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Assorted Radical/Heretical Haiku

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 03:46 PM
Hollow men own all.
Shiny things to stuff inside,
just to play pretend.

---- ------ -----

Suffering is free,
to receive you need but ask.
Piety is plain

----- ------ ------

I am not your slave,
all your whips are far too small.
My master is truth

------ ------- --------

All our dreams will live,
while the beast, it bellows on,
shattering an age.

------ ------- -------

Look out to the stars,
our future lies behind them;
life hidden in light

------ ------- -------

The dark of deep down,
buried kings wear golden crowns.
Peasants sip their wine

----- ------- -------

I Salted all my wounds,
measured every insult.
I will be reborn.

------- ------- -------

The lamb is cooking,
slaughtered for our pagan feast.
The goat rejoices

------ -------- -------

Tales of fear and woe,
a past unknown can be told.
History is ours

Feel free to critique or post your own radical/heretical haiku. Frankly, this sort of material is a very radical departure from traditional haiku. Anyone who reads a good deal of this stuff will notice right off the bat, I didn't mention snow or cherry blossoms or mountains once.

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