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Doing Jobs That Americans Wont Do

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 02:08 PM
The war on terrorists and the acceleration of national security via the Patriot Act has proven itself to be quite questionable in intent and effectiveness.

One of the most important things that should be a focus post 911, is protection and security of our mass transportation infrastructure. Commercial airplanes would be the obvious choice. Another obvious choice would be aggressive attention focused on the illegal immigrant problems that we experience in the USA.

President Bush, has made very clear to the public that immigrants are taking on jobs that "Americans dont want to do" - washing dishes at the pancake house, spreading pine needles around an office complex, arriving at job sites in by the carload to do things such as clearing rocks and stumps from development projects. This is all good, right?

Well not really. As demonstrated earlier this month with a federal raid on Timco (one of the largest commercial airline maintenance sub-contractors in the world), illegals are taking many more jobs that would not be classified as the office of the President has eluded to on many occasions. Quite the contrary. The 24 illegals arrested there only represent a scratch on the surface of what may actually be hundreds of similar situations. Many jobs of which many American's would dream of having facing unemployment or limited opportunities. Many jobs that one would consider that also should be monitored for national security sake.

How could this be?,.. you may ask.

Well, as I have suggested before, the American business community see's this differently,... as well as not being in the sights of our leader's as a big part of the problem. For example, after TIMCO 'helped' the feds round up and facilitate the arrest, TIMCO management returned the argument that "These are some of the best worker's, and they were so grateful to be in this country", recalling that one of the men charged who worked 70 hour weeks and coached soccer in his off hours. "They were not doing anything except working and giving back."

(just a note-70 hours a week to an illegal alien in a high tech security conscious position, equates to 2 jobs for legal immigrants or Americans. Additionally although the average aircraft maintenance temps may only make $8.50 an hour, they may also received a tax free "per diem" for expenses, in the range of $150 per day.)

Interesting how in most cases, it isnt the employer or hiring firm that gets the eye of the fed's, in fact this readily demonstrates that the business community is all for illegals, as well as hiring them regardless of the law.

In the last 4 years I have watched America change, security being tightened, monitoring increased, and even Americans charged under the Patriot Act for mere stupidity. All the while the business community has been ignoring and working against this effort, for the sake of profit. Will there be another 911? From appearances, this is a more likely a scenario now as the companies charged with maintaining our airline fleets completely ignore the intent of post 911 security. One also has to wonder how many other jobs are given to illegals that may not be the jobs that the office of the President suggests, and how many are employed in capacities that make security of this country prone.

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 04:33 PM
The Patriot Act appears to me to be a two way door according to the actions of this current administration. Bush & Co. are impelmenting it it at any time of their choosing. They say this legislation was enacted to protect our borders. That my fiend is a joke. Our borders are just as porous post 911. They let the people from the South American Continent, your middle latitudes Spanish speaking countries, and the former country known to us as Mexico, infiltrate our country like there is no end. I'm sure this must have quite a negitive effect on our economy and social services programs as well.

You may have hit it on the head smirkley.

Assuming that under the guise that " they are taking jobs our people will not do" it's not good enoungh for me. Given the info. as you have, it can be proved to within reasonable doubt, that they are making inroads into other jobs that are not related to the "ones we won't take."

A buddy of mine works down at plant Hatch in Ga. and he told me several weeks ago that INS did a sweep and found several who had access to some highly radioactive material crap all the bad stuff such as Plutonium, and they did not even have a green card.
To me, this is just sheer lunacy. There should be a link to this somewhere but he did say it was "Hush..Hush" The media would have had a field day with this.

I just figure it's a matter of time and all h$$l is going to break loose. I was reading the other day that the Mexican Govt. was giving those who wished to get to the U.S. instructions on how to do and where the h$$l to go when they get here along with instructions as to where to take their pregnate women.

We, America, might not have the social problems of homlessness and high unemployment rates, if those who were born here or those of whom have miigrated LEAGALLY went to work and not be afraid to get their hands dirty every now and then. Do not get me wrong; I know we are always going to have the above mentioned problems, but they would be of lesser severity.

We need to send Washington a message that we as a nation and those who are here in the legal sense, will not put up with any more of this. We should have sewn our borders up like Canada did post 911. The Canadians will just flat turn you away if you attempt to enter with the correct papers. We just turn a big blind eye to it, and hope that we do not get hit again. I ask you and any others how long can we sustain our own people, programs, and livelyhoods if we keep letting these people in?

I do not have the whole answer yet, but the first major step would be to put some of our National Guards units on the Nothern border with Canada, and flood the Southern border of the former country of Mexico. In my opinion, this would be a good start but we all need to get our voices heard.

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 06:03 PM
In the Timco example I have found,... the firm responsible for the staffing is being targeted by the Fed's.

Contractor for TIMCO charged

Ruiz-Alonso also gave the informant a counterfeit immigration document and a fake Social Security card so that the illegal immigrant could complete the federal government's I-9 form, which verifies a new hire's legal standing to work in this country, the complaint alleges.

I havent found anything else yet about the charges applied to Ruiz-Alonso or S.M.A.R.T., but so far there has been no mention of the charges being those provided under the Patriot Act. I just cant understand that, as that is MUCH more facilitating to potential terrorism, than the dumb guy who shined his low-power pocket lazer in the sky at a plane resulting in being charged under the Patriot Act.

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 06:58 PM
The Patriot Act is just another way for them to control anyone who may take action against them. I say we protest, by protesting without telling the city where, and then encourage everyone in like 12 cities(major ones) do this. That way, they will have "UNCONSTITUTIONALY" violated "free seech" though the law b/c it's already violationing it. And any lawyer who wants to stay on the hill better defend us. Thinking their so great. Especially, George Vonaveigch(sp)-Ohio Republican Sentor and Suck butt. He won't even listen to Kevin of BSB, and even insulted him on CSPAN. Yet, that publicity and the "accidental" votes got him back into the senate. Did I mention it's been on the web for 5 years that he's in bed with the oil, steel, and electric companies. Therefore, another reason to ignore Kevin(a sensible enviromentalist, he even spent $10k to change his car engine.), and if the Senate ignores a celebrity 10 years + my senior, what does he think will make me vote next time? What makes him think that the youger generation won't "catch on"? How is he going to respect a "Grocery Bagger" at age 19, if he can't respect a 30 something, maybe 40(and in awesome shape) year old man, who's in a boyband/vocal group?

Anyway, I could do lots of bad stuff to those ppl, but I'll let my words do them for b/c "The Simpsons" are on now, catch ya' later all.

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