in peoples behaviors etc too. Religious people are like a little kid having an invisible friend. The war mongers are the bullies and teens. The greedy so and so's are terrible 2s to about 9 or 10 year olds(gimme gimme gimme hehe), people who help where they can but are realistic as to *human* nature and believe in personal resposibilty are the middle aged etc etc.

Just my wild theory my loony mind has had giggles with most of my whole life


posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by EarthSister

Our parent race of humans is alive and well, and much older and advanced than ours. They are one of the races that visits Earth. They don't war and nobody on their planet is hungry or otherwise suffering needlessly. I don't know if they ever had their own dinosaurs or anything like them.

Yup the lacerta stories say that also but how did you know all this and why did they played god and when will the truth about aliens be told and why did they choose this experiment on a plnet where reptilians already lived.

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posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 01:51 AM
For most of my life this has been the biggest question that I have tried to answer for myself.So I will lay out my theory on where humans or life on Earth came from.

Even before the movie Evolution(it's a comedy)came out I thought along the same lines as the writers of this movie.In the movie an asteroid hits Earth,in this asteroid is some kind of blood or goo.and almost immediatly after crashing to Earth life started to form around the rock,starting with a change in atmosphere around the asteroid,and soon after flatworms were discovered on the ground around it.

Anyway the whole cave that the rock fell through became more or less a whole new environment in a matter of days..the flat worms split and eventually turned into insects and the like.Dats later reptile or dinosaur like creatures could be found thriving in the cave but would shortly die when leaving the cave and entering our oxygen rich environment..but like most species these retiles or dinos soon became tolerant or our air and began to breathe oxygen..but anyway the new world in the cave soon developed primate like creatures.

This is where my theory comes in.I believe that life on Earth was not created by a god or planted here by another human race or aliens...but arrived from an asteroid that was part of another planet that perhaps exploded.Only difference between the movie and our planet is the speed in which the evolution took place in the movie(matter of a few days to a week no timeframe in the movie eally)to the millions even billions of years it took here on Earth.In the movie heat was the catalyst that started it all.For us it could have been heat or water that was needed?

my two cents


posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 02:01 PM
Grow up, EarthSister... "our parent race?" If you were more literate in basic, simple science, you'd see that there is a fossil record here that shows a continuous evolution. I certainly agree that aliens, of different sorts, likely contributed to our evolution, but they didn't parent it. You would be laughed out of any university forum for arguing that we were created by those gray/related aliens. The laughter wouldn't be meant unkindly, EarthSister. I think you have important knowledge to share.

Unlike the last time I responded to you, when you accused me of being CIA or some such, of working for the government (not at all true), this time it should be obvious that I'm simply arguing against your creationist theory. Genetics is genetics. Again, look at the fossil record. To argue that we were created by those aliens (this is a deja vu moment) is a kind of intellectual nihilism. Science is science.

Humans evolved from animals. We aren't godseed, planted here by gray aliens. To assume that we are the little children of such parents is naive. The next thing they'll want you to believe is that, as parents, they have the right to control you. They have a veto over your basic freedoms. Like that of Richard Boylan, who once wrote me that the aliens have the right to abduct and tinker with us because they contributed to our evolution, hence they own us, in a sense, your reasoning is servile, unhealthy. As a cosmic citizen, you need to think more clearly. Look at the evidence, don't just espouse your ideals, your warm, fuzzy feelings for certain alien friends.

To return to your question, aliens would contribute to our evolution so that we would be more intelligent, able to think in more complex terms in order to take control of our evolution, to make our brains larger, to expose the corruptions here that could be dangerous to others, out there; to help us derive basic universal standards that already exist out there. To change us would help us discard naive, child-like assumptions, not make us more blindly obedient to them. We would be tinkered with to move us toward a better critical judgement, a more scientific one. See the fossil record to see what happened to those who didn't see the truth. They're extinct, EarthSister. They didn't make it.

