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Ottawa- Election Around The Corner?

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 10:21 PM
Canada can soon have an Election triggered if the Conservative party votes against the budget for Kyoto.
Combined together with the NDP and Bloc Québécois the other federal parties will then be able to bring about a new Federal Election.
The government is committed to spending $3 billion in new money towards reducing pollution and encouraging alternate sources of energy. The Conservative party and the Bloc Québécois will likely vote against the budget leaving the deciding votes with the NDP.
Tories will reject budget over Kyoto, Harper says

OTTAWA – The national Conservative Party is taking a tough line over the federal government's plan to use its budget bill to help meet Canada's Kyoto accord targets.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said Thursday his party will vote against the omnibus budget bill if the government includes in it an amendment to control greenhouse gas emissions.

The budget bill includes an amendment to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act that would add greenhouse gas emissions to the list of controlled substances, so Ottawa could regulate those emissions.

It would be up to Prime Minister Paul Martin to decide whether a defeat should trigger an election, Harper said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Conservative Party being based in Alberta will be mainly looking out for Alberta's Economy witch is largely oil based. Canada is currently the US's main supplier of oil. The Kyoto accord will affect Alberta's economy.
The NDP being largely concerned with the environment will vote against it only to trigger an election. The Bloc Québécois will also favor a new election.
If there was another election right now, I would expect the results to be similar to last elections and nothing will change.

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:41 AM
I have lost all faith in the Liberals at this point.

Gun Registry - Wasted over 1billion dollars.

Sponsorship Scandal - lined their own pockets and their friends pockets with our money.

Inability to fix problems like Softwood lumber and Cattle exports - those industries are still suffering.

The way they "balance" the budget - All Paul Martin does is use money that is supposed to goto the provinces and fixes the budget. So the feds look good because we have a surplus but the provinces suffer.

Now the Liberals are starting to strip the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and NDP of their scheduled opposition days, beginning Thursday. This seems so desperate and oppressive, especially in Canada, which in my opinion is the most liberal and freethinking country in the world.

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