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Should ‘Rednecks’ of the World Unite?

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posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 12:38 PM
Jim Goad is the author of a book called "The Redneck Manifesto."

First things first. Jim Goad is not a nice guy, and he’d be the first to tell you. He’s been in a few scrapes, one of them serious. By writing this I’m not condoning reprehensible personal conduct but commenting on what he’s put between the front and back cover of a book that somehow got by me for five years. The book deserves more attention than it has received, which aside from the Internet is probably close to zero. I’ve never seen it in any bookstore (surprise, surprise).

Just gives an interesting perspective on things through the eyes of the "Redneck."

More info here:

The Redneck Manifesto is a surprisingly complex read. Not for kids – but not for narrow-minded lefties or neocons, either. Goad isn't spewing hate for blacks or attacking black people, but his ideas are certainly contraversial.



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