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POLI: Caveat Emptor: The Selling of The GOP's Soul To The Religious Right.

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by onlyinmydreams
(I copied this over from a letter I wrote to a friend. That's why the columns are weird)

I am simply blown away by the fact that, apparently,
an innocent american citizen does not have the right
to live. When dozens of judges rule that it's ok to
let someone starve to death because, to quote
directly, they have been given "due process before the
law" our society is clearly in its end stages of

I am also shocked by how readily this nation seems to
accept things like forced euthanasia, the creation of
embryos for research purposes, and the general notion
that a human being does not have value beyond their
mere utility or capacity for having 'the good life'.
Innocent human life has, in western society, clearly
become expendable. We are no longer individuals
created in the image of a higher intelligence or
force... we are cogs... biochemical robots that can be
retired when we no longer function at 100% capacity
(and to those of you who might argue that a human
being only has dignity if they can choose their own
death, let me remind you that there is no proof that
this woman ever wanted to be killed if she fell into a
state of minimal consciousness. Some judges and a
seedy husband... along with talking heads on tv...
decided that).

I also find it disturbing that the same people who
base their entire political platform on rights --
liberals -- have apparently decided that it's ok for
some judges to decide to put a woman to death who has
committed no crime. Apparently their adherence to the
pro-choice side of the abortion debate is so strong
that they cannot bring themselves to defend innocent
life in any form. I wonder if, down the road, they
will realize that the rights they love so much are
based on the notion that human beings have special
value? I wonder if, when it is too late, they will
realize that no human will have rights when all humans
have been reduced to the level of mindless animals or
soul-less machines?

Ultimately, the road from embryo harvesting and forced
euthanasia to eugenics and slavery is not long.
Unfortunately... we're already half way down it.

Call me a "kook" if you want.

and Fred, I hate to break it to you, but.... the GOP rose to ascendance on the backs of the "religious right". You will find that, come election time, there are indeed very few libertarians out there.

Wow! That was settin em straight, because I am old enough to remember when this party wasn't attached to a religious right, it WAS the religious right. What went wrong is a liberal living a double life posing a Christian and Republican was successful in making a mockery out of both.

The whole Idea to get the democrats where they are now and pretty much well on their way to ushering in their ultimate long term goal of a Communist Churchless, Godless, collective state religion of Darwinism and its philosophy of neo Atheism. The problem they will have is the same one Christians have had. Getting Muslims as willing to convert others without a sword to cut off their head if they don't.

When they can get them to be as harmless as any Jehovahs witness you last shut the door in the face of, Then we will have won because by then,,

the muslims will have killed all the progressives or been marginalized wishing they had not alienated all those religious right republicans because we are a lot easier to live with when one is gay or atheist then they will be being gay or atheist around muslims.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:16 PM
The recent contreversy sourounding the blowhard Rush limbaugh has once again highlighted the shift towards the right in the GOP. I may have simply been premature

Moderates are forced to:

Either split off and form a third party 9perhaps the best chance in at least 100 years)

Wait till it bottoms out and the ultra right wing, religious wackos are flushed down the bowl.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by FredT

You were just a few years too early with your predictions. It will be interesting to see if we get a viable third party candidate like Perot was when he ran. Alot of dissafected GOP moderates may flock to the banner of a much less extreem party line.

Or The ultra conservatives form thier own party and break off from the GOP. Oh wait it already exists and its called the John Birch Society

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