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by warthog911

Originally posted by EarthSister

Our parent race of humans is alive and well, and much older and advanced than ours. They are one of the races that visits Earth. They don't war and nobody on their planet is hungry or otherwise suffering needlessly. I don't know if they ever had their own dinosaurs or anything like them.

Yup the lacerta stories say that also but how did you know all this and why did they played god and when will the truth about aliens be told and why did they choose this experiment on a plnet where reptilians already lived.

I have not studied the lacerta stories, but I know in a very simple way how our race got to Earth from my own alien contacts. It is also my understanding from them that no alien race lives, or lived, on or inside of Earth. Only our human biology fits our world's unique circumstances of atmosphere, germs, plants, minerals, temperature, pressure, food, etc. All races only fit the world their bodies developed of.

The reptilians have their own planet that is just perfect for them. Some of the professional individuals of their race simply work here, as is so for each of our visiting races. Personal contact between any races is rare, but routinely "effected" by either or both technology and natural abilities.

A great deal of the most popular beliefs humans hold about alien life have been generated by the powers of Earth for the purpose of public confusion. "Evidence" can be fabricated or just mentioned for that end, as easily as true evidence is discredited with the mere suggestion by the same powers. This is commonplace, and as easy as the people are ignorant of it.

Nobody on Earth knows very much about the alien races, and most of the abundant information available through the media is false. Whole events are fabricated but "proven" even as true events are discredited, twisted and added to. Particular kinds of human-interest or horror stories are repeated around the circles so much that they become "the" accepted, popular and correct way of belief. The truth looks nothing like what most assume it should. The popular stubborn beliefs don't look much like the real aliens at all.

Right now, the only way you can really learn the truth for yourself is to get to know the alien races. I suggest you this at your first opportunity, as well as encourage others to do the same. There is no human organization that offers true education about the alien races yet. But you can respectfully support those who speak out against the disinformation campaign, and those who are obviously trying to share true personal information.

Recognize it when a particular kind of wiseass repeatedly, intellectually attacks obviously honest individuals who are trying to help empower the people to educate themselves. These are the agents of the powers of Earth, trying to steer you away from learning how to find out the truth for yourself. The truest, most education-conducive alien/ufo message boards are crawling with them.

[edit on 4/9/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 03:40 PM

You misunderstand my use of the word parent. I didn't mean we moved in as people already, and I think that was quite clear to you. I will elaborate for the benefit of others reading, though.

Of course we evolved through natural changes and increases over great time as the fossils show. But we still started from our very beginning as DNA matter. (Think amebas or something.) That DNA matter got here to this planet from another planet of life, who are the exact same DNA as we are. They are human too. We developed, just as all the life did on this planet, and are still developing. There are a few more races of humans in the Universe too, but only one of them visits Earth- the one our DNA came from.

That is my simple, unscientific understanding of what my alien contacts told me, and it makes sense to me with what is being taught here about evolution too.

As for life itself, life is spirit, and only God creates life. Our bodies are literally made out of the materials of our world, and developed uniquely to flourish in it. The same with our animals. There are animals, marine life and plants on other worlds too, and they are as alike and as different as we are people to people.

How offshoots occur during evolution, I could not explain. But I know that alien life maneuvered the development of our DNA in its very early stages of development, not to alter it, but to speed up its process. Otherwise, our development has been completely natural and without interference. Though, I would not rule out divine assistance- I would consider that to be a part of the natural process.

My alien contacts are very well aware of everything that is said on this message board and who the contributing participants are. Besides, the govt agents are as plain as day by the way they post. You continue to give yourself away.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 03:51 PM
I don't believe that we were seeded by an actual alien race as a trial of any sort. I do believe that life was started but something alien that may have come by way of asteroid. Maybe it was just the right ingredients for life to thrive here.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 04:02 PM

I had a question that's not entirely related to this topic. May I u2u you?

