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"Enaction Project", Big Brotherish thread from EU?

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:28 PM
By doing some research on an obscure but powerful Canadian society called the "Royal Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge", I came across, just by accident on that webpage:

Project Enaction

Enaction Project is a 500 millions Euro international project in which a large number of top universities are involved, as well as a few research labs, an through which experts from diverse scientific disciplines are working, ranging from computer sciences to linguistics to sociology, towards the development of a new form of informational interface between humans (especially the human mind itself) and sensitive reality (the stimuli generated by our nervous system).


It seems to be developped as a sicentific framework for the larger project named "FP6/IST". Project FP6/IST is itself the technological framework of a larger project, which is called "DAIDALOS" (from the greek hero that built himself wings to fly above the sea), which is a very ambitious -and yet very privacy-threatening- project. The goal of Diadalos is to create a continent-wide (for all the EU , and probably more... the whole planet, on the longer term) wireless network which will allow millions of citizens to freely access the Intenet form almost everywhere via new forms of IT interfaces... Putting that in relation with Enaction, this means that these interfaces would be devices which links the nervous system, or probably the brain itself, directly to the wireless WWW! get it?

What does DAIDALOS stands for? "Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services"

Here's the official (and quite creepy) webpage of Daidalos.

Here's the "Project Circle" website of "Project Circle". As you can read it, Project Circle is the real-life civilian test version of the FP6/IST framework.

That's the kind of technology that was envisioned in the '90s for a not-too-distant future, but is now being covertly developped by the most wealthy and potent scientific bodies of the western world. How it's gonna be implemented? By the EU government! Yeah... it will be legally and politically forced upon society just as it is being implemented in Bulgaria right now, where the government, public services and citizens are being used as test specimens!

So citizens of the EU are gonna have free access to an amazing continental-based Wireless network, but at the same time this very same network -which will be appearantly available through all public transportatiosn, buildings, libraries, parks and what else?- will be tightly controlled, surveilled and administrated by the EU government! It's like creatig the WWW again... but with total government control over the main central servers as well as all the channels of transmission.

What seems to remain very obscure is the nature of this new interface that the Enaction project is developping. It really seems to be a direct body interface... will it be installed through microchips, or neurological sensors, or will it jsut be the "Internet lens" that was foreseen a few years ago? Why is it so hard to get information on that?

Fear the future indeed!

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:30 PM
Sorry, I got confused on term... it's not "Enaction", but "Enactive".

Crap... I hate mistakes like that! errr


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:43 PM
An interesting forecast indeed but I believe that there are many like myself who would revolt before allowing any hunk of silicone to be forcefully implanted our heads.

And to note the original DARPANet infrastructure is still very much intact, as it should be, being that the US Internet was originally intended for government and military use, with civilian use being a consequence of corporate involvement. In the event of martial law resulting from a major national event, mom & pop's e-business becomes unroutable while resources focus on maintaining routes between government systems. So it is not all dissimilar from what we are already used to.

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