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About the secrecy

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 03:33 AM
The secrecy is being held for more than most people think, its the evil secret government who keeps it all from us. think about it for a sec,
if the people dont know the truth then how can they tell the difference at all. its all a lie the point is they are evil and want to basically live it up at the expense of everyone ele's. They dont care you will probly think back at all the people you incountered that I just described this is evil greed, money, lust....the sad part about the fact evil alien's created all this so they could control human's for there own purposes which I have not figured out yet. not even the secret government know about the alien's plan's but they are starting to realise their intent is more evil than even what they do here on earth. But even the evil alien's dont understand why humans fight eachother they see us as very primitive for this that's why were the perfect pawns, you see the evil one's still stick together they project thier evil through the universe like at us for example while we on the other hand fight ourself's. You may ask the question why are the good good and bad bad? well this is simply by see there is a god...and he created us all to have free will and the evil decided to not follow god and everything he stands, peace ect. the evil wanted to gain for themselfs without thinking about others at all. you see here on earth people are kept from all this truth so we cant evolve the way we want we are forced to follow the easier wrong and evil path if people knew this and started making the choice of good over evil then our world would actually change its frequency to a higher vibration and the evil would perish as they resonate a lower vibration and cannot survive in this other dimension. were in the lowest dimension possible right now, that is why there is so much evil and all these evil alien's are from our dimension too. The next step into evolution for us would be to intergrate spiritual into science and fully understand the spiritual aspect of life but were tought its not true thus were stuck at our current evolution the only reason evil alien's are more tech. advanced than us is the fact that they actually do know about god and spirituallity they dont deny they just dont want to follow him they are not in ingnorance like us thus they have the capacity for further tech.. and exanding thier brains and so forth..but that's as far as they go if the followed god's teaching's they would gain even more knowledge and tech...thus bringing them into a higher dimension where evil and disease dont exist this is the state at which the good aliens are in. the good ones are way to spiritual to not help everysingle life form of every single dimesion wether it be their own or not. that is why they are here now protecting us not to mention were thier children. and no they are not our gods but many people in the past beleived them to be I mean they did put us here.

I Wanted to share this for people that may be interested, if your not please dont post negative comments. I feel as though this must be said and I dont know where eles to turn so here goes. I have been told by a psychic who I believe was real that I am indeed psychic and she started telling my all about things I experienced when I was little that no one knew at all about. Saying that's cuz your psychic. Anyways what I wanted to share is the fact I have this ability to see through people's lies/decievement. I have used this to discover the truth about ufo/alien's and what not(among other things) so if anyone want's to ask a question feel free... there is too much information to post. This is for the people who are open minded enough to ask me. Most people dont understand what a psychic is, it can be anything and it does not just mean they can read the future some can some cant im more of an empath and I can also read lie's some time's I have vision's of future event's but you all must understand we all have free will so somtimes we can change a forseen event this is mistaken for false pshycic's when this is not allways true another ability to note is I seem to have this direct knowledge that I cant explain all I know is its not about future events its just a common sense to me.

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 09:31 AM
I've read postulations like yours before and on many of the most important points, I fully agree.

There is, in my opinion, going to be a merging of the scientific and the spiritual. Actually to restate that; The connection that already exists between the scientific and the spiritual will become increasingly more apparant. The connection of the two has always been. Further advances in the quantum arenas will I think bear this out, if it has not already been so done.

The secrecy, is I believe, a desparate attempt by the powers that be and have always been, to hold onto that power and control. These are not ET's who control this earth but a cadre of families that have, by this time, hidden themselves behind large corporate veils, and manipulate populations and governments at liesure through this insulation. They maintain a virtual monopoly on technology and real scientific information and advance and release only what is necessary to help them continue the status quo, to their benefit.

Being the ones that are actually in power, it stands to reason that they were the first to have real and substantial contact with the visitors from other "worlds".

I have read post by Earthsister on this board. I can't vouch for their veracity on all points but certain things definantly ring true. Such as our "leader's" manipulation and stifling of the expanded contact with the general public through threats and blackmail. Please do a search for her posts for more information on this point.

I don't want to sound " david ickish" about this. He is, in my opinion, an agent of the same disinformation program that labels all of us, who show a real interest in these events, as fringe element kooks. To expand briefly on this point. I think that he postulates some of the actual questions many of us have. He then begins to show part of the real path through the labyrinth because that portion of the path is easily seen, but rather than following reason, which would lead to truth, he takes off on a surreal tangent that throws all before it and after it into absurdity. By doing so, the entire question and search for an answer is labeled together. This is how the process of disinformation is carried out. It is textbook Psych. Warfare. Do a google search on this topic to better understand the mechanics of this form of rhetoric.

