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Swiss Fighting Cows To Undergo Doping Tests

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 01:59 PM

Doping tests will be resumed for Swiss Fighting Cows who compete in an annual contest of strength and dominance. The contests began in 1922 and testing was ceased in 2002, after years of negative test results.

Sion, Switzerland -AP, March 24, 2005) — Cows that lock horns in an annual test of strength in the Swiss Alps must face renewed doping tests, authorities have decided.

"There are controls for racehorses and dogs, and there's no reason to do it differently for cows," Joseph Jaeger, chief veterinarian in the Valais state, said Thursday.

Valais' annual cow-fighting contest - known as "The Combat of the Queens" - pits powerfully built, black-hided animals from the Swiss Val d'Herens breed against each other.

The grand final and earlier heats draw about 50,000 spectators, and a victory can add tens of thousands of dollars to a cow's value.

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