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the "Iran"conflict

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posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 06:29 PM
I can understand the threat any nation could pose with nuclear weapons,nomatter how minor or little there may be.But one thing i do not understand is why warn or attack one nation with Nuclear capabilities when your only ignoring many of the others with just that threat.

The fact that Iran has nuclear fusion does worry many indeed,but many fail to forget other nations with just this.

North Korea:They have already got developed missiles,and dispite there has been some controversy,Iran is taking much more heat for the ability to make nuclear weapons.

France,Germany and Britain(EU big 3):Why are`nt they being questioned,these nations do not have serious enemies interms of globally(nations),why the need?why are`nt they questioned bu the U.N?

Nigeria:They have already developed nuclear weapons,its just been done under the medias nose,and why are`nt they being questioned?

Japan:They do indeed have nuclear weapons,and yet their are no serious threat to the nation,not to mention they alreayd have technology and allies to counter a threat.

Egypt:They do have nuclear weapons,they may be small and cause limited damage but they still do.

All these nations have nuclear weapons,they also do not need these weapons yet they are not being questioned,not to mention Iran hasnt evens developed any yet.

It seems that it is easy to question and threaten a middle eastern nation even though it hasnt developed any nuclear weapons and it has a reason to it having them.Do many of you really want to see another Iraqi war?Im do not take Irans sides but this is where i do not understand why Iran is the only one in the spotlight?

South africa use to have nuclear weapons,in the 80`s it signed a treaty along with many other nations but it destroyed all its nuclear weapons,not a fraction.Today it still has many political and social problems yet it has never been attacked and is developing at a reasonable rate dispite its problems.Its a nation that has not being weakened economically and socially dispite having not nuclear weapons.Just imagine what it would do for other nations?

Why not do a global fight,instead of accusing just accusing nation,that hasnt evens developed any weapons?If the US government wants to fight terrorsm,do it globally,because accusing smaller middle eastern nations will just promote more terrorism.

Do many of you agree?or do you oppose,you opinions would be good.

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:00 AM
I really wish all the nations with nukes would just dispose of them (safely of course). Of course this is a pipedream, so I say any country that has nukes is a hypocrite for being critical of other nations having them or developing them. In Canada, we have nuclear capabilities but we use it to provide energy only. Although we made the mistake with our CANDU reactors that we built for India and now they are a nuclear power.

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