My opinion is that there are no 'Evil' alien races out there. The concepts of good and evil are very relative terms, to be judged so, based soley on the perspective of the observer.

I think that the objectively looking alien races, observing our lifestyle on this planet are under no illusions as to why we fight and destroy each other. We do so because our true natural instincts to love and nurture are clouded and overshadowed by the manipulation and divisions created by those that have the real power on this planet. They, our "leaders" want us to be hopelessly divided and in a constant state of chaos. It makes their manipulation very much easier and more successful. One should read The Prince, by Macheovelli for better insight into the line of thinking.

I do believe in God, as a supreme creative force in the universe. But the idea of the judeo-christian God that is potrayed by the Bible and the Koran is based on tens of thousands year old myths that have manuvered their way through the centuries and have been portrayed as fact by organized religion which in itself is nothing more than a form of population control, and another form of the power structure.

We are products of genetic manipulation by ET races that used our planet as a base and for resources many centuries ago and this is as you say the reason for the continued interest here. IMHO.

It will be very interesting to see how this thread plays out on this board. I look forward to it. Let's hope others weigh in.

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 01:12 PM
a long time ago the Earth was inhabited by humankind that lived very close to the Earth. This humankind was in constant contact with its own inner awareness, its own higher self. This was not a human who was advanced by today’s scientific standards. But in fact this human was more advanced, as this human could communicate directly ad at any time with those from other planets. Humankind was allowed to travel through space in the space friends’ crafts and see the universe. Humans communicated with the spirit realm in a way that was so instinctive that it was part of its daily live. Humans communicated with all things around it. There were no wheels for travelling or moving heavy objects and large loads. Yet this humankind could move the largest of objects without any physical effort. There was communications with all energies, including those in large stones, the trees, the flowers – everything. And this was a loving communication. And with love, the stones would move on their own.

This species of humankind was overseen by many space friends. It was agreed that the space brothers would be there to help when they were asked to, but would not infringe upon their choices. This arrangement worked quite well as humankind knew that it was on this planet to develop its own gifts and to work in harmony with the Earth and all of nature to develop and grow in the physical and the spiritual sense. So the space friends did not intrude in any way and humankind did not make unreasonable requests either, such as certain technologies to make life easier. Humankind knew why it was on this planet and did not wish to avoid any of its pleasurable growth.

There was a time during humankind’s development that certain of those from other worlds decided that they (the non-humans) would better be served if the Earth’s and humankind’s energies were directed in a way as to not inhibit their own personal growth as a species. For they did not wish to share the energies of the Earth. They had their own reasons for wanting to control the energies of humankind.

It is no secret to humankind that there is ”good” and there is ”evil” or ”bad”. Humanity’s understanding of this, in general, is based on the teachings from the Bible or other similar sources. It should be no surprise to humankind, then, that the universe as a whole contains good and ”bad”, or as we say, positive and negative. We say this also with the understanding that humankind as a whole, may be able to accept some form of existence beyond the physical realm.

There are many kinds of negative energies. Some of these have extraterrestrial existences, and many of these are very advanced by human standards. But they too are of the One Creator. They simply are on a path that is not pleasing to the God Source. Keep in mind we say this as a general statement.

There are those extraterrestrials who feel, in fact believe, that to allow the Earth and humankind a freedom of choice, a free will to pursue their own path, is not in the best interest of these particular ET’s or beings. For they wish to draw on the energies of humankind and the Earth, to the extent they can. These human energies can ”feed” these ET’s and even be a part of their livelihood. Also by controlling humans in certain ways, it allows other energies that humans would have utilised, to be accepted by these other beings.

The negative ET’s do not abide by all of the universal laws (at least from our perspective). They may infringe on the will of another if it is to their own advantage. This they believe they can do. So they spent long periods of time trying to determine ways to control humankind. After many different attempts at various ways, they finally became successful at altering the DNA of humankind and other life forms on the planet. How this was done can be explained and is extremely ”technical”. We will do this for some who feel they need to know. But it (the technology) is not that important at this time. They were able to change the direction of humankind. They altered humankind’s filtering processes so that it became difficult for humankind to be as ”open” and connected to its higher self and the many available spiritual gifts. Humankind was filled with doubts. It was not so much a physical alteration as it was a screening of sorts, so that humankind began to loose sight of its Source and its own self-power. To this was added certain new concepts, all of which were very specifically designed to cause humankind to lower its own self esteem as an equal in the universe. These ideas were designed to have humans place certain limitations on its own powers and abilities. The focused intent of all of these was to place certain controls on humankind by having it control itself. Also introduced were the ideas of materialism and the interest and desire to acquire materialistic goods and pleasures, with these being the main focus.

