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Cheating Teacher Pays Asperger's Syndrome Man To Take Test He Couldn't Pass (from ATSNN)

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 12:43 PM
Wayne Brightly, a teacher in one of the worst schools in NYC, paida man, who has Aspergers Syndrome, to take a test for him. Brightly had failed the test at least a few times before, and if he failed this time he risked loosing his salary of $59,000 per year. Rubin Leitner felt pressured to take the test. He had been tutoring this teacher to pass it. Leitner was homeless at one point, and managed to show up to the test center, be certified as Brightley, and pass the test. He did so much better than Brightly, that administrators immeadiately knew that there was a problem.

A Bronx teacher who repeatedly flunked his state certification exam paid a formerly homeless man with a developmental disorder $2 to take the test for him, authorities said yesterday.
The illegal stand-in - who looks nothing like teacher Wayne Brightly - not only passed the high-stakes test, he scored so much better than the teacher had previously that the state knew something was wrong, officials said.

"I was pressured into it. He threatened me," the bogus test-taker Rubin Leitner told the Daily News yesterday after Special Schools Investigator Richard Condon revealed the scam.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

A few problems here. The first is that the school administration is completely incompetent. They couldn't even see that this man had a fake id (given to him by Brightly). The only thing that tipped them off was that he had done well on the test. This aroused their suspicions. This isn't good. These are the people who are supposed to expect dramatic improvements in performance. They shouldn't, strictly speaking, be surprised when one of their own teachers, who's job is to teach people, is finally able to have a breakthru and teach himself.
The second problem here. This man was paid $59,000 a year. He's incompetent. I'm sorry, but I can no longer listen to complaints of lack of school funding, period. I know a lot of people who are teachers, they're honest hard working and capable. I don't even think that they are getting paid as much as this slob and failure. This is horrible. This guys employment is a misuse and abuse of funds.
Until the NYC schools, and all schools, are capable of spending their own money properly, I see no reason to increase their budgets or give them more federal and state funding. You cannot educate people with hacks. You cannot educate people simply with money. I agree that teachers, good teachers, deserve more money. What is needed, society wide however, is not more money, but more dedicated teachers. And until those teachers are found, until the schools start improving, why should anyone listen to the rather constant calls for more money?

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 01:15 PM
Here's another wonderful example of the great failures of the educational system
"Teacher Charged With Being Drunk in Classroom"

If I was in high school and had alcohol with me, let alone was drinking it, let alone was impaired, I'd be in serious trouble.

Police say when school administrators questioned her about her condition, asking her submit to a blood alcohol test, she ran from the building and attempted to leave in a car driven by another woman. Teachers and administrators apparently flagged down a passing police car, and police say the driver nearly ran over one of the officers. The officer was not hurt, but it was described as a wild scene witnessed by literally hundreds of students.

Both these people need to be not only arrested and charged, they need to be prohibited from returning to the school property and, if both employed, be immeadiately fired and have all their priveleges and benefits revoked. This is abhorrent. This is pathetic. This happnened in front of students. Students, for christsakes! I'm all for the teacher's union, but I can only hope that they take at least an interest in the quality of schools and education here and decide to not try to help out this twit.

This only compounds the real idiocy of a teacher cheating on a test.

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