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 04:27 PM
Sure, ShadowHasNoSource.


posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 06:42 PM
"Recognize it when a particular kind of wiseass repeatedly, intellectually attacks obviously honest individuals who are trying to help empower the people to educate themselves."

I knew you'd say something of the sort, EarthSister. If someone in politics or any other civil forum remarks as you did, they're seen as out of order. Impoliteness, strange and unbased personal accusations with no basis whatsoever, are the strategy of a weak premise. Just because colonizing, abducting aliens tell you what they want you to think doesn't mean it's true. In short, you're trying to say that those aliens never lie. Wrong; they do, at times.

What is it, what could you possibly see in aliens that would make them immune from the basic corruptions that we see in all life forms: speciousness, manipulativeness, greed and deception? When someone tells us, don't worry, they have no presence here (see the tall whites, see the stories about Mt. Perdido and many more), we're supposed to just believe it because she says so. Is it spirit? Humans have spirit and they kill each other. Aliens have spirit and they manipulate such killing, plus some aliens seek vital resources that a planet like this has, many of which are biological. I don't see all aliens as corrupt, any more than humans. But, you can't just say that you think they're spiritual, therefore everything they tell you is true.

We see that we evolved from apes and that our genes are essentially theirs. The space DNA assertion is naive. By that token, all life here would have the same human characteristics, were such DNA the initial basis for life. Here's where you've fallen for alien dogma, ES: All those humanoid aliens you either see or hear about were copied from us, not us from them.
Why copied? To breed a population that naive, unscientific people will believe is their godseed, colonizing controllers who can manipulate humans without too much trouble. It's a simple, multi-pronged strategy, fairly easy to see through.

Aliens look like aliens. It's nearly impossible that an alien would be exactly humanoid. We are older than they are, albeit recently technological. They are small scale, minor surrogates of a colonial, the operatives of an alien empire. They follow orders.

Claiming to see a government agent with no basis, whatsoever, sounds paranoid, but I won't offer a diagnosis. I understand that you're under the influence of a colonizing trading collective. They want you to believe all that they tell you. They want people to not think too much about actual politics and economics of the universe. They want easy dupes, and there are many on this planet.

Again, I'll return the gesture. I work as a writer, solely for myself. I'm an indy, a free-lancer. I speak for no government, but when you tell us that all that your alien buddies say is true, yet I tell people to be deeply skeptical of the lies of ALL governments, which one of us seems to be compromised by government? Calling aliens our parents is naive. It's as though ES is asking us to just shut up and do as our parents tell us, an appeal to the infantile.

(*this post was made without any cruelty to humans, no accusations, no name calling, and no religious heirarchy---no kudos to abducting aliens).

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 06:59 PM
gl2, Earthsister, do you two think you could make your points without the sniping? I hope so but I have my doubts.


posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 07:15 PM
Of course. She always resorts to name-calling and wild accusations. Every time I challenge her assertions. I could say what I do publicly and not be booed off the stage for uncivil behavior, but ES? She'd be reprimanded by the moderator. If she continues to act that way, I'll just refer it to the moderator, rather than bicker.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 08:04 PM

Originally posted by gl2
Of course. She always resorts to name-calling and wild accusations. Every time I challenge her assertions. I could say what I do publicly and not be booed off the stage for uncivil behavior, but ES? She'd be reprimanded by the moderator. If she continues to act that way, I'll just refer it to the moderator, rather than bicker.

Take a look at the title under my username.

It's been noted.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 08:15 PM

You use a lot of tricks and tactics in your writing. But you don't fool everybody with them. You state intimate things about alien life that you could only know if you personally knew the aliens, but the problem is that those things are absolutely untrue, which I know from the alien races. You are obviously a professional, obviously on a mission, and obviously against the alien races and the public sharing of true information. Deny it all you want.

The alien races are not perfect, they are just way ahead of us. They are hundreds of thousands, to millions, to billions of years longer evolved than we are. We are one of the youngest races in our galaxy and Union. We are not even counted in the Union yet. The oldest race that visits Earth is over 6 billion years. The oldest race in our Union of five galaxies is 16 billion years. There are over 5200 advanced races of people in the Union.

