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Paine's Prophetic Dream

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posted on Jul, 17 2003 @ 08:06 AM
"Thomas Paine, like many of his fellow Founders, saw the hand of God in raising of a Standard of Liberty in the United States and unlike the spineless crew of politicians and educators who take to the pen and the pulpit today, he wasn't afraid to reveal this matter of faith in public.

Like everything else socialist, today's schools and history books deny at every turn the religious nature of America's Founding Fathers and the inspiration these great men felt for the cause of liberty.
Sadly, many of us have come to accept as fact the fallacy that the Founders and our precious liberties are products of the European Enlightenment (a secular movement).

Yet at every turn, the real record, the hidden record, tells a different story a story of men of faith, men driven not simply by their intellects, but by their hearts, not just by political principle, but by deeply held religious conviction."

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