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Social security is not necessary

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 09:42 PM
Why doesnt the the US all together abandon all funding regarding social security!why would we keep something so commie-like alive??fuk them liberals who started all this social security crap!

Fuk the old and disabled, they claim they cant work but they can you know.
It would be good for the economy and the government will have some extra bucks to fight them terrorists.
We americans are spending all this money supporting these folks in a commie fashion while this money can be spent to make our lives safer!

1 trillion dollars for americas defense is simply not enough people, we need more more more, there are demons that are out to get us and we must fight them.

Dont be scared to speak out.....

God bless America...

Democracy ...Capatalism...Free enterprise...


posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 09:48 PM
I've only made 5k in 6 months and that's on the W-2 or W-4 that they send back to ya'. Plus, I have no insurance outside of my car insurance my mom pays for, no dental, no eye care, and no med., no 401k, plus this just benefits the super rich and celeb among us.

Yes, I agree the goverment has been hijacked by a bunch of UN/hippie/satanist-type commies. I wish we could do something better than write and complain ya' know? Heck, I'm surprised I actually watch the "Newies" every summer and I'm reading legalse and the histories and some of the writings that made this country. Especially, after they hijacked the NEA.

This is why I want out of retail, plus I hate the work itself and the hours, that and I have zero control enbetween my family and my job. Yep, George Charlin was right; my generation is totally burned out on structure.

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