All of Earth's visiting races are our closest neighbors, and have been where we are at one time. They have long overcome their early difficulties, but not all had war, genocide, famine or rampant diseases. The individuals who travel here are the true professionals representing their races. It doesn't make them perfect, but it shows their high moral regard for life, when they are willing to give up their own advanced comforts, homes and families, to go to work where they are so desperately needed far away. I have seen them get angry, make mistakes, laugh, dance, pray. They are real people, not just real "to me."

There is no basis for your calculated insistence that I am being tricked or that the alien races are not trustworthy. But if that is what somebody believes, then that is what they believe- I am not going to argue to try to convince them otherwise, but I will always offer my sincere point of view from my own experience. What is really going on will be coming out for everyone eventually, and very soon. I don't have to prove anything. Whatever people are doubtful about, I don't blame them- and it's better than their just believing whatever they hear. You, though, already know what I am about, and are already set in your agenda of casting doubt and publicly discrediting any truth you can get your fingernails into.

I trust my own contacts as I do because I have grown to trust them. It was only difficult at first, before I got to know them, but that didn't take very long once I accepted regular contact and started asking questions of them. At that time, in 1990, there were races visiting Earth who were not working with the organization, and who I had reason to be cautious of. Now all of the races visiting Earth work together, and the few races who were not in agreement with the new standards in place had to leave.

It is because I have some inside understanding of how the organization works and how each race takes a part in it, that I feel secure with any and all of the races. I do not expect that from others who have not had my personal experience. I encourage others to take the opportunity when they get it, though. In all my hundreds of personal encounters, never have I or any member of my family or anybody else I know of been harmed. I have seen a lot of fear and confusion, but it always melts away when a person faces it and gets past it and develops communication and trust with the alien races. Then, if they want to help, they become productive in their roles of bringing our races together, whatever their roles may be.

The only thing that made trusting the alien races so difficult for me at first was all the horrible stories I was hearing about them from other places. So many people insisted that the aliens were bad, and hurting people, but I was not seeing it anywhere- only hearing it repeated over and over. All the humans I was seeing on the aliens' crafts were actively taking part in what was going on, meeting and talking about their activities with others. I had to make the decision to find out for myself, or else join in with everybody else in some abduction support club, where we would whine and complain to each other, and read all the books and watch all the movies. The things people would believe would change like flavor of the month, and it saddened me to see that these were the main kinds of people who were contributing to the investigative pool. It took me a long time to realize that this was not by accident, and why.

It's funny how in all the abduction support groups I have visited, everyone claims to have horrible things done to them, but they sound like they are bragging. Their stories are the same things they have all heard have been done to "so many" others, but theirs are more special, and they guard their own stories so closely, like lucky charms, and subscribe to all the alien lists, and collect all the alien paraphernalia. They are groupies. The people who have progressive alien experiences and really get to know the aliens, don't waste that kind of time and don't belong to groups like that.

I have personally learned some important things from the alien races about all of life and nature, and have had the most wonderful, awesome experiences with them, and my teaching and encounters will progress through my life. I am now able to help so many other alien experiencers find their own way because I refused to listen to people like you.

I made the right decision. I don't care what people like you say- you are as transparent as glass.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify all of this for others.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 08:19 PM

Originally posted by intrepid
gl2, Earthsister, do you two think you could make your points without the sniping? I hope so but I have my doubts.

Sure, no problem. I will modify my last post if you like.


posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 09:22 PM
Personally, I try to be transparent, as clear and non-physical in my reasoning, seeking a larger basis, as I can. My suggestion, at present, is to read The Allies of Humanity, both books 1 and 2. Their message is stellar, aliens at that.

