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Energy malnipulation?

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posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 10:59 AM
First off I'd like to say -Hi- been floating around this site for a while now and have just decided to register and actually talk/type.


Just want to ask about energy malnipulation I would label myself as an odd person been through a few experiences in life but the most odd thing is to do with energy malnipulation.

Its on going for me and I can't control it, its to do with the eyes, hypnotic stare/psycotic eyesight/pupil dilation whatever its labelled I can feel energy coming from people eyes (of course it comes from all over but its the eyes I'm conserned with here8) when I talk to them.. so much so I can't make eye contact cause I can feel the glance being too harsh for the person I'm trying to conversate with.

With women its a WHOLE diffrent ball game it makes them feel sexual... most dudes on here jump up and think, ''cool, wouldn't mind being able to do that'' but with every ''gift?'' comes a curse... if I could turn it off it'd be alright but god almighty it can piss me off and probably make a few friends/family members think I'm weird at the same time. It has a definate hypnotic effect on women they ''fall'' into me and have to snap out of it.

All this has lead to me messing around with energy in diffrent ways making people feel sexual from across the room by pulsing energy (bad cause it gets indiscriminate as it jumps from person to person well before it gets to that hottie with the short skirt) I don't mess around with it any more after I did it on a train once and something bad happened.

I have many experiences to tell of that I hope you will all enjoy but to be honest this comes across as more of a problem and I was wondering if anyone else on here can relate or understand at all?

David Icke mentions it in one of his books saying that the reptilian people have it as do vampires and such.

Can anyone relate?

An Entity, who is NOT a follower of David Icke.

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