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Back and Very UPSET

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posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 04:44 PM
Due to some of the UNBRILLIANT ideas on this site(lack of support due to immaturity) I took a handful of ideas from people to take my computer to someone who can retrieve the alien interview back. That had to be the stuppidest thing I've done in my life, now I'm pretty much screwed for the rest of my life. When I went to go back to pick up my computer which almost 2 fridays ago the manager of Best Buy was waiting with a piece of paper in his hand, I was like cool it's ready hopefully they retrieved it back and I can finally prove myself without insults and ridacule that I was for real and it's time to show this to as many people as possible. I talked to the man and asked him if they were able to fix my problem he stated," We are not allowed to retrieve or go through any Government files which we found on your computer." And I said," What do you mean? All I wanted was it to surface back on the harddrive so I can view it again." He explained," There are some programs we can get back, but the program you had, had to many codes. We looked up the codes for the file you had and found out the first 30 codes were Government access strictly impossible for someone to have on their computer who cannot even manage getting the file out hiself(which he referred to me) so how did you get this file?" I told him I found it on the internet and he laughed. "Am I stupid? I've worked with computers and situations like this before you were even born." And he went on. I became upset and told him just give me my computer back then I don't want to be involved with all this BS. He said," It's not that easy, since we found it was hacked we called the fbi and told them the story. They didn't believe us untill one of the officers showed up and saw the codes himself, he himself told us he has never seen so many government codes in a file like that his whole life. we became suspicious and the officer made a few phone calls." I told him he was full of **** and that I wanted to my dang computer back.

Well he went on and on about how I need to stay because a couple men wanted to ask questions on how and when I got the video. I told him to screw off and I left. So I went home very upset and nervous not knowing what to expect and what I got myself into. Later on that evening just before getting ready for work I had a phone call. I answered it and it was some undercover agent who said that he was one of the 3 people who saw the the file I hacked. I told him I didn't hack anything and that I found it on the net. He started getting a little crazy on the phone and started making threats like,"The more you lie the longer you will be in jail, do you want to go to jail for a very long time?" I told him to relax and said that I found it on the net. Then he brought up my friends name, and asked who he was? I told him it was a good friend in California that I knew and grew up with as a kid. He asked if he was staying with me. I told him how can he stay with me if he's missing?

So I told the guy,"Hey I need to go to work call me another time." He told me not to get off the phone but I did anyways because I wasn't trying to miss work. So the next day I made a trip to California as planned to go to my friends moms house to see if she's seen or heard from him. I drove all the way down their to get the same information I was getting on the phone. She tried every will to get him back and try and see if anyone has seen him and his whereabouts. She reported his missing on the southern california news. They actually posted his picture and everything it was a step closer and we were all excited because we knew someone or somehow it will come out.

I ended up leaving Sunday because I had to go back to work the next day. I was very upset because it's now been a month and he's gone, that made me very angry and I knew if someone tries comming to my house I'll shoot them point blank with no hesitation. I'm not scared of the government they are no different then you and I. They come on my property then it's on. So when I came back home my mom was very upset and said that Officer Brown from the Henderson Police Department has called numerous times. She asked why and I told her the whole story. She was mad because she said why would me and my friend be so stupid trying to hack in the governments computer. I told her I didn't hack but my buddy did.

So the next day went on and I went to work. I was working from 3pm to 11pm at the Harrahs casino in Vegas. At around 6pm I was called in the office just before break. As I went in I noticed a couple officers waiting. I was very embarrassed and knew I was in deep **** They had their words I had mine and they ended up escorting me out of my dang job infront of everybody, my custmers and my employes. That sucked so bad it made me look like a criminal which I'm not because I have a good job, go to college and trying to get myself situated so I can be on my own this year. They took me to the Metro Police station in Vegas. And of course I had to answer questions from 7:30pm to almost 11pm that night. They told me what I did was very wrong and that it is illegal to try to tap into any government computer. I told them I didnt hack but it didn't seem to matter, they said I have the evidence and that's all they needed, they didn't care where I got it from.

So of course I spent 6 days in the Clark County Jail house which was very terrible. the food was ok but the people were terrible. I had a couple fights because I'm not scared and if someone gets in my face Im comming right back. All the people who tripped on me of course were gang members, always asking me where I'm from and all that bullish. The day I left I was very relieved and couldn't wait to go home. I got sick of the wake up at 5am eat breakfast, shower and kick it in my cell for almost the whole day untill dinner was ready, lunch was served in your cell so basically it wasn't a fun field trip.

So when I got home I made hella phone calls, made sure everything would run a lot smoother next time. So all I know is the papers they gave me at Clark County jail were papers that told me when my court hearing is. My court hearing is at April 15. We'll see what happends but since I know some big people out here I should get the best attornys possible in this town. So there you have it, that's where I been for the past 2 weeks dang near.

So in conclusion I wish I never had that stupid video. It just wasn't worth it, the only thing good is that you people know, and you know if anything crazy happends to me you guys got the full story from me and atleast I exposed the info to you guys. Those who do not believe are plain ignorant, spending those 6 days in jaiil was terrible, and I only can imagine what happends on the 15th of next month if it doesn't go as planned. Wish me luck and let's expose these godless governments who think they have power but in all, all they have is paranoya, guilt, and no trust.

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 04:55 PM
Get the video online now dude! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

This sounds like fun; did they mention the contents of the video at all to you? Or did u mention it to them? (FBI, Cops)

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 04:57 PM
So basically you're saying that you can't confirm your first story and now we have to buy this one. Yeah, right. Where are you typing from, the library?

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 04:59 PM
Show us some info about yr friends disappearence.

Like, if it was on the news, then surely there'll be a writeup somewhere about it?

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 05:02 PM
I can see this going South really quickly.


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