*f.y.i. here are my most recent observations, as gl2 also, on re postive exeriences with aliens:

I've verbally and intellectually disputed with some aliens, not hot and direct outbursts, but subdued and contentious, each party working in different directions. BUT, throughout my years of explicit interactions (since 1995, in my case), I've been painstakingly, patiently helped by some aliens who seem to see that I am able to communicate and further certain awarenesses.

This interaction has been both a cultural introduction (waking, lucid and cogently analytical) to alien norms, alien politics and the manner/methods of different alien groupings interested in Earth, and a political ecology primer. Some who've helped have been so good, they're like guides re complexities and possibilities, an interaction that may well extend beyond this physical life. But, in their cases, respectively, they have no interest in earth resources. In each case, they see the situation, here, from afar, and, as such, offer their insights only as an intellectual (some would say spiritual) challenge to make the universe better, finer and more gentle.

In my case, due to having previously been deeply entwined in a human community of telepathic interactions, most alien interactions with me have a larger, more generally intended-for-humans flavor. I've been lucky, in this regard. I can never go back to thinking as I once did---the offworld standards are too enduring and valid, too much better.

Meanwhile, of course, if you've read my remarks and excerpts over the years, the positive interactions have all had a dramatic tension, so to speak. They've been countered, at times, by the manipulativeness of what M.V. Summers calls "trading collective" aliens, in particular that "federation" group that does most of the abductions and has breeding program operatives, here, in apparently human flesh. Subdued spates, of sorts, with some of them have been challenging, but, during the last year (since Apr '04) a much more advanced alien category (so-called "hyperversals"--see my thread about them in the mindframe part of have explicitly made themselves apparent. *They had previously been on the scene discreetly for years, of course, but are so much more capable than the usual alien "neighbor," that they can elude human (and most other alien) detection, if they need to. (Such "aliens" are, in some cases, tens of billions of years older than we are. Indeed, if you accept the hyperversals' assertions, some such hyperversals should be hundreds of billions of years older than we are. Rather than be belittled by their age, or feel as though we could never equal their understandings, it seems that we can simply try to learn as best we can from them, to simply assimilate with/among the highest standard of this apparently ageless "universe," rather than make all the regretful mistakes that other populations once made. There's insight within shared understandings, a kind of genius that must be actively thought over, a process of discovery most available to the peaceful non-violators of any kind.)

So, I can't imagine what my life would be like, now, had I not experienced the "good" interactions. Part of it all is an obligation: to take what I know and help other humans understand, to work to counteract the predations of resource-hungry abductors/manipulators, to listen to those humans who've been violated, and, more importantly, to help other humans see exactly what is going on--to help them develop better method and competency re aliens. Also to help cultivate the universal standard: a greater social identity that exceeds and is categorically more capable than lesser, individual tendencies.

I've been shown (limited) vistas of other worlds, views inside of alien craft, hints about a more enduring than seemingly-physical life; I've seen my computer light up with non-human messages and graphics that aren't in any way on my system. I've seen a map of the abducting (gray-related) collective's sharply limited extent in our galactic group(s) neighborhood. I've been told about two cases where people I'm close to have been aided in diagnosing, perhaps healing, due to certain alien and/or community steering (not the work of but one alien group, but reportedly a mixed bag, hence I'm not under a wing). I've been shown how to remotely sense the seemingly impossible, a highly scientific capacity, which will surely help others, here, in the future. I've been told about the numbers of certain populations, have been shown how some of them behave (sometimes this has been sticky, to say the least), but I've also felt my heart sink into the floor and have slumped onto a bed verging on pathos after discovering a tiny scoop mark taken out of the sole of my sweet, 5 year-old son's foot (after he told me about his "dream" about how the aliens took him up in a veil of wax and how they were nice and how the view down was stellar). I kissed those little feet when he was a baby; there was no scoop mark then. And that is my sweetest child, one who is so loving that he always returns affection as though the kind of love that I've tried to find within me and share all my life just exists in him naturally, as though it's his natural state.