Religion was the major new concept that was introduced. It was ingenious. It pretended to give humankind a direct link with the One God, while at the same time it said humanity was not worthy. Humankind was guilty of transgressing the love of God. And it was only through hard work and sacrifice that humans could even begin to approach being the least bit worthy of God. It is not our intent to show religion in a negative light. Instead, we only wish to give a brief explanation of how and why it began. In time there will be more information on religion, but, again only as a clarification for reference only.

It was through these different mechanisms, these different tools, these different new concepts that those negative ET’s were able to exert control over humankind. For when humankind did not believe in its own powers, then it did not grow in a spiritual sense. Humankind in fact regressed. Many ideas were introduced. Here we are referring to such things as industrialisation, such things as competition, and such things as money, the power of money and the greed that came with that power.

There were those energies on other planets who did not wish to share the Sun’s total energies and who at the same time did not want the Earth to gain a status equal to or greater than their own planetary systems. They recognised that this could only be done by redirecting the focus of humanity, and by interfering with the growth, evolvement and energy fields of the Earth

It was then a challenge for the ”war lords”, as I will call them, to learn how to defeat humankind and the planet as well. The war lords were very experienced at this as they have had millions of your years to perfect their styles of dominance – whether it is through direct conflict or through more subtle ways. But humankind was determined it its path.

Over the next 10,000 – 15,000 years many different types of approaches were made to change the focus of those on the Earth. I will say there was considerable success with certain individuals and even certain groups, but these did not meet with the total affect the war lords had wanted. One thing was happening though. The human resolve was weakening somewhat as it was experimenting with certain emotional systems and even certain belief systems. Understand that this humankind knew full well the power of the mind and the spiritual connections to the universe and the Infinite Creator. Humans knew and practised the creating of its own realities. But it was becoming more daring and began to experiment on its own. However this did not deter humankind from its ultimate objective. It was creating some diversion for humanity.

The war lords were also aware of the DNA or basic structure of humankind as a physical being. There were experiments in this regard with some small-scale success. Approximately 5,000 years ago the incessant experiments and probes by the war lords began to show certain progress. They found that a certain alteration in the DNA structure could create a very subtle filtering affect on humans as relates to its total being. It was like a very slight ”memory loss”.

Now these war lords had also determined that they were more allowed to operate if they too could incarnate as humans. This they did, even though there was a risk that the incarnate agent would forget its ties to them. They took these risks without any regard to the human side of them. After working with their own incarnate agents over extended periods of time, they had those on the Earth who could teach their own truths. The loving space friends could not interfere in this process. Humankind was now faced with other humans who might full well convince them of a ”better way”. At the same time the DNA ”virus” was taking hold. While it was not a complete filter and did not obstruct the total physical self from the spiritual self, it was becoming quite affective when used in conjunction with the teachings of certain high priests. Soon a battle ensued, a war of teachings. This also caused some physical fighting as well. Humankind was starting to doubt itself. Then a brilliant idea was introduced – religion – controlled worship. Separatism was alive and well and flourishing. God and the spirit realm were separate and distinct and not part of the One (in the sense of effective communication – compiler’s comment). With these concepts came ”guilt and need to repent” for your sins and evil ways, lest you be cast into the eternal flames of the evil gods. Religion in it itself was a virus, a self-perpetuating virus. The agents were gaining such a stronghold that they began to physically purge those who could not accept their ways.

The creativity of the war lords did not end here. They introduced concepts that further enhanced their control over humankind. Commerce and industry were introduced with the ideas of reward, wealth and power. Materialism then became a focus for a species that previously knew there was no need to focus on those things that were not spiritually connected – things that did not enhance spiritual development. It was not that material things were not used. After all, it was a physical existence. Simply, materialism was secondary to living in harmony with each other and the Earth. Human needs were met when the harmony and balance were maintained.

Certainly there is love and truth within the concepts of religion. This is why it began to be accepted. It seemed to embrace many of the spiritualistic beliefs, but made it ”easier” as things were then set forth in an orderly, black or white, right or wrong fashion

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