And what may have the abductors wanted? His genes, to sample them and know why he is so sweet and gentle, cooperative. I've had to educate my children in the facts of offworld life because now, they are directly affected by it. They have to know, or they will be violated, as this entire planet has been violated, by those who treat humans like cattle. (Some may wonder whether the given aliens actually think that way, but put yourself in their shoes---how might you see low-order humans? --which isn't an excuse, of course)

So, it's a learning experience, an evolution that goes very fast, at times. You can't just get off and say, I want to rest and take time away. It all proceeds apace with literally epic consequences. It's a race to get it right, or be conquered and deeply infiltrated so that we lose our basic freedoms.

Not all aliens are so greedy. But we can be so easily taken advantage of, if we don't educate our people and help them be more competent.

*Thanks, intrepid. I appreciate your subtlety. All contrary opinions honored, especially the most civil.

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 11:13 PM
Thanks for the input...BUT STAY ON TOPIC....especially the wanna fight start your own thread....

OK....what about some of the North America Indian legends about human immigrating here on the "Great Phenix"??

It would not shock me if us humans were related to the "Greys"....if human evolution ...If nuke war happened...or the continuing poisoning of our environment....if we humans were forced to live underground....givin enough time we would grow shorter....grow larger eyes....

obiously if i knew the answer to the givin question i would not have posted it....

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 04:53 AM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
I don't believe in creationizm. I believe humans either came from a mass of grey goo, or we were planted here by 1. other humans or 2. aliens.

But why?

For what purpose? I would understand if it were other humans spreading hummanity across the cosmos. what if?

But why aliens? what if were some alien kids 9th grade science project...

The only reasons i can think of for aliens to do this is

1. soldiers

2 workers

so many questions so little time

Congrats! You've almost nailed it on the head.
Evolution has long ago been proven to be false and fake.
The only question left is who, or what, created us Earthers.

1. The God of the Bible?

2. Other beings? Either the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible, or beings not mentioned in the Bible. Possibly beings mentioned in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Sumer?

3. A combination of 1 and 2.

Humans were created to serve God or the gods. As workers, and/or slaves. Even the Bible interrupts it's story of God creating the Earth to mention out of the blue "and there was no man to till the field".
Last I checked, "tilling the field" is a synonym for manual labour!

Some say Humans were even ment to be grown to be food for higher beings.

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 05:01 AM

Originally posted by ShadowHasNoSource

Originally posted by warthog911
Well i belive that god got bored of his life as it lived forever and created this sim.And everything is written,your fate is already written. If you Dont believe me then why astrology is still here and when you make a game what is the biggest problem?.it is the story,the begining and the ending of the story is already written and if it is not written then there would be chaos.I think karma is whacked up as when everything is already written then its not our fault.I think god is a machine as all the alien life are either biological,pure energy(soul).And we are just battries for god and thats why non existence is bliss imo.Dont diss the matrix movies as they are taken from my religion and it is true.You cannot change your fate,no one can.

I thought the whole point of "The Matrix" was that you can beat the game. That you can end the loop. That love, free-will, determination, freeing your mind, etc. can break the hold. Of course, I was hoping Zion was another level of the matrix.

Are you talking about the Matrix movies? At the end of the movies, the good guys lose. All they got was a "cease fire" from the "main bad guy". From the head computer.

Are you talking about the Matrix books? Which are up to book 5? The movies have maybe 1% of anything to do with the books. The books are some of the most hardcore reading anyone will ever do. They are about real life, and completly rip apart the mind of anyone who reads them. They are also hard to get. Each one costs roughly $80.oo in US dollars.
According to the books, it's a hell of a lot more to than simply "beating the game". Everyone in existance is suppose to experience the game. Is ment to experience the game. From the lowest bum who's starving, to the richest billionaire who has no true friends.

After you die, you enter another matrix! Muhahahahaaaa! Then after that is another matrix! Muhahahahaaaa!
Told ya the books rip apart the mind of anyone who